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About Us

At Pitch N Hire, we’re reshaping recruitment through our state-of-the-art hiring management solutions.Join the ranks of our global community, where 98.8% users have placed their trust in us to find exceptional talent.

Our Story

Since 2022, we’ve been aiding over 150 companies in their quest for top talent by utilizing our advanced recruiting software. With a remarkable 2.5 million candidates database, Pitch N Hire is the most common ATS and our influence continues to grow.

Our journey is full of innovation, with the goal of arming businesses like yours with the essential tools to not only navigate the present but thrive in the ever-evolving future.

Guiding countless employers to make strategic hiring decisions that fuel business growth.290+

Redefining your hiring strategies and embracing innovation with our progressive technology.8+

Empowering seamless talent acquisition, assessments, and organizational success.2.5M+

Our Mission & Vision
Empowering Seamless Connections

At Pitch N Hire, we envision a world where the boundaries separating exceptional talent and promising opportunities dissolve into insignificance. Our mission is to dismantle these barriers, fostering a realm where talent finds its natural path to the perfect role, and employers effortlessly discover their ideal candidates. Through our innovative solutions, we're dedicated to making this harmonious synergy a reality.

Simplifying Perfect Matches

Our core objective is to streamline the process of connecting employers with the right individuals for every job. We are committed to simplifying and optimizing this intricate matchmaking journey, ensuring that businesses encounter their best-fit candidates efficiently and with confidence. With our user-centric approach, we aim to revolutionize the way hiring decisions are made, enabling employers to effortlessly identify the perfect match for every role.

Our Solutions

Our suite of innovative solutions are designed to empower your organization’s hiring process from start to finish. Integrate our advanced tools into your workflow and unlock unparalleled results,from sourcing top-tier talent to streamlining communication.

Hiring solution

Applicant Tracking System

Bid adieu to manual Excel spreadsheets and say hello to a streamlined recruitment process. Seamlessly upload resumes, manage and monitor applications, and gain real-time insights into job offers- all from one of the best applicant tracking systems.

Applicant Tracking System

Hiring solution

Automated Assessment and Evaluation

Say goodbye to the traditional assessment methods and usher in a new era of skill validation. With our live anti-cheating measures, evaluations are conducted with integrity. Our advanced system automates the assessment process, ensuring swift, accurate results.

Automated Assessment and Evaluation
Our Services

We offer a suite of specialized services designed to optimize your recruitment process. Explore our carefully tailored solutions that streamline sourcing, assessments, and communication, ensuring you find the perfect candidate every time.

Permanent Staffing

Our ATS for staffing agency matches your organization with candidates who possess the right skills and cultural fit, ensuring lasting success for both your team and your business.

Permanent Staffing

Expert Talent AlignmentPrecisely match your needs with skilled professionals who integrate seamlessly into your team.

 Expert Talent Alignment

Long-Term SuccessBuild a robust workforce foundation that drives sustainable growth and accomplishment.

 Long-Term Success

Tailored SolutionsEnjoy personalized staffing strategies that caterto your specific industry and business requirements.

Tailored Solutions
Contractual Staffing

Whether you need temporary expertise or specialized skills for specific projects, our applicant tracking software facilitates quick and efficient access to qualified professionals, optimizing your resource allocation and project success.

48%decrease in project completion time, ensuring faster results.
26%increase in resource utilization, optimizing project outcomes.
Contractual Staffing

Background Checking
for Employment

Our meticulous staffing background checking services provide you with a thorough and accurate assessment of potential candidates. With a focus on integrity and credibility, we help you make informed decisions and ensure a trustworthy workforce.

 Background Checking

Candidate HistoryUncover comprehensive insights into candidates’ backgrounds to make informed decisions.

Candidate History

Identity VerificationVerify candidate identities and build a foundation of trust and reliability in your team.

Identity Verification

Employment verificationValidate candidates’ employment history and foster a credible and dependable workforce.

Employment verification
Tech-Driven Recruiting
Automated Assessments
Automated Assess ments:
Leverage data-backed cognitive and personality assessments integrated directly into our top ATS software.
Guided Evaluation Tools
Guided Evaluation Tools:
Ensure unbiased candidate assessments through guided interview frameworks and scoring mechanisms.
Screening with Video Interviews
Screening with Video Interviews:
Transform your candidate assessment process with our cutting-edge video interviews- a modern solution for efficient evaluation.
Dynamic Careers Page Creation
Dynamic Careers Page Creation:
Build captivating careers pages effortlessly, complete with mobile-friendly design, search functionality, and auto-fill applications.
Tailored Candidate Profiles
Tailored Candidate Profiles:
Craft customized candidate profiles to capture essential information while safeguarding sensitive data with our most used ATS.
Adaptable Pipeline Solutions
Adaptable Pipeline Solutions:
Create flexible pipelines to align with your unique hiring processes and specific needs.
Effortless Data Migration
Effortless Data Migration:
Seamlessly import existing candidate data, preserving notes, feedback, and resumes for a comprehensive view.
Responsive Support Network
Responsive Support Network:
Experience rapid and effective support with our responsive team, ensuring uninterrupted progress of ATS tracking system.