Effectively Monitor Your Candidate’s Progress

Pitch N Hire Jobs pipeline’s provides a hassle-free dashboard for a detailed view of candidates’ potential progress.

Make Hiring Easier by Choosing Our Job Pipeline Software.

Streamline your hiring with our ATS and prevent communication gaps within the team.

We help HR teams to easily align candidates in different pipeline stages. Pitch N Hire helps you stay on top of the recruitment game just by dragging and dropping the candidates across the pipeline stages- the best and easy way to manage them easily.

Manage Candidate Via Pipeline

We facilitate an intelligent solution that can be customized as per organizational needs. With our recruitment management system, you can create job-specific filters, keep track of applicants and monitor their evaluation stage.

Move candidates through the pipeline with just a drag and practice recruitment management that reduces manual work.

Make It Easy To Track Candidates

A recruitment system with the sole purpose of helping you hire staff better, faster, and without any hassle, is exactly what we offer.

Simply drag and drop and sort candidates in increasing and decreasing order. Easy-peasy.
Not on Instagram- you can simply unfollow or follow latest job postings to never miss an update.
Adjust pipeline
Adjust the candidate block as per your convenience- easy drop-down list with options to choose from.
Add candidate
Find a potential candidate who seems like the right fit- easily add candidates by the click of a button.

Less Chasing, More Approvals

You can customise job stages, create templates,
and automate tasks to reduce tremendous
amount of your manual work.

You no longer have to run behind candidates.
Our pipeline management gives you a smooth
path to hire the right candidate for your organization.

A Hiring Plan That Keeps Everyone Aligned

Create Pipeline

Create Pipeline Stages

Split your job pipeline into different
stages to boost efficiency and encourage


Create Email Templates For
Easy Accessibility

Create Email Templates For Easy Accessibility

We save you the struggle of having to
articulate various emails, with our premade email
templates and email send features.


Go Digital With
The Resume's

Go Digital With The Resume's

Tired of dealing with paperwork
organization? Save time and effort with
our digital resumes.


Sort Through Applications
In A Seamless Manner

It’s quite tough keeping a tab of all the emails, sheets and
DMs, when you post hiring ads across different job posting platforms.

With our Pitch N Hire services, you get an overview of the entire hiring process in a single dashboard.

Want To Supercharge Your hiring?

PNH could be your ultimate collaborator for hiring and getting hired. Still have doubts lingering? Feel free to reach out to us!