Job Application Management System

You can effortlessly track candidates' progress with our easily accessible dashboard, ensuring you don't overlook anything important.

job application management system

Fewer Checks, More Acceptances

With Pitch N Hire, keeping track of job applications is effortless. You can save huge time by using custom screening templates, personalizing job stages, and automating other significant tasks.

In this way, you will no longer have to chase candidates.

job applicant management software
job managing
Efficiently Evaluate And Compare Candidates

By moving candidates through multiple stages of the job pipeline, you can align candidates in an efficient and timely manner across job pipelines. This feature helps you stay on top of the recruitment game by allowing you to quickly identify and hire the best candidates out of bulk. Say goodbye to tedious manual tracking and hello to an easy-to-use hiring solution with Pitch N Hire.

job application tracker
Fully Customizable Pipeline Stages

Our adaptable job application tracker allows you to tailor your hiring process to fit your company's requirements. Effortlessly manage job applicants with job-specific filters and real-time evaluation tracking. Streamline recruitment tasks and reduce manual work with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.

Elevate your recruitment strategy with a job application management system today.

Make Hiring Easier

Job Application Management
Archive Jobs
Add Screening Questions
Manage Stages

Our job management application tracking system's "Archive Jobs" feature simplifies your recruitment process by providing an organized system to manage past job openings. Easily retrieve and reference archived jobs to review qualified candidates for future positions, and make data-driven recruitment decisions. Moreover, it ensures that you never miss an opportunity to hire top talent. So, why not turn your recruitment strategy around with Archive Jobs today?

job applicant tracking system
Align Your Team, Ace Your Hiring
Hire new talent

Invite Talent, Hire Greatness.

refine job details

Refine Job Details, Attract Talent.

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Digitalize Your Resumes.