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Mon Dec 18 2023

5 min read

7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Job Postings

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You might have come across numerous sites which post jobs. These openings are posted by various companies on almost all job sites. This means, there are hundreds of people applying for the very same job from various sites as well as internally.

So, you are against some of the most desperate candidates who want the position. How will you stand out among them? In this blog, we will offer you some fact checks from the world of job postings which will help you in applying for the job smartly. You never know, learning these facts might help you land the job you want.

What is a Job Posting?

A job posting is an advertisement made by an employer or a recruiter to attract candidates to apply for a particular opening in the company. Job postings might just seem like a simple job publication but there are many hidden facts regarding them. There are many other aspects involved like social media, quality of your resume, and similar. Further are mentioned 7 facts that you should know about a job posting.

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7 Facts You Should Know Regarding a Job Posting

Cracking a job posting is not as simple as it seems. Below are stated some facts regarding job posts that might help you crack one-

No One Reads Resumes for Long

In job postings, your resumes are most probably read by an AI or an employee assessment software. If not, the recruiter too spends only a few seconds on your resume. You have only those few seconds to stand out from others. So you need to make it user-friendly. Do not post long resumes. As flattering as you may think it looks, the recruiter has no time to read it. Mention only relevant skills and keep it as simple as possible. There is no need of posting a photo of yours on the resume. Keep it as professional as possible.

The First Impression is the Last

Recruiters publish jobson almost all job websites. So, they receive a lot of good resumes from all of these places. Hence, recruiters reject weird or unprofessional applications without a second thought. Before emailing your resume to the employer, make sure your mail ID is will not do the trick and you might end up rejected. Use a persuasive yet polite tone in your mail. Remember, being polite and professional can lead you to the interview stage.

The Role of Social Media

Social media inevitably plays an important supportive role in job postings. Companies not only post on job sites but also on social media platforms. Many times, they only post job openings on social media and not on sites. So, do not forget to follow the company you are looking for a job in on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many jobs do not even get posted as candidates are selected from social media. So, keep an eye on them.

Networking Plays a Role

Building a professional network can help during job postings too. The stronger your network, the better will be your chances of ending the job through a job posting. The recruiters post on remote job posting sites too and you might forget to give these job postings a check. This is where you look for a posted opportunity through notifications and referrals.

Keep in Mind the Competition

More than a hundred candidates are applying for the same job as you. Keeping this in mind as you might want to rethink things before just submitting a resume you made for some other purpose. Try to highlight your soft as well as relevant niche skills in your resume. The recruiter might not read your resume for long but they surely read the skills you possess. Always try to customize your profile and resume according to the job postings.

Keywords and Skills

Your application is going to face the assessment software before moving to the recruiter. So, if the software fails to find the keywords in your application, you are rejected by the software itself. But, there’s a solution to this. Before submitting your application, carefully read the information regarding the job mentioned by the company. There are hints everywhere and by reading it two to three times, you can surely crack it. Insert the keywords used in the job postings without fail.

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Be Consistent in Your Resume

The recruiters are disappointed many times when the resume and the behaviour of candidates are not consistent with each other. Many times the resume of the candidate is very appealing but the vibes of the candidate do not match the resume. There can be two outcomes from this. First, the recruiter may think you are not looking forward to getting the job and second, you have not drafted your resume and someone else has helped you in drafting the same. Job postings can be very tricky and hence it is important to be your true self both while drafting the application and the interview itself.

The Conclusion

We are sure you might have got an idea of what happens after a job posting and facts regarding the same. It is important to understand that only a good resume might not make you end up in the job but a bad one will ruin all your chances. You should try your best to tap all the points which might help you land the job. Try to understand the job postings in-depth and apply accordingly.

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