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Achieve hiring excellence

Achieve hiring excellence with AI-powered Applicant Tracking & Assessment Softwares.

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Insightful Data Analytics

Our robust data-driven approach offers unparalleled insights into your talent landscape. Utilizing descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, combined with domain expertise, we craft actionable strategies to address your talent acquisition challenges.

Insightful Data Analytics

Insightful Data Analytics

Access unparalleled insights into candidate behavior, supported by automated processes that harness data from career sites, performance metrics, and a daily influx of millions of job seekers.


Career Site Network

Tap into a wealth of data from our extensive network of enterprise career sites, encompassing multiple platforms attracting millions oif applicants annually.


Performance Metrics

Augment your insights with enriched performance data covering employer reputation, firm size, sector, wages, hours worked, unemployment rates, and population demographics.

1Applicant Tracking System

An ATS designed with advanced AI data models to forecast on-the-job performance.

We assist companies in enhancing their talent decisions with a modern and experiential ATS suite. Our solution enables quick measurement of job-relevant skills and proficiencies for smarter and faster decision-making.

 Applicant Tracking System

Make hiring decisions based on candidate performance metrics, eliminating bias.


Expand Reach

Effectively target suitable talent using a platform that dynamically adjusts job visibility across various tactics and channels for optimal performance.

Optimize Interaction Points

Provide personalized branded experiences throughout the candidate journey, utilizing user engagement and network intelligence to enhance success.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Harness data-driven automation, tools, and insights to target high-quality talent, streamline processes, and decrease the volume of applications required for successful hires.

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Branded Career Page

Branded Career Page
Track And Engage

Streamline Talent Pipeline

Get real-time insights and analytics on your candidates with our ATS!

Streamline Talent Pipeline

Recruit With Pitch N Hire’s Vast Candidate Pool

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Candidate Pool
2Interview and Assessment

Assess candidates in real-time with our MCQ, Live Coding & integrated Video Calling

Evaluate functional capabilities, domain knowledge, and proficiency with MCQ, Video Calling and Live Coding Simulations. Our comprehensive skill assessments cover a wide range of modern-day skills and coding languages across various functions and roles. Enhance your campus hiring program with our engaging and data-backed assessment solution.

Interview and Assessment

Integrate with your Favourite products

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