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Tue Jun 04 2024

5 min read

Applicant Tracking System for Staffing Agencies in 2024

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applicant tracking system for staffing agencies

Have you ever considered how recruiters can manage and organize thousands of job applications effectively? No, they do not do that manually anymore! In fact, in this busy and hectic work schedule, no hiring manager has time to analyze each job application on his desk. Hence, the hiring managers of top business organizations depend on the best applicant tracking systems to carry out this next-to-impossible step of the recruitment process. 

An applicant tracking system for staffing agencies is an AI tool that makes HR's job effortless and fast. As a result, the software helps HRs find the best candidates among thousands of candidates with different skills and backgrounds. Nowadays, no business organization relies on traditional candidate screening and hiring methods as those methods are very time-consuming and less reliable and accurate. 

But, technological advancements have changed the recruiting process. Now using the applicant tracking system for staffing agencies, employers can collect, organize, examine, and store candidate data and information conveniently in one place. With this, now let us read and discover more about this powerful AI tool in the blog below.

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What is ATS software?

According to MarketsandMarkets, the latest statistics report 67% of large-scale business organizations and 35% of small-scale businesses implement ATS software in their recruitment process. An ATS software, also called applicant tracking software, is a unique AI recruitment tool designed by software development services to help companies find the ideal candidates during recruitment. 

In addition, by managing thousands of job applications and tracking candidate workflow, the online ATS platform for staffing agencies streamlines the whole recruitment or hiring process for organizations. If we see the current market trends, we will notice that the applicant tracking system for staffing agencies have become a popular choice for recruiters.

Consequently, the market for such AI tools is continuously expanding over the last few years. And noticing the excellent feedback and reviews from recruiters about ATS software USA, it is safe to say that it will become a multi-dollar market soon. Mostly, the highest software-consuming countries like the USA, China, India, and Japan use ATS as a recruitment tool. 

What are the features of an online ATS platform?

From job posting to hiring perfect employees, the applicant tracking system for staffing agencies do it all. Hiring managers use ATS mainly to standardize and streamline their job application process. According to Research Nester's recent survey, 32% of respondents believe that ATS reduces the chances of potential bias in the recruitment process. Therefore, ATS systems today include many features and functionalities that boost the company's search for fresh talent. 

Some common and useful features that come with an ATS are:

Job posting

Companies can easily create and publish jobs on various platforms using an ATS. Moreover, the job posting can be on any platform and website, such as the company's website and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Application management

With the help of an ATS, you can easily collect, manage and organize all the job applications from different online candidates and sources. It is because ATS systemically organizes and stores all the candidate data in one place.

Resume analysis

An ATS software is best known for its resume analysis capability. The software uses keyword searches to analyze hundreds of resumes and filter them based on the job description specified by the company. The resume screening and analysis are performed by the software efficiently in this automated process.

Sorting and ranking candidates

An ATS is also used during candidate screening so companies can easily filter talented candidates from the rest. The sorting and ranking process performed automatically by an ATS depends on the candidate's skills, experience, qualifications, and knowledge. Hence, the candidates whose capabilities match the job description are good to go further for the interview round.

Communication and candidate engagement 

The software ensures a smooth flow of communication between the hiring managers and the candidates to reduce the scope for misunderstandings. Communication and engagement with the candidates can happen on various platforms and mediums.

Candidate database

Companies can view the insights of the candidate data anytime using the applicant tracking software. It is because the software allows the companies to maintain a candidate database. In this way, the hiring managers can easily search and retrieve data of any candidate and make more informed present and future decisions.

Reporting and analytics

The applicant tracking systems for recruiter can help you gain meaningful and essential insights into relevant recruitment data. As a result, hiring managers can easily view past candidate data to make present and future hiring decisions. 

With these features on our list, you can leverage the benefits of the applicant tracking system for staffing agencies. These systems will improve efficiency, maintain a smooth workflow, enhance candidate relationships and management, and boost talent acquisition. 


Now that you are clear with the basic features of the applicant tracking system for staffing agencies, you should know that you can also customize these features. Yes, you heard that right! In addition, you can also get the functionalities of ATS software customized based on your needs. By relying on a customized applicant tracking tool, you are increasing your chances of hiring ideal candidates for jobs in your company. 

But before choosing an ATS, you should know your organization's goals and business objectives. It plays a vital role in selecting the best applicant tracking systems. Ultimately, we can conclude that applicant tracking software is an excellent contribution of information and technology to help companies in their recruitment procedures.

You can conveniently rely on our exceptional ATS to achieve all your recruitment goals. We at Pitch N Hire offer the best ATS software in USA to companies wanting to streamline their hiring process. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our professionals now and make your recruitment journey simple, budget-friendly, and fast.

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