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Tue Jun 25 2024

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Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Providers In The USA

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Ever since the pandemic hit the world, many companies have been struggling to find a way to retain their workforce and manage the business. The hybrid work models have led to an increase in the use of applicant tracking systems to streamline the recruitment process. Finding the best applicant tracking system is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when opting for an ATS.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software system that helps companies manage their hiring process. The best applicant tracking systems can screen and evaluate applications, and an ATS can save time and money by eliminating the need to recruit and interview candidates manually.

Some of the most common uses of an ATS include job application management, conducting background checks, and generating employment offers. Many ATS also offer additional features such as job recommendations and skill assessments.

A report by Capterra suggests that 94% of hiring managers and recruiters claim that their applicant tracking system or recruiting software has improved their hiring procedure. The best applicant tracking systems are easy to use and are generally affordable.

If you are looking for an ATS tracker, you have come to the right spot. We have compiled a list of the USA's top 5 AI recruiting software systems and included their features and advantages. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Best Recruiting Software in the USA

1. Pitch N Hire (ATS)

Pitch N Hire is an AI-powered applicant tracking system that provides proactive automation for the entire hiring process.

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pitch N Hire provides a complete solution for all your recruiting needs, from finding qualified candidates to delivering offers. Pitch N Hire is the most intuitive ATS on the market, with an incredible 20x better engagement rate and 2x faster hiring than others.

Pitch N Hire has been integrated with Salesforce and has led to a massive increase in the hiring process overall. It also allows you to run an expert background check on your candidates early to weed out bad ones quickly.

Others say Pitch N Hire’s AI: “The AI makes filling out the job application an absolute breeze.”

This robust ATS was built to dominate the applicant tracking space and has been successful since being acquired by Salesforce.

Pitch N Hire is one of the top ATS platforms in the world. It is a robust software that serves thousands of companies and applicants within its network.

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2. Freshteam by Freshworks

It is one of the best applicant tracking systems in the market. It is an recruiting software that automates the entire recruitment process, allowing you to manage your candidate database, find new candidates, and review applications from within the same platform.

In addition, Freshteam provides recruiters with tools to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and video chat with candidates.

This software also allows job offers to gather e-signatures and automate the offer process.


  • Free for 50 staff members
  • Free trial for paid plans for 21 days
  • Monitor applications using a Kanban board.
  • Separate inbox for applications that come in
  • Mobile applications (iOS and Android)


  • Additional features, such as time management, can be added.
  • The mobile application ought to function.
  • Price increases for paid plans rapidly.
  • Not a lot of customization available
  • No unlimited job postings are offered.

Best Applicant Tracking System

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3. JazzHR

The JazzHR applicant tracking system is a robust AI recruiting software that automates the entire recruitment process. It integrates with your existing workforce management system, such as Salesforce or Workday, to provide an applicant tracking system.

JazzHR is unique because it also integrates with other recruitment software, such as job boards, so you can find candidates anywhere. The AI in JazzHR is built to surface hard-to-find candidates and integrates with third-party software to generate job offers.

Their solution can assist SMBs in finding, managing, and tracking candidates while enhancing their employer brand.


  • Cheaper Plans: At JazzHR, plans start at $39 per month. It has no restrictions on the number of new users that can be added and is quite affordable. Additionally, anyone can sign up for the free 21-day trials.
  • Manage Referrals: To assist in attracting and hiring the best talent and create and oversee programs that are readily accessible, quick, and efficient throughout the organization.
  • Personalize Process: Share brand value in emails, career pages, the website, and many other places to create a consistent and personalized candidate experience.


  • JazzHR doesn't have a mobile app, and the browser version isn't very mobile-friendly.
  • All reviews on the subject indicate that the report templates and capabilities are constrained and complex, particularly in the basic package.
  • JazzHR's user interface (UI) has a learning curve, according to some users, and it took them some time to get used to it.

4) BreezyHR

BreezyHR is a powerful AI recruiting software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the recruitment process. The BreezyHR AI recruiting software is built for small business owners and HR managers who want to manage their candidate database, streamline hiring processes, and automate tedious tasks.

The BreezyHR AI recruiting software is easy to use and affordable, with plans starting as low as $25 per month. BreezyHR has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage your candidate database, find new candidates, and review applications.


  • Breezy has built-in offer management and video interviewing features. Instead of integrating Breezy with external tools, recruiting managers can schedule interviews, video chat with candidates, send them to offer letters, and gather e-signatures from Breezy.
  • The use of Breezy is not too difficult. Their recruitment pipelines support drag and drop, and setting up and editing your career site doesn't require coding expertise.
  • The price of Breezy's solution is reasonable, and it offers a free plan with limited functionality.


  • It does not provide a cheap paid plan
  • SMS services cost start from $149/month
  • Several users have reported system crashes and bugs. Others criticized the reporting feature for being not customizable and occasionally showing inaccurate data.

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5) Greenhouse AI Recruiting Software

The Greenhouse AI recruiting software is one of the most popular ATSs in the USA. It is an intuitive software that helps recruiters engage and manage candidates seamlessly.

The AI-powered ATS generates job offers and conducts background checks with the help of a large network of candidates. It also provides hard-to-find candidate information such as email, phone numbers, and social media links.

Greenhouse software also offers improved security and performance and is GDPR compliant. Additionally, data can be transferred quickly between Greenhouse and other HR systems thanks to its integration ecosystem.


  • Onboarding Module: With the help of Greenhouse's thorough onboarding module, businesses can efficiently convert qualified candidates into employees without integrating any outside products.
  • Reviewing: You can review applications, look through interview preparation materials, view candidate profiles, fill out scorecards, manage offers, and more with Greenhouse's mobile app.
  • Better Integration: With more than 360 third-party integrations for solutions in HR, sourcing, recruitment, productivity, and other areas, you can further increase Greenhouse's functionality.


  • Lacks the ability to locate candidates using advanced search
  • No transparency in the pricing of the services offered by Greenhouse
  • It needs more functionality for gathering data to produce sophisticated reports.

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Why Pitch N Hire Differs From Other ATS Platforms?

1. Powerful Interview Intelligence

Pitch N Hire offers a powerful suite of interview intelligence features to help you find the best candidates. The software uses a combination of AI and human experts to generate custom responses to common interview questions, allowing you to choose the best candidate for the job without wasting time on irrelevant candidates.

2. Best-In-Class Candidate Matching Engine

The software also generates candidate pre-qualifications, which are candidate-specific qualifications that can be used to filter out candidates who aren’t a good fit. This saves you time and helps you find the best candidate for the job.

  • 65% decrease in time spent on each hire. The process is quick and easy, from application to onboarding, and hiring happens at breakneck speed.
  • 80% of applications are pertinent. Potential candidate matching - speeds up decision-making and streamlines the process.
  • It reduced onboarding time by 73%—easier and faster recruitment team onboarding.


Hence, having the right candidate for the job is essential to the success of your business, and this is made possible by acquiring the best applicant tracking systems in the industry. We've listed the most effective ATS in this article that can boost your recruitment process and make it much more efficient.

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