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Wed Jun 19 2024

5 min read

Pitch N Hire: Staff Recruitment Software for Agencies(2024)

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Company structures and their priorities are changing rapidly, leading to an employee crisis and skill gaps in organizations. With millions of job vacancies globally, recruiters face a huge challenge in finding the best candidate to fill every role. The recruitment process can be overwhelming and stressful for in-house recruiters, especially without staff recruitment software.

This guide shares the significance of using recruitment tool in sourcing next-generation talents for your company.

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What is Staff Recruitment Software?

Staff recruitment software is a special technology used by organizations to optimize their hiring process. It serves numerous roles, from job posting, finding and attracting candidates, and screening resumes to candidate onboarding.

For example, any basic recruitment software can help you with:

  • Sourcing talents
  • Screening resume
  • Engaging with candidates
  • Candidate selection
  • Sending offer letters
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Handling paperwork
  • Creating reports

Not only best recruiting software saves recruiters time, but it also makes it easier for companies to hire top talents. Additionally, for candidates, it can simplify their application process and open up communication channels. Overall, it contributes to a positive candidate experience.

It is essential to realize that recruitment software dramatically impacts a company's hiring process. Generally, three tools are a must in companies:

How Does Staff Recruitment Software Work?

Presently, a recruitment system can handle any or all tasks in a hiring process. It is designed for numerous purposes, like:

  • Sourcing candidates from multiple channels
  • Creating highly engaging job descriptions to attract talents
  • Nurturing relationships by offering a smooth candidate experience
  • Selecting the top talents appropriate for the role

Besides these, staffing software solutions fulfill numerous tedious tasks. Thus, such tools can save time and resources spent on hiring tasks. For instance, background checking, candidate screening, scheduling interviews, and such tasks can be made easier with this software.

Generally, they have a working process, like:

  • Creating job descriptions or accepting job requisite.
  • Coming up with an ideal candidate profile, considering the requirements.
  • Posting job ads on multiple platforms and sourcing candidate resumes.
  • Matching each resume with the ideal profile and filtering the best-matched ones.
  • Scoring each profile and ranking them accordingly.

The recruiters then interview the top few talents to match their fit with the position. Enhance your hiring process with efficient applicant management software.

Does Your Organization Need Staff Recruitment Software?

The talent acquisition function of an organization has become a crucial factor in its growth and success. Therefore, you must invest in staffing services software to improve your recruitment and staffing process.

Above all, manual recruitment methods may have several negative consequences. For example, you may miss out on the best candidate while sorting thousands of resumes. Similarly, candidates may not experience good communication.

Listed below are a few reasons why you need recruitment software

Reduce Hiring Time

The primary advantage of using recruiting software is to reduce the hiring time. Technology does your work faster and better compared to manual tasks.

They help you with sourcing, screening, and ranking candidates within minutes. At this point, you only need to interview the best talents. However, some recruiting software also eases your interview sessions.

Improve the Quality of Hires

Staffing software systems like ATS can help you gather resumes from multiple sources. First, they create an ideal profile depending on your job requisition. Second, they match the resumes with the profile and filter the one that matches the requirements. Finally, they rank candidates according to their quality and relevance to the job.

It means you get to interview the best talents. Interestingly, only 20% of applicants reach the interview round. Staff recruitment software ensures this percentage of candidates are the top talents who applied for the position.

Implements Blind Hiring Technique

The discrimination quotient in companies is eventually fading out. However, to ensure your business follows the norms, you must adopt blind hiring techniques. It means the recruiter turns blind to a candidate's personal information, which may lead to unconscious or conscious biases.

Staffing software for onboarding candidates uses this blind theory and increases workplace diversity. In that case, the recruiters will objectively evaluate candidates' skills, knowledge, and potential instead of their race and gender.

Allows Talent Rediscovery

Despite rejecting candidates, you can use software to store their details for later use. Talent rediscovery is the latest feature used in recruitment software. It allows companies to easily track and grade previous candidates for new positions.

This AI-powered ATS searches your database to find prior candidates with the best results. It scores them by matching requirements for a current role and ranks them according to their match. Thus, it allows recruiters to find talent faster and saves money.

Improve Candidate Experience

Research says 58% of job seekers have rejected an offer because of poor experience. Companies need to focus on creating positive candidate experiences in today's candidate-centric job market. At this point, using recruiting software can save you from having a hard time. They keep track of candidates throughout the recruitment funnel and send them updates whenever necessary.

Additionally, the modern-age software features a chatbot that automates your communication. It means candidates can receive immediate answers to their queries. Plus, they stay updated with every news regarding their application. When candidates feel valued, they tend to stay engaged longer.

Did you know? Nearly 63% of candidates are dissatisfied with employers due to communication gaps after applying for a post.  Boost your recruitment efforts with a powerful Recruitment CRM system.

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How Staff Recruitment Software Will Change the Recruiter’s Role

Technology inventions have made huge changes in the way man used to work. It hasn't replaced humans but improved their workflow and saved time and resources.

Here is how staff recruitment software will change recruiters' roles:

  • Speed up the screening process and save recruiters' time
  • Spend more time with candidates and build strong relationships
  • Easy to create engaging job descriptions and post them on multiple sources
  • Reduce conscious and unconscious bias during recruitment
  • Plan proactive recruiting initiatives instead of performing lower administrative tasks
  • Measure recruitment KPIs at ease
  • Make more informed and sound hiring decisions

The Bottom Line

Staff recruitment software is essential for your organization as long as you aim to hire the best talent. However, human intervention is equally vital in the process. It assures you are making sound decisions that machines can't. You can now choose candidates depending on their talents and not just because of an eye-catching resume.

We understand how difficult hiring one candidate among thousands of resumes is. Therefore, it is good to use software that can ease your process and improve your recruitment efficiency tenfold. Which one to go for? Pitch N Hire is the best in the market when it comes to staff recruitment software. Sign up today to explore a world of hiring solutions.

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