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6 Effective Tips To Respond With "How Will You Contribute To Our Program?"


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Thu Mar 16 2023


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Thu Mar 16 2023


Interview questions are a vital part of every kind of interview whether it is for educational purposes or a job. Answering these questions with honesty, positivity, politeness, and humbly is important to make a good impression on the interviewer. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to answer when the interviewer asks, “how will you contribute to our program or what can you contribute to this company”. Your reply to these questions should reflect your qualities. When an interviewer asks, “what can you contribute to this program”, your answer should reflect your strength, potential, and talent. Preparing an answer in advance is a great option. It will help you in providing the interviewer with a well-structured and qualitative answer.

Interviewers often ask this question, ” how will you contribute to our program or what can you contribute to this company” to see your comfort level and your adaptation level to the new culture. They want to know your approach towards the program or the company and your respect for the work ethic. They want to see whether you will be an asset and added value to the organization or not. To some extent, your future depends on this question because it gives you a chance to show your exceptional qualities and make yourself shine among others. You get a chance through this question to convince the interviewer that you are the best choice for them and you have the skills required by the institution.

6 Tips to Answer “How Will You Contribute to Our Program?”

When an interviewer asks you how you will contribute to our program, they want to know what inputs you can provide, how will you participate in the program and what will you accomplish. Your answer should be articulated in such a way that it reflects how you will work in the interest of both, the organization and yours. You should structure your answer in such a way that it looks specific, measurable, and positive. The below-mentioned tips will help you in properly formatting your answer –


Research is the key to answering any question. Before heading to the interview, conduct proper research of the organization and the role you will be required to play. You must know the organization in and out. You should be aware of the goals, mission, and needs of the organization to give a well-structured answer. If you know about the requirements of the organization then only you will be able to answer the question, ” what can you contribute to this program?” Therefore, you must be well-researched and informed about the company and the institution. You should also be aware of the role you will be expected to play while being part of the organization.

Show Your Skills

While replying about how will you contribute to our program or what can you contribute to this program, you should be creative. Your answer itself will reflect the qualities you possess still discussing it in a creative yet elaborative manner is a good option. You should clearly discuss the skills you retain with the interviewer to show them that you can be an added value to their organization. Don’t talk about unnecessary things rather emphasize the skills related to the program and the job role. This will make the interviewer identify your potential and make him believe that you are the best fit.

Use Examples and Data

When you reply to any question, you should always provide examples and data to support your answer. This reflects your experience and knowledge. If you are discussing your qualities and skills with the interviewer, support your answer with suitable examples and data. For instance, you want to discuss your communication and listening skills. Then rather than saying, “I have communication and listening skills”, you should be elaborative on both skills. You can elaborate on this by quoting any examples from your past experience where you feel these skills were proven to be effective. Add data to your answer to help the interviewer measure your qualities and skills.

Share Your Experience

Experience is an added value to your qualification. Whether you are giving a job interview or an academic interview, your past work experience can help you in cracking the interview round. Although, you should be sure while replying because it can also be a reason for your downfall if you failed to answer any question related to your previous work. You should share your work experience and the experience you got from college. Share those experiences that reflect your qualities and which are somehow related to the present program or job role.

Be Specific

While giving a reply to the interview question, you should be specific and clear. You must be honest and confident about your answer. If you have confidence in your answer, it will make the employer believe in you. With confidence and honesty, you must answer in a specified manner. Focus on the points that are related to the program and don’t give any vague replies. Use examples and data that are relevant and can add value. You should be clear about your thoughts to make the interviewer believe in your potential.

Employ STAR Method 

While replying to the interview questions, you should make use of the STAR interview technique. It is the acronym for situation, task, action, and result. This method will help you in providing a concise answer to questions. This method will help you in framing an answer that will clearly show how you will contribute to the program and why you are the best fit.


The question, “what can you contribute to this company”, gives you a chance to elaborate on the things listed on your resume and certificates. When you don’t know how to reply to what you can contribute to this program, you will not be able to give an answer that impresses the interviewer. You should be confident about yourself, your qualities, skills, knowledge, and experience. This will compel the interviewer to give a thought about you. When you are aware of the answer to the question, ” how will you contribute to our program?” then you will be able to convey your response in a well-assembled form that can increase your chances of selection.

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