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Sat Dec 16 2023

5 min read

4 Best Conference Call Services in 2021

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It is more necessary than ever to connect with employees and collaborators in different places worldwide during the time of this CoronaVirus Pandemic. Conference call services are the tools that are helping during these times. 

Top 4 Conference Call Services

In this article, we have jotted down the details about some of the best conference call services of 2021 that you can look out for your business and company. So read and find out.


A very common communication tool is RingCentral. All you need for your entire office is included in this all-in-one office software suite. This software has everything you need to stay linked, including messaging, video, and phone services. This is among the top conference call services that you can use for instant conference call services. That’s the best approach for most people because of the strong feature set and call style versatility. Furthermore, you have the option to purchase a conference call package that is purchased separately from the other features you want. If you’re not looking for internal messaging and phone facilities, this is ideal. You can use RingCentral’s free plan for up to 100 participants with absolutely no risk. You’ll get amazing value from RingCentral at no cost, so you can test their way of handling calls for as long as you want. 

A Pro+ plan is also available for $11.99 per user. Capable of accommodating meetings of up to 200 people, with up to 100 hours of video recording storage and analytic data at hand, this product can help to get your company organized and keep your meetings on schedule. You can only go with RingCentral Office if you need additional users or are searching for an inclusive communications platform. You can integrate with industry-specific tools as well as various custom tools to enhance communication and collaboration in your company. The Standard Package includes audio and video conferencing. Extra features include:

  • business phone numbers for free
  • short message service
  • free, unlimited Internet faxing
  • internally-sent messages and document sharing
  • audio conferencing with no time limit (up to 1,000 participants)
  • on-demand audio conferencing (up to 100 participants)
  • limited meeting duration: 24 hours
  • high-definition video and audio
  • calling service

So, whether you only need to host calls with less than 100 participants or if you need an all-in-one suite of business communication tools, RingCentral is a great pick for conference call services.


Until now, remote work was not in the game. Most people didn’t believe that anyone might wake up, get ready, and then make money on the internet. This is the standard procedure today. Additionally, when you want to keep the team focused while maintaining close ties and cohesion within the team, you need a way to do so. With GoToMeeting, which is one of the best conference call services, remote teams are made to feel at home. You don’t have to be a professional conference call user to benefit from GoToMeeting. Download and run the app, and you’re ready to start calling conference calls. Fast, simple hosting and joining of calls are just a few clicks away. This tool also provides a free conference call feature.

They are one of the industry’s leading conference call providers. Another bonus is that the services are available to companies of all sizes, as well as governments and nonprofit organizations. The need to not have a centralized office location and be fully virtual is yet another way our business environment has changed. To facilitate this kind of partnership, GoToMeeting has concentrated on continually developing and sustaining infrastructure. GoToMeeting provides on-the-go audio, video, and online meetings from your laptop, PC, iPhone, and Android devices. All the necessary features are also included in GoToMeeting, which allows you to hold good conference calls.

  • 25 active webcams
  • Unlimited cloud recording
  • Business messaging
  • Calendar integrations
  • Video to slide
  • Meeting transcription
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Screenshare and drawing


The Grasshopper conference call service is not your typical sort of tool. It’s a virtual phone system for small companies, not just a phone system. Conceptually, the mobile app they created makes it possible to transform your phone into a business phone instantly. That is great news if you need the ability to mix conference calling and virtual phone service functionality in one mobile  You can perform all of these steps just by following the on-screen instructions:

  • Go to the “Add or change phone number” screen.
  • Pick your plan.
  • Download the app.
  • Attach your phone number.

Grasshopper gives you unlimited free conference calls for up to ten participants without purchasing additional service credits. There are manual steps, though, and each person you choose to add has to be manually added. This process is much less common and conventional than some of the other choices. As well as these, you’ll get extra contact features, such as:

  • a free local phone number or vanity
  • Greeting messages, phone extensions, and call handling is easy to customize.
  • Transfer and company SMS messages
  • Transcription service Voicemail
  • People should be able to distinguish between personal and business calls on one mobile.
  • Instant SMS if you don’t reply

Payment plans start with one number and three extensions at $26 a month. To learn if it’s a good fit for you, you can try it for seven days for free.


If you know what you’re talking about, webinars are a perfect way to share your expertise. However, hosting webinars is almost like running a professional marathon. Combining webinars and internal conference calls all with the same app is possible using ClickMeeting. This is one of the best instant conference call services that you can use for your company. It has a wide range of versatile tools that are well-suited for both various work environments as well as affordable for companies of all sizes. This means that regardless of the package you select, you can have no more than 25 participants in conference calls.  To accommodate more members, you can choose a different organization on this list. You also get access to the more advanced webinar and conferencing features if you’re looking for more participants.

  • a meeting or webinar with no cap
  • Up to four webinars cameras
  • HD-quality video and audio
  • Presentation mode and screen sharing
  • Live and real-time conversation translation
  • CTA buttons and landing pages
  • Personalized branding

You may also introduce a new source of revenue by selling webinar seats. All you need to set up, schedule, and run high-quality webinars are included in the software. However, for internal conference calls, a lot of these features are unnecessary. We suggest ClickMeetings for anyone who would like to host live webinars and conference calls inside the company.


The vast majority of users use GoToMeeting and RingCentral. The majority of businesses and personal use cases will be pleased with the consistency, features, and pricing of these conference call services. On the other hand, there are plenty of other excellent alternatives to choose from. So choose the best conference call services as per your needs to be in contact with your employees and collaborators and to run the business smoothly