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Wed Mar 13 2024

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Environmental Manager job description [Updated for 2024]

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Environmental manager job description

An environmental manager is a person who develops and implements a plan to take care of the company's waste management. They have to conduct audits and monitoring sessions to promote healthy production.

This blog will talk about the environmental manager job description and the different roles and responsibilities that come with it.

Do you want to protect Mother Earth from the harmful environmental effects of businesses? Are you keen on eliminating issues like pollution and waste management? Then, keep on reading forward!

To protect the environment from waste and pollution caused by companies, they have started hiring an environmental manager. An environmental manager job is perfect for those who wish to eradicate harmful environmental effects like pollution and waste with the help of management systems.

The environmental manager manages the development and implementation of management systems to identify and solve environmental issues. They have to make sure to incorporate sustainable development and ensure environmental legislation within the company.

This blog will help you gain better insight into the job of an environmental manager by looking at topics like:

  • What is an environmental manager?
  • Environment manager roles and responsibilities
  • Job description for an environmental manager
  • Skills Required to Become an environmental manager

What is an Environmental Manager

An environmental manager, also known as a sustainability manager, is a person who makes sure that the company is working efficiently with the environmental guidelines and targets. They examine corporate activities from the environmental point of view to make sure that the waste produced is not harming the environment in any case.

An environmental manager creates, implements, and monitors environmental strategies to promote sustainable development. They review the whole operation to create audits and assessments that can help identify any problems and resolve them. They have to maintain a sustainable channel between what is being produced and what implications it has on the environment.

The environmental manager job description also includes the role of promoting and raising awareness among the employees. They have to educate the workers regarding the social impact of their jobs. They do this by setting sustainable targets and developing habits to implement them.

As an environmental manager, an important part of your job is to be aware of the different policies and schemes of the government. And further, you should be passionate about working for the betterment of the environment.

Here is the additional environmental manager qualification if you want to build a career in this:

  • A BSc degree in bioscience, earth sciences, ecology, energy, environmental engineering, environmental health, environmental sciences or management, or engineering.
  • A postgraduate degree with a focus on the environment as a subject.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Environmental Manager?

An environmental manager is responsible for examining, developing, and implementing strategies to help the organizations yield better for their waste. They have to monitor various activities of the companies and promote sustainable development.

Here are the different roles that come under the role of an environmental manager:

  1. Analyzation- An environmental manager has to look at the existing environmental strategies and plan if they are up to the environmental standards or not. If not, then they have to analyze the company’s waste and plan a strategy accordingly.
  2. Planning- The environmental manager job description includes the role of framing out strategies that will help implement better environmental policies. They have to plan strategies for better waste disposal.
  3. Implementation- After careful examination and planning, environmental managers have to make sure the policies are implemented within the company.
  4. Monitoring- Environmental managers have to monitor the policies with the help of their tools and systems. They have to make sure that the strategies are implemented in the right way to reduce any possible wastage.
  5. Reporting- After the monitoring procedure, they have to prepare reports regarding the newly implemented strategies and share them with the Environmental Agency.

These were the environmental manager duties that are important if you wish to pursue a career in this. However, the responsibilities of an environmental manager differ in what type of field they work in.

Here are the different responsibilities of an environmental manager:

  1. Maintenance of the environmental management system by overseeing the activities of team members.
  2. Ensuring all the industrial operations are in alliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  3. Respond to any queries or concerns from the EMS
  4. Educate the employees and workers regarding the importance of environmental care and policies.
  5. Performing regular audits to make sure that there are no hazardous substances released by the company.
  6. Monitoring waste, emissions, and damages by the company in the production or construction process.
  7. Reviewing and recommending improvements that can be made to the existing environmental strategies of the company.
  8. Control the pollution programs and development of waste treatment and make sure they are disposed of in the correct way.
  9. Introducing the importance of reduction and recycling processes in the company.
  10. Developing budget and timelines for smooth conduction of environmental operations and developing cost-effective methods to maintain a waste policy.

The Environmental Manager job description also includes the role of making sure that the company stays updated with environmental trends and legislation. They also have to maintain records of the company’s environmental reports.

How to Write a Good Environmental Manager Job Description?

If you wish to hire a passionate and hardworking environmental manager who will take care of your company’s environmental policies and make sure that they are in accordance with the government, you need a good environmental manager job description.

And hence, given below is the correct procedure to write the job description for an environmental manager:

*ADD LOGO* (Add a logo of your company in the upper left-side corner of the job description)

Job Title: Explain the title and job role of the environmental manager.

For Example- Senior Environmental Manager

Job Location: Add the Location of the job

For Example- Work From Home Jobs/ Add the city name

Company Name: Mention the name of the company

Example- XYZ Corp. Limited

Company Website: You can add the web address or phone number of your company.

Job Type: Mention if the job is freelancing, full-time, or part-time.

Job Summary: Explain the role that the job demands

For example- Looking for a passionate environmental manager who can help in building and implementing sustainable environmental strategies for our company. They should develop policies in accordance with the current government guidelines.

Job Responsibilities: Include the responsibilities that come under the environmental manager job description.

For Example- Environmental manager skills and responsibilities-

  • Development and implementation of environmental strategies and action plans for sustainable development
  • Coordinate with all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, and renewable practices
  • Lead the environmental team with the right strategies for environmental issue resolution
  • Promote and create awareness about the environmental aspects among the employees
  • Manage relations with the company and Government authorities
  • Set sustainability targets to meet the local, state, and global environmental policies.
  • Coordinate with the public hearings and consultations

Job Requirements: Add the requirements of the environmental manager job description including educational and professional requirements.

For example-

  • At least 5 years of experience directly related to the job roles and responsibilities mentioned.
  • Bachelor's and Post-graduation in an environmental-related field.
  • Excellent communication and guiding skills.
  • Passion for the environment
  • Instructional skills and a good understanding of training objectives

Hiring Process:

Describe the hiring workflow of your company. This will help the candidate with preparation.

For Example-

Applicants have to submit their environmental manager resume for selection. Selected candidates from the lot will have an online test followed by a group discussion. The selected candidates will then pass through an in-person or video-call interview with the manager.

The final candidates will be chosen on the basis of their performance and final interview round. They will receive an offer letter that will contain all the details regarding salary, benefits, start date, company policy, etc.

(Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of environmental manager job description)

Employee Benefits and Environmental Manager Salary: Mention the various company benefits and salary for the environmental manager. It can be negotiated. They will receive benefits like insurance, retirement plans, weekends off, and performance-based incentives.

Environmental Manager Job Description Template.webp


If you have a passion for preserving the environment from hazardous effects then the environmental manager job description can be the perfect fit for you. As an environmental manager, you have to maintain a steady flow of the company’s waste management.

The environmental manager manages the pollution and waste aspect of the company and puts it to better use. They educate the employee about environmental issues and how they can manage them. And hence, they are great at taking care of the company’s environmental assets.

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