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Sat Apr 20 2024

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Creative Subject Lines Ideas to Upscale Your Email Quality

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10 creative subject lines ideas

It's important to have creative subject lines when sending a job inquiry email. It's frequently the deciding factor in whether or not a hiring manager opens your email and takes a look at your CV. If you're looking for work, you need to make your email stand out from the crowd. 

In other words, think about your job search goals and craft a creative email subject line that will help you land a new position. In this article, we have jotted down all the information you would require to make a effective subject line for email job application, or if you have a question about how to think of a creative subject line for an email, then you will get your answer here. So let us get started.

Tips to create creative subject lines

Here are the tips to create catchy email subject lines:

Include the name of heavy hitter

Consider putting the name of someone you know at the firm in the subject line of your email if you have a connection there. To be on the safe side, make sure to get their consent first before reaching out to them. If you use the name of a corporate employee or someone who is well-known in your town, your email is more likely to be read. This is one of the best tips you can consider if you are looking for a creative subject line for email job application.

Mention the job number and position title

It is common for HR managers to get a deluge of applications in response to job advertising, and they are frequently on the lookout for many candidates at once. Include the job title, job posting number, and your name in the subject line so they can readily discover your email among the numerous. This is especially important if they're searching through emails for a specific position. Job vacancies at huge corporations may have hundreds or even thousands of applicants. So using this tip for creative subject line for email job application, you can stand out from others.

Mention your important professional credential and critical skill

Focus on your most salient professional talent or credential when writing the subject line of your job inquiry email. The other side of the coin is that you may utilize this strategy to get your name and talents in front of an HR manager for future openings. After your name in the subject line, include your qualifications, professional designations, or information about your degree.

Jot down your experience

Use the subject of your employment inquiry email to let the HR manager know you're an experienced professional with a lot of relevant experience. Hiring managers are usually on the lookout for individuals with extensive experience, so placing this information prominently will be sure to capture their attention. This is among the best tips for creating creative subject lines.

Mention important phrases and keywords

Keep your subject line short and sweet by including keywords or phrases that will be easy for the recipient to understand. Include terms like "job application" or "job applicant" in your email subject line if you're applying for a position that was advertised online or was recommended by a friend. This is one of the best ways if you are looking for how to think of a creative subject line for an email. 

Communicate your gratitude and intent

Show that you're a conscientious job seeker by following up within a week after your interview with the HR manager to thank them for their time. If you've previously had a job interview, include it in the subject line of your email to jog their memory. Then, convey your desire to land the position in the email body.

Use simple email subject lines

There's a lot to be said about keeping things simple, as people value your time more than anything else.

Research by MailChimp on email subject lines indicated that detailed, brief subject lines outperformed cheesy lures in attracting customers. It's understandable that some people take offense at the suggestion that originality and levity should be sacrificed in the name of crafting effective subject lines for email messages. It's important to note that this direct approach works best with alert emails because the recipient is already familiar with the information you're sending.

The majority of these email subject line examples include updates or notifications associated with a user's social media activity, order status, etc. Because these emails have a specific function, they should have equally specialized subject lines. This is among the top tips you can consider for a creative subject line in real estate emails.

Create funny subject lines

If your subject line is funny, it will stand out from the rest of the dreary emails in your inbox. If you're going for wide appeal, humor isn't always the best strategy because it lives on exclusivity. A clever joke may get your email read and gain you huge reputation points with people on your wavelength if you know your audience well and your emails are targeted.

Shocking or controversial email subject lines

Controversy sells, and it certainly gets people's attention. It's important to tread carefully when using words like "shock," "controversy," or "insult." Opens can be obtained but at the expense of clients. For this method to work, you must have complete faith in your knowledge of your target market's preferences and views. This is a bit of a risk, but the reward may be quite high. So this can be a great tip that you can use for creating a creative subject line for dealership review. 

Offer value

Don't give the impression that you're sending a follow-up email to a prospect just to be persistent. Consider sending a follow-up email with a valuable offer to your clients, such as a free e-books, case study, or audit. Sending your potential customers something they want or need may be enough to get them to respond to your email. This is a great way to email creative subject line follow-up emails.


In conclusion, crafting compelling subject lines is an art that requires creativity and strategy. The 10 ideas presented offer a diverse range of approaches to capture the reader's attention, evoke curiosity, and prompt action. Remember, experimentation and testing are key to discovering what resonates best with your audience. By continuously refining your subject line tactics and staying attuned to your audience's preferences, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and forge stronger connections with your subscribers.

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