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Mon Apr 22 2024

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How To Write effective Resignation Mail Subject Lines(2024)

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resignation mail subject

A resignation letter or a resignation email is a very important document that describes that you no longer desire to work in that firm and want to opt-out. The resignation mail subject is the most important part of it. It is professional to conduct such activity only in person or through a video call if working from home, there might be some circumstances where the best thing you can do is resigning through a letter or an email. Now we know the effective subject lines for email or letter forms that is the most important part.

In the professional lifestyle, it becomes humanly impossible to pay attention to every mail that you get. Some might even shift into the spam folder and others might just not interest you enough to see them. So in the case of a resignation letter, it becomes increasingly important that your subject is of that order that your employer or supervisor have a look at it and don’t ignore it. That’s the least you can do to ensure that they are informed about your resignation. If you’re confused about how to right the resignation mail subject or how to choose the subject for the resignation letter, continue reading so that all your doubts are cleared.

When Should you Resign by Email or Letter?

It is more professional to resign in person. It ensures that you can effectively communicate your cause of resignation and do not leave on bitter terms with the company. Therefore, your chances of future communication with the firm get hampered which is not a way to maintain a good reputation in the field of work you are in. However, there occur such circumstances wherein a resignation mail is justified and is the better option of choice. This includes those circumstances where your supervisor is only available through email.

In addition to this, a resignation mail might also be important to submit as a formal notice in addition to all the interpersonal communication. It is generally deemed necessary that a two weeks notice be provided along with the resignation letter or email. Sometimes, this notice is compulsory based on the joining letter provided by the firm. In other circumstances, it certainly looks professional.

What can be the Subject of a Resignation Letter?

To ensure that your resignation letter is received by your supervisor or manager and is not stored in bundles of other spam messages, you have to pay attention to the resignation email subject. Ensure that your subject for the resignation letter is to the point and try to convey the message quickly so that the employer clicks on it and is informed about the course of action that you’re intending on taking.

The various general formats to write the resignation letter subject include:

  • Resignation- Your Name
  • Your Name- Registration Effective Date
  • Your Name Resignation
  • Retirement Announcement- Your Name
  • Resignation Announcement- Your Name
  • Pending Resignation- Your Name
  • Resignation Effective Immediately- Your Name
  • Notice of Resignation- Your Name
  • Resignation as of Date- Your Name
  • Resignation Date- Your Name
resignation mail subject

Other points to include

  • It is important to ensure that the body of your resignation letter sounds as effective as the subject of the resignation letter. You should start your resignation letter first with a salutation after the general format of the resignation letter. You can use Dear Sir/Ma’am as a salutation. Alternatively, you can use Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss (Last Name) based on your relationship with your supervisor.
  • Ensure that the rest of your letter does not contain any negative tone about the company in any sense. Use a fairly positive tone which indicates that you leaving the company is beneficial for both: you and the company. Additionally, try to keep it light so that you are not left on bitter terms with the company.
  • Further, as you proceed, try to propose that you work for an additional two weeks for the firm before the resignation to ensure that you resign most professionally. Some companies would just want you to leave after you resign and if that’s the case, you should leave immediately. However, prefer to provide some notice beforehand.
  • However, if you’re intending on leaving immediately, it is expected that you still provide some ease for the firm. Offer to train the person who is going to replace you. Otherwise, you can offer another person who can take your job over. Helping in transitioning is a very important factor and something that a professional employee should always indulge in.
  • There is no reason for you to speak ill about the firm or the employees. The future is unforeseen and there is no method to find out about your encounters with the employees or the firm in the future. Also, they will be on your references so they shouldn’t speak ill of you to your next employer. To ensure this, leave on as peaceful terms as you can.
  • Ensure that the whole letter or email is checked for any possible errors in the typing, grammatical errors or otherwise. This is very unprofessional and is not considered the best practice. Also, make sure that your overall resignation letter or email is very short and only describes the basic issues of concern. Don’t try to elongate it at any point.
  • In the end, leave on a good note. You can end the letter by writing Yours Sincerely, or Sincerely followed by your name and your contact details. You can also use your professional email signature for that.


As much as you might neglect it, the resignation mail subject is very important to the entire email and sets the whole tone for it. If you don’t write it smartly enough, chances are, your mail will never be opened and your employer will never be informed of your departure. It will create some serious miscommunications on your behalf and will not leave a good impression on you. To avoid any such issues, pay focus on the subject of the resignation letter. To be very sure, you can also call the supervisor later to inform him about the email.

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