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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

5 Important Tips For Writing The Effective Subject Lines For Email

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effective subject lines for email

Email marketing is very much in practice in the industry. Businesses often use this to grab the attention of customers and compel them to take the desired action. It is often used to get into the inbox of the customer and let them know about your new launches, exciting discounts, and offers that you are giving on your website. Customers get a huge number of these emails daily so, why should they devote their time to your email? How your email is different from others? You can make a difference in your email and grab the attention of your customers by focusing more on the email subject lines. If you know how to create the best email subject lines, it will be easier for you to get click on your email. Therefore, you must know how to create the best subject lines for emails. 

Email subject lines play a great role in your digital marketing strategy. It is the most important component that decides whether your email will get clicked and opened by the receivers or not. Email subject lines are the first impression that the viewer or the receiver will have for the entire subject matter of the email. If that is not interesting, they will not pay attention to it. It is the first line of the text that will catch the attention of the receivers of your email. Therefore, it should be developed in such a way that it gets clicked rather than going in the trash. If you want your email to stand out in the crowd then your subject line must pop out beautifully. 

Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines

You must be familiar with the best email subject lines so that you can create an attractive, interesting, and creative subject line. For writing the best subject lines for emails, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

1. Keep it Short and Simple 

Most people use their mobile phones for keeping a check on their emails. So, if your email subject line is more than 40 characters, it will get cut off. Therefore, the subject line should not be too long. It should not be more than 6 or 7 words. The best email subject lines are those which are short and the receivers can read the whole line. To make the subject line of your email shorter, you can try to incorporate those words in the line which are more important. Along with keeping it short, you should also make sure that it is simple, concise, and crisp. Your purpose in sending the email should be clear. People will not give glance at your email if they don’t get any idea of what the email is about. 

2. Include the Deadline

You want your readers to give you priority. You want them to prioritize your email. If they are not willing to read your email and not willing to make you their priority, they will not go through your email. Now, you must encourage your readers to take a look at your email and in this fast-moving world, nobody gives time for something that does not carry any sense of urgency or importance. So, include deadlines in your subject line to give a touch of urgency. This tactic is very impactful in grabbing the attention of the readers. This kind of trick is usually helpful in sending emails about any upcoming event, the announcement of offers or the end of the sale time, etc.

3. Add a Sense of Humor

Adding a joke or making a humorous subject line is a great way of gaining the attention of the readers. Not many subject lines are funny or have a touch of humor in them. So, including a funny subject line in your email can make you stand out in the crowd. Readers will be curious to read your email and so they will click on your email. Now, one thing you must take care of while sending a mail with funny lines is that you must know your audience. Sending an email with a funny or humorous subject line is not a good option if you are sending them to the masses. Humorous lines go well with the younger generation. They have this understanding of humor so they can easily get attracted to your email. Therefore, first, you must know who your audience is, their interest, and their needs. 

4. Controversial Touch

It is a well-known fact that controversy sells, it attracts people, grabs the attention of the audience, and makes them curious to know more about the topic. Therefore, using controversial elements or giving a touch of shock in your email subject lines can give you a lot of clicks than those which do not have an element of curiosity in it. Now, one thing that you must keep in mind while adding any controversial element in the subject line of your email is that you must know and understand your readers. You must know their taste, interest, preference, and perceptions because this trick can also go in the opposite direction leading to a reduction in the number of readers or customers. 

Therefore, you must have confidence in your email content and your audience. If you include words that can give a little shock to the readers to the audiences or the readers, they will be curious and excited to know more about it and so they will click on it.

5. Include Numbers and Lists

It is a scientifically proven fact that our brains process numbers more easily and fastly than words. Therefore, it is a successful trick to add numbers and lists in your subject line. The best email subject lines are those which have numbers and lists in them. If the subject lines of your email contain numbers and lists, it attracts viewers and compels them to click on your email. Emails having numbers and lists in their subject lines are examples of the best subject lines for email. Adding words like, “top 10 methods or top 5 ways of getting success” etc creates a sense of curiosity in the reader’s mind and so they go through your email. It makes your email stand out. Therefore, you must include numbers and lists in your subject line. It will increase your click rate.


Digital marketing is gaining popularity at a rapid rate and email marketing is one of them. If you want to properly optimize the benefits of email marketing, you should make sure that your email subject lines are extraordinary. If you don’t know how to make your email stand out in the crowd and how you are going to get the attention of your customers, you will not be able to get any increase in your email click rate. Your email subject lines should be clear, simple, creative, and effective then only it will grab the attention of the readers.