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Tue Feb 27 2024

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Best HR Software in UAE with ATS Solutions

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Best HR software in UAE

Besides automation, there are many more reasons why more and more UAE companies are turning to HR systems. With the best HR software in UAE, you can boost your hiring productivity, develop effective HR strategies, and more. But to do so effectively, you must know what this software is all about. So, read on.

As HR professionals seek a competitive advantage in the job market, they have started to rely on the best HR software in UAE to help them manage employees and hire top talent. However, choosing the right software can be challenging with multiple software solutions available.

That's where our guide can help you. Whether you are a business owner in Dubai looking to adopt new HR software or a recruiter wanting to manage company employees effectively, we have got you covered.

So, if you are ready to decode the modern world of HR tools, quickly jump into the blog.

What is HR software?

HR software is a digital solution that offers many features to HR professionals to simplify core human resources processes. Usually, these software are called HRIMS (human resources information systems) or HRMS (human resources management system).

Simply put, the best HR software in UAE helps businesses manage all activities associated with the employee lifecycle. From sourcing and recruiting candidates to onboarding and evaluating their performance. You, your employees, and your HR department can use the HR systems for many purposes, such as:

  • Workforce management
  • Succession planning
  • Employee strategy

If you are wondering what HR software in Dubai looks like in practice, the answer depends on who you are asking. Some businesses consider these tools a jumbled collection of spreadsheets, documents, employee information, and emails.

On the other hand, some companies see HR software as an all-in-one software they can use to satisfy their employee-related needs.

How important is automation in HR systems?

You might not know that all the best HR software in UAE offers automation. It is a crucial thing to look for in these systems. That is because, without automation, you will only get access to a few features, and you would have to keep doing the majority of the work manually.

There is no point in investing in a modern hire ATS that does not eliminate the need for hours of manual labor. Therefore, to ensure manual work flies out of the door, adopt HR software that offers automation.

What are some common HR processes an HR system can manage?

From receiving job applications from candidates to the last day of their jobs, the best HR software in UAE can conveniently automate and handle each step of employees' lifecycle in your company.

As discussed above, the software can manage numerous HR processes. Some of these are:

Candidate sourcing and tracking

The software can assist you in finding the best candidates from the large pool through job postings on multiple platforms. Not only this, but it will also enable you to screen and interview candidates accurately.

Onboarding new employees

You can use the HR management software Dubai to design your employee onboarding process. In other words, you can implement the software to offer a great start to all your new employees.

Data management

The best HR software in UAE offers data management features that you can use to store, manage, and access recruitment and employee data in a systematic and organized format.

Attendance tracking and absence management

Almost all HR systems offer advanced tracking features that can simplify the attendance tracking process to a great extent. Moreover, you can use the best HR software in UAE to document employee leaves.

Performance and HR reporting

The HR tools, including the top ATS platform, allow you to identify all the top performers so you can appreciate them to ensure they continue their growth. Besides this, the software also provides accurate HR analysis and reports.

Do startups need to adopt the best HR software in UAE?

Startups are the ones that need the best HR software in UAE the most, especially when they grow. That is because if they want to scale and grow their business, they need to put a strong HR foundation. Mostly, all startup companies require hiring software like ATS and CRM for recruitment to help them hire top talent and build a strong workforce.

Therefore, if you are a startup owner, a high-quality HR system like Pitch N Hire can benefit your business in many ways. You can use PNH’s software to effortlessly improve the quality of your workforce and scale your business.

Let us move forward and discuss the benefits these new-age systems offer to businesses.

What are the benefits of using HR software in Dubai?

The best HR software in UAE offers many benefits to its users. Most importantly, the software can help you save time. Besides this, here are some more ways by which your organization can benefit from using HR systems:

Access to integrated tools

No employee thinks of administrative work as a joyful task. But imagine how easy their work would become if you give them access to the best HR software in UAE that can integrate seamlessly with many tools such as Slack.

Gained efficiency

The nature of free HR software for UAE is to help your team save time. That is done by automating HR processes and managing them effectively across your company. This saved time will result in increased efficiency in business operations.

That is because you can use the software to spend less time ensuring your best candidates have received their offer letters and more time on priority tasks like getting them on board.

Business scaling

If you want your business to succeed, you must make the most of your HR system. That will help you better manage candidate data, collect employee feedback, and easily convert top talent into productive company employees.

As a result, your organization will scale quickly and achieve great heights if you use the HR software efficiently.

Boosted engagement

Usually, the best HR systems are not limited to the HR department. Instead, these systems ensure all company employees stay informed and share all necessary updates. Moreover, the software makes it easy for employees to engage and collaborate to ensure smooth HR processes.

How much do HR tools generally cost?

The cost of the best HR software in UAE depends on different factors. Here are the most common ones:

  • Your organization's size and number of employees.
  • What type of HR suite do you want, and what extra features do you need the most?
  • Additional features you need to make HR processes much more simpler.

Usually, HR software vendors in the UAE offer pricing models based on the size of companies: small-scale or startup, medium-scale, and enterprise-level.

How can you choose the best HR system for your company?

Choosing the best HR software in UAE is challenging. You need to know your needs and what features can help you satisfy those needs and fill all cracks in your HR processes. Therefore, it is always necessary to list your needs and requirements to the software vendor beforehand.

Furthermore, we can offer you more recommendations on selecting the best HR software solutions for your business. So, here are some must-have factors we would recommend you look for in the best HR system software in UAE:

It should offer digital document storage

Digital employee document storage is a must-have in every best HR software in UAE. But looking for the storage feature is not enough. You need storage that you can easily manage, edit, and protect. Therefore, invest in an HR system that can store and protect your important documents in one place.

It should provide an applicant-tracking feature

To finish recruitment quickly and hire the best talent, you need to know where your candidates are in the hiring funnel. In the same way, you can only scale your business if you know what your employees are doing.

You can only do so by using the HR system's tracking features to track candidates and employees. Thus, look for software with this feature.

It should leverage onboarding

There is no point in measuring employee engagement if you do not manage your employees right from the beginning. Hence, if the onboarding process is your weak point, the HR system you are about to choose should design it efficiently and make it your strength.

Now that you know how to choose the best HR software in UAE, now is the time to inform you about your best option.

Meet Pitch N Hire ATS software: An all-in-one HR solution

Did you know? The HR software market is estimated to grow from $62.6 billion to $91.8 billion by 2026. It means as a consumer, you will have more and more options. But the question is, can you trust all HR software vendors? No! You should only trust reliable ones like Pitch N Hire!

We have worked hard to build the best ATS software to help you effectively manage different hiring activities. These activities include posting jobs, screening resumes, communicating with candidates, and more. At its core, our high-quality ATS can also help you track candidates throughout recruitment, make data-driven hiring decisions, and measure hiring success.

The best thing about our software is that you can use it to streamline your hiring process, no matter your business size and industry. Do not believe us? Book a FREE software demo from our website today and see for yourself.

Explore the best HR software in Germany to elevate your human resources management and drive organizational success.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, it will be safe to say that companies using the best HR software in UAE will surely stand out in the coming years. You can also be one of these successful companies and elevate your company's growth by choosing the right HR system. So, select a robust HR applicant tracking system, like Pitch N Hire, to help you achieve your hiring goals quickly and effectively.

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