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Thu Feb 01 2024

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Recruiting Applicant Tracking System for Hiring Candidates

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recruiting applicant tracking system

The interview process can be quite lengthy and tedious. However, the recruitment can be hassle-free by adopting a recruiting applicant tracking system. This software helps the companies to get the most skilled and talented people to run the companies into profit. Therefore, the ATS intelligent software aids in managing the hiring process extremely efficiently.

Get started to learn all the details about recruiting applicant tracking systems.

Companies use applicant tracking systems for recruiting agencies to ease their managing, recruiting, and hiring process. The software also helps with posting jobs and reviewing applications. If the company is looking to hire on a large scale, it can be pretty hectic for the hiring manager to go through every application. Therefore, this software is the perfect rescue to help filter candidates so that the recruiters get to the most qualified ones.

Recruiting applicant tracking system is an excellent tool to find the top talent in the market. It is necessary to win the talent war to be a tough competitor with the other firms in the market. Therefore, with the ATS system, it is quite convenient to find the best candidates without wasting any time. In the below segment, we will see how to hire ATS.

How Does Recruiting Applicant Tracking System Work

Before you incorporate the best applicant tracking system into your system, it is always better to know exactly how this software will benefit you. Hence, let us look at the workings of this software.

  • An ATS system will handle every task of the hiring process, right from writing the job ad to attracting more candidates to making a lucrative offer. Therefore, there is no need to hire writers to write about the job description when the software manages to excel in the job advertisement.
  • Later, the job is posted in multiple locations to gather more interested candidates. By posting jobs in different locations, the companies can select from a large group of people. Moreover, the applicant management software efficiently covers various places like the organization's website and external job boards.
  • As the candidates apply for the posted job, the recruiting applicant tracking system asks various questions about their previous work experience and education. Specific systems help to filter a large number of candidates by rejecting applicants based on certain answers.
  • After the recruiting applicant tracking system collects all the candidates, the recruiters can review the applicants and decide to move further with selected candidates. Those who are not selected are sent an automated rejection email.
  • Later, the interview takes place whenever the recruiter decides. Moreover, the hiring manager can enter notes which will be followed by the recruiting software for future reference.
  • After the candidates are identified, the recruiters can use the recruiting applicant tracking system to send them the offer letter. After the candidate accepts the given offer, the ATS onboarding function is made available to them. Additionally, with the help of this software, they can read and sign the document digitally. Moreover, all the online forms and details about the organization are given with the use of ATS.

Key Features of Recruiting ATS

After seeing the working of the ATS system, let us see some key features of this system that can help the company select the ideal candidates.

  • ATS plays a significant role in encouraging candidates to apply for the job. Many software use chatbots to interact with applicants who find it challenging to complete the application. Therefore, by updating the job seekers about their status and sending them alerts, the ATS system helps to keep the candidates connected to the process.
  • If your company is searching for specific and talented skills for complex projects, then the ATS can greatly help. Many software uses keyword matching techniques which look deeper into the candidate's resume to ensure that the applicant they are sending forward possesses the requirements.
  • After seeing a job vacancy, numerous applicants apply without reading the description. This creates a lot of work for the recruiting manager as they have no clue who is seriously qualified enough for the job. Therefore, the ATS system sends a list of questions to the candidate to check whether they know the field.
  • The ATS technology avoids using specific words discouraging men or women from applying for certain jobs to reduce bias. Moreover, by decreasing discrimination, the companies give a fair chance to all genders to apply for the job. This also shows that your company is progressive.
  • Numerous ATS systems search for talented candidates worldwide to include diversity in the work culture. To not offend anyone, few systems have the option for the candidates to say their names out loud for better pronunciation.

Importance of Recruiting Applicant Tracking System

In this section, we will see why it is important to incorporate the ATS system in your software. These reasons will broaden your perspective on why so many companies use recruiting applicant tracking systems.

Focus on Work

A company has abundant work to do, and managing and engaging with thousands of applicants can be pretty distracting. Employees must leave their essential jobs and stress about correctly managing the information. Therefore, with the ATS system, the work cuts to half as there is no need to maintain records when the software records every data accurately.

Great Candidate Experience

As a company, giving all applicants a good experience is your job. Even if you won't select every candidate, your hiring process needs to be convenient and hassle-free for the candidates. Hence, sending them automated messages about interview schedules and rejection using automated interview software will help them worry less. Your company's brand image will also rise, and it is necessary to remember that everyone is a potential customer.

Data Collection

With a recruiting applicant tracking system, you can quickly return to the stored data to learn about the candidates. The next time your company wants to hire a bunch of employees, it becomes much easier as the ATS can retrieve the data of previous applicants without any hassle. Moreover, the ATS system searches for potential job seekers who will fit the new job posting, saving cost and a lot of time.

Accurate Information

Recording data manually takes up a lot of focus, and it can be quite stressful to maintain the information of every candidate. However, the software manages and stores the data accurately without anyone having to record it. There are no errors that the software makes, which is why it is highly reliable. Moreover, recruiters can quickly access any candidate's data they need without having to search it for hours.

Benefits of recruiting applicant tracking system

The ATS system is known to give companies a hassle-free experience. Therefore, in this section, we will look at some advantages the system provides the companies.

Speeds up the Process

Companies waste a lot of time looking for new employees, and the process is usually slow. However, with the ATS system, there is no need to drag the recruitment selection process as the software speeds up the entire process. The ideal candidates are found with the help of the keyword. Also, those who don't fit the requirements are already rejected. There is no need to review the profiles that do not match the criteria.

Reuse Job Description

If you sit down to write a job description for every platform, it will take a lot of hours and effort. But with the recruiting applicant tracking system, there is no need to create a job description for multiple positions and platforms as the software lets you reuse the same one repeatedly. You can attract people for various positions with just one description, saving you from putting effort into creative writing and saving a lot of money.

Manage Job Ads

Companies seeking talented candidates for their teams should strategically post their jobs on various platforms, optimizing their reach and enhancing candidate assessment. The ATS system can easily do this as the software posts and manages job advertisements on the organization's internal and external careers. By posting jobs on reputed sites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn, the chances of finding highly skilled candidates increase.

Sorts and Ranks Candidates

Humans are meant to make errors, which is why there are multiple times when recruiters can miss out on talented candidates. But with the recruiting applicant tracking system, there is no need to worry as the software sorts out the ranking of the candidates accurately. The ATS conducts an initial scan of the applicants and selects the best ones that meet the job qualifications perfectly.

Why does PitchNHire ATS is best for the Recruiting

After viewing all the essential aspects of the ATS software for recruitment process, you might get confused about where to get this service from. Don't think any further, and quickly visit Pitch N Hire to get the best service while hiring employees. Look at the reasons below as to why you should visit our site:

  • Our site has more than 1M+ candidates looking for jobs, so you can choose from the top talents.
  • We have a centralized system that makes the task of assessing, selecting, and finding the candidates much more convenient.
  • Your company gets the benefits of saving a lot of money by taking the help of our easy-to-use software.
  • Elevate your recruiting process as you can bid farewell to hectic paperwork when our software manages the work faster and conveniently.
  • Manage your entire hiring process by following our efficient path that starts from posting jobs and stops at making selections.


The companies have moved forward by adapting new technology with the help of a recruiting applicant tracking system. The software has helped employees to ease their burdens, which lessens stress. A company has to become much more potent when it has a team with highly skilled employees. The recruiting process has to be robust, which this software presents.

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