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Tue Jun 04 2024

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Best ATS Tools for Recruitment in 2024

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ATS tools help the employer conduct all the clerical and paperwork related to the hiring process. This includes collecting and going through the resumes, too. The ATS segregates the resumes with great ease and arranges them as instructed by the employer. It reduces the clerical work of the employer by more than 90%. 

The employer just has to check the report created by the ATS and take an interview. The ATS even schedules the interview for the recruiter once the schedule is fed into the software. Thus, an applicant tracking system can prove very useful for the recruiter.

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What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system is software made to ease the recruitment process for the recruiter. It automated the clerical work related to the hiring process and handled things like receiving and sorting applications, reviewing resumes, sending communication messages to candidates, arranging interviews for the recruiter, and other similar work. 

For almost all giant companies in the USA, it is impossible to work without an efficient ATS system. And this is because of the huge number of applications they receive every day.

Why Does Your Business Need an Online Applicant Tracking System?

No matter if you have a small or large business, having good ATS software has become the need of the hour across the USA. This is because the best ATS system, along with executing clerical tasks for hiring, does many other things like creating a good database of candidates for the company, conducting effective communication with the candidates, rejecting underqualified candidates, and so on. 

So, it does all those things that might not need a lot of brains to do but consume a lot of time. This time can be utilised by the company in the development of its business. So, in short, this is why every business needs to have an ATS.

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The Best ATS Tools for Every Business

Every ATS system differs from one another. Some are better at talent searches, while others are better at communicating with candidates. So now, let us see open source applicant tracking system for your business according to your company’s needs.

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is a platform that unifies talent and technology for building superior teams. It is designed to revolutionise how the company discovers and recruits top talent. It enables the recruiter to seamlessly manage job pipelines, assess candidates, conduct video interviews, and make confident selections. 

Pitch N Hire helps the company create, track, and manage job openings all in one place. So, it can aid in crafting compelling job descriptions and promoting their vacancies globally. The user-friendly interface puts the recruiter in control and enables them to attract top talent with ease. So, in short, this is the applicant management software on the market when it comes to hiring top talent.


Workable provides a wide range of amenities, including the ability to advertise jobs across many platforms and track candidates. It not only offers a complete recruitment procedure for the business, but it also has tools and helpful assistance that facilitate the quick resolution of complaints. So, Workable helps in making detailed analytical reports, which makes it appropriate for companies of various sizes. 


If you are looking to reach out to a broader range of candidates, Greenhouse can be one of the best ATS tools for you. This ATS offers high inclusivity and aims to help small businesses by providing them with the correct resources. It has many impressive features, one of which is easy third-party integration. Greenhouse allows easy integration and enables a hassle-free experience. So, it can be a good choice for you if you are a small business.

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Recruit CRM 

Recruit CRM provides a combination of ATS and CRM to meet the hiring needs of the company. It has a powerful AI system, which makes it easy to sort resumes. It provides detailed analytical reports that allow the company to analyse the compatibility of the candidate. So, this is one of the best choices when it comes to good ATS toolson the market.

Breezy HR 

If you are looking for an ATS that will offer collaborative benefits to the company, this is the best applicant tracking system for you. Breezy HR is known for its great collaborative skills, which can greatly benefit the company.


If you are looking for an ATS that will add a human touch to your communication, this might be the one for you. Freshteam is an ATS suitable for small and medium-sized companies. It enables them to schedule interviews, communicate with the candidates, and do all this while adding a human element to everything. So, Freshteam makes the online applicant tracking systems tools less robotic and mechanical.


This is a highly adaptable ATS and CRM system. It is designed to help the HR department in the hiring process. And it is suitable for businesses that have limited resources but still want to invest in ATS.


Implementing an ATS in your hiring process has become the need of the hour. Whatever the size, every other company in the USA has an ATS system. And the reason it has gained such popularity is that it is highly dependable and convenient to use. So, using various ATS tools can help you reach new heights of success by hiring the cream of the crop of talented candidates.

At Pitch N Hire, we take care that you are not provided with low-quality candidates. We have a high-quality talent pool for your company to choose from. So, do give our site a visit today!

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