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Detailed Guide Of Candidate Management During A Job Interview

candidate-management-systemsPosted on Thu Oct 20 20222 min read
candidate-management-systemsPosted on Thu Oct 20 20222 min read

If a company is like a house, the recruitment process is like a door. It's the first step that potential candidates take when they're interested in pursuing a position. Therefore, the door must be attractive and welcoming, setting the tone for the rest of the relationship.

In recent years, there's been a shift in how companies operate. The definition of a candidate has changed, and with this change has come a new way of managing relationships with talent. One of the most important aspects of any job interview is having effective candidate management systems. 

Candidate management involves all company actions and decisions concerning a job applicant. This includes everything from the initial stages of reviewing resumes and applications to the final stage of extending a job offer. Effective candidate management can help companies find and hire the best candidates for open positions. 

What is Candidate Management?

Candidate management develops and tracks job candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process. The goal of candidate management is to identify, assess, and engage the best-qualified candidates for open positions. 

A process that helps organizations improve their performance is ensuring the right people are hired for the correct positions. It involves identifying, assessing, and selecting candidates for a particular job.  

To do this, businesses use applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate management systems to collect and store candidate information. The best designs will help enterprises to automate some or all of the recruiting process, from job postings and candidate sourcing to scheduling interviews and extending job offers. 

Candidate management systems help businesses to track and manage the following information about candidates:

  1. Resumes and applications
  2. Contact information
  3. Job searches
  4. Interviews
  5. Job offers 

Why Candidate Management Systems? 

Candidate management systems tool provides several benefits for an organization. These benefits can include the following:

  • The ability to track the progress of a recruitment process. Candidate management systems can help identify candidates most likely to be a good fit for a position and help manage the recruitment process. For a company, this can result in time and financial savings.
  • They help an organization keep track of which employees refer candidates to open positions which can be helpful in organizational development and help an organization identify which employees have a talent for finding qualified candidates.
  • Additionally, these systems can help an organization keep track of employee resumes and contact information. This can be helpful if an organization needs to fill a position quickly. 

Features of Candidate Management Systems 

You must coordinate all the procedures and tools using candidate management software to attract, recruit, and hire new employees. 

It aids employers in creating a talent pipeline by attracting and nurturing candidates as they move through the hiring process. By automating tasks that maintain candidates' interest along the way, candidate management automation software, such as an ATS, can assist employers in creating a talent pipeline. 

1. Gathering Candidate Data

The first step in using a candidate management system is to gather data on potential candidates. This data can include contact information, resume details, employment history, and skills. This data can be collected through job boards, employee referrals, or public resume databases.

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2. Acquiring Specialized Talent

One of the benefits of using candidate management systems is the ability to quickly identify and acquire talent with specific skill sets. For example, if an organization is looking for a software engineer with experience in Java, a candidate management system can be used to identify candidates with that experience. 

An organization can do this to save time and money. Moreover, a candidate management system can help an organization track which employees refer candidates to open positions. 

Candidate Management Systems
Features of Candidate Management Systems 

3. Automating Communication

Another benefit of candidate management software is the ability to automate communication. Communication between recruiters and candidates can be managed easily and efficiently. A company can do this to save time and money. For example, a recruiter can send a job seeker an interview request, and the candidate management system can automatically send a response confirming the interview date and time.

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4. Maintaining Candidate Data

Candidate management software can also help an organization keep track of employee resumes and contact information. This can be helpful if an organization needs to fill a position quickly. A candidate management tool can also help an organization track which employees refer candidates to open positions. 

This can be useful in organizational development and can help an organization identify which employees have a talent for finding qualified candidates. 

5. Increasing Efficiency

The pros don't stop here! Using candidate management software, one can increase hiring efficiency. This means that recruiters and candidates can communicate more effectively and that job offers can be processed more quickly. Again, this can save time and money for an organization. 

Get the Right People Hired With Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is a leading provider of candidate management systems to hire and manage talent acquisition and management. Their software is designed to streamline the hiring process and help recruiters track, measure, and manage their recruiting efforts

With over 500+ companies already relying on Pitch N Hire to manage their talent pool and recruit the best talent, they are the #1 choice among recruiters and companies of all sizes. Have a look at the services PNH offers besides the candidate management systems: 

1. Career Pipeline

PNH offers an innovative solution that can be altered to meet organizational requirements. Their job pipeline feature allows you to track applicants and see where they are in the evaluation process while creating filters specific to a given job. Drag applicants through the hiring process as you move them to reduce manual labor. 

2. Amazing Career Pages

You can increase your brand's visibility and draw in more qualified candidates with career pages that allow you to quickly highlight the best elements of your company while maintaining the necessary aesthetics. To help create a career page that is incredibly appealing to candidates, Pitch N Hire offers assistance with various options in various categories. 

3. Candidate Management

Are you tired of getting so many resumes and applications? PNH will expedite the process by posting job openings and making them available on a variety of platforms: 

Through the career page, multiple candidates may submit applications at once.

Create and manage candidates manually if found through another source.

As the interview process progresses, watch the candidate's development. 

So why do you still need a recruiter when you can outsource the entire program? Visit Pitch N Hire today and see the difference yourself! 


The right job candidate management solution can automate tasks like emailing resumes, tracking applications, and managing interviews. It can keep you organized and help you vet candidates quickly. With the bonus of creating a talent pipeline, your organization can improve its chances of success. Try PNH's easy-to-use job candidate management solution to see how it could benefit your organization. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do SMEs require job Candidate Management solutions? 

Small businesses might require it even more than large corporations. Consider how an ATS streamlines your hiring processes by automating time-consuming tasks like:

  • Sending personalized email
  • Administration and application storage
  • Tracking and controlling applicants as they move through the hiring process, etc.

Additionally, those applicant tracking systems give you access to reports you might not otherwise have. Different features for optimizing the company's hiring procedures depend on the ATS vendor. 

Q2. What are the advantages of using ATS for businesses?

The time and brainpower of recruiters are insufficient to review every resume that comes in. This is particularly true in large organizations where there is a large pool of applicants or where mass hiring is desired quickly and successfully. All on one platform, ATS keeps hiring teams organized by managing the pool of CVs from all applications. 

Q3. How does an Applicant Tracking System work?

Some do a quick scan and review resumes based on their highlights (previous experience, education, skills, etc.); others let the ATS scan and evaluate applications first and then consider only the best candidates.

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