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Professionals from India are the preferred permanent staffing services choice for global tech leaders.

Why Indians Lead as the Top Permanent Staffing Choice for Global Tech Giants?

In the fast-paced business landscape, agility is key to success. Our contract staffing services are tailored to meet your dynamic talent requirements. Whether you’re managing a project with a fixed timeline or need specialized skills for a temporary assignment, our team of experts identifies top-notch professionals, ensuring that your projects move forward seamlessly.
We understand that finding the right talent can be a challenge, so we take the guesswork out of the equation. With our services, you have the freedom to scale your workforce up or down as needed, without the burden of traditional hiring.


Indians demonstrate unwavering dedication to their work, consistently going the extra mile to achieve exceptional results.


Their intrinsic drive and motivation propel them to continually seek innovation and excellence in their endeavors.


With a strong sense of empathy, Indians build meaningful relationships and collaborate effectively in diverse teams.


Known for their tireless work ethic, they approach tasks with diligence, ensuring high-quality outcomes.


Indians actively contribute their skills and expertise to the success of their organizations and projects.


Their supportive nature fosters a positive and collaborative work environment, where mutual growth is encouraged.

How Pitch N Hire Simplifies Permanent Staffing Solutions


Our extensive permanent recruitment services network and expertise in the field lets us identify and connect you with the best Indian talents for your specific needs.


We meticulously analyze your requirements and skill criteria to ensure a precise alignment between your expectations and the talents we present to you.


Our rigorous vetting process encompasses comprehensive background checks, skill assessments, and reference verification, ensuring that you receive top-tier candidates.


Once your chosen talent is onboard, we continue to provide support with payroll, IT, employee contracts, and HR duties, ensuring their smooth integration into your team.

Professionals Sorted By

Not all talents are created equal. We understand that skills, experience, certifications, demand, and the complexity of responsibilities can vary widely among professionals. That’s why we’ve categorized our talent pool into three distinct categories to meet your specific needs.


This permanent staffing pool consists of fresh, enthusiastic professionals who are eager to make their mark in the industry. They bring a foundation of skills and a hunger for growth, making them ideal for roles that require mentorship and development.


Such professionals in our talent pool possess a balanced blend of experience and ambition. They are ready to take on more responsibility and contribute significantly to your projects, offering the perfect combination of proficiency and potential.


These talents are seasoned experts who have honed their skills through years of experience. They are equipped to lead, strategize, and deliver results at a high level, making them ideal for roles that demand extensive expertise and leadership.

* Pricing for specialized permanent staffing services is subject to variation based on specific requirements, role complexity, responsibilities, and market demand.

How We Function

How We Function

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 Talent journey

Getting Started

Embark on your hiring process with Pitch N Hire, where our comprehensive support ensures a smooth and successful recruitment experience.


Submit a Recruitment Request

Share your specific hiring needs, and we’ll customize our permanent staffing solutions to align with your unique talent requirements and preferences.


Perform Candidate Interviews

Engage in comprehensive candidate interviews with our shortlisted professionals and identify the perfect addition to your team.


Select and Onboard Talent

After choosing the ideal candidate, we facilitate a seamless onboarding process to ensure a swift and effective integration into your organization’s workflow.

Why International Brands Choose Pitch N Hire for Tech Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Recruit Dedicated Tech
Experts from Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire Stands Out Among Permanent Staffing Agencies. Here’s Why:

Setting up a business in different countries for hiring can be costly and time-consuming. It involves dealing with local labor laws, managing employee paperwork, and staying compliant with changing regulations, all of which can be prone to human errors.

Pitch N Hire simplifies this process by offering an all-in-one solution. We help you find and hire talent worldwide, manage HR tasks, process payroll, and ensure compliance across 20+ countries.

It’s a straightforward and hassle-free way to expand your team using a permanent staffing agency.



pre-vetted tech expert CVs at your disposal



in-house HR, tax, payroll, and legal specialists ready to assist



countries where you can hire and pay employees



reduction in recruitment timeline for swift results



days to discover the ideal developer match

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1. What is Pitch N Hire?

Pitch N Hire is your strategic ally in the world of talent acquisition. We simplify and optimize the hiring journey, ensuring you find the right talent for your specific needs.

2. What does Pitch N Hire do?

At Pitch N Hire, we source, match, vet, and manage talent to meet your unique requirements. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the hiring process.

3. How does Pitch N Hire work?

We leverage a vast network of professionals, a team of experts, and cutting-edge technology to expedite your talent acquisition journey. Our streamlined approach ensures swift and efficient results.

4. Where does Pitch N Hire operate?

Pitch N Hire operates globally, spanning over 20 countries, to provide you with access to talent from diverse geographical locations.

5. What is Pitch N Hire’s role in building your team?

Pitch N Hire plays a pivotal role in assembling a skilled and motivated team that drives your business forward. We handle the complexities of talent acquisition, allowing you to focus on what you do best.