Extend Your Footprint in India with Pitch N Hire
With Pitch N Hire, expand your operations in India without establishing a local entity, enjoying the advantages of a diverse and skilled team.
Find highly skilled employees or create a tailored team to complement your in-house staff. Taking your operations to India has never been more streamlined and strategic. Our innovative Indian hiring systems empower you to access a diverse pool of exceptional talent from India, ensuring that you’re not only expanding your geographical reach but also infusing fresh perspectives and expertise into your team.
We understand the complexities of cross-border recruitment, and our applicant tracking system and interview software are designed to simplify every step of the process, from candidate sourcing and assessment to compliance and onboarding.
Let us help you navigate the Indian talent landscape and pave the way for seamless growth and success.
Trusted Support for Seamless Cross-Border Team Expansion

Join the league of 100+ major tech firms trusting our services for IT talent recruitment, onboarding, and nurturing.


Our services

What Possible with Pitch N Hire?

Employer of Record/ Contractor Management

Experience Staff Augmentation Services Without the Complexities of Setting Up Legal Entities

We function as your trusted employment partner, handling payroll, HR intricacies, tax matters, and compliance obligations on your behalf. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and legal hurdles. Focus on what you do best while our staffing services take care of the rest.


Dedicated Teams

Set Up Your Operations Center in Your Preferred Destination with Ease

Leave behind the hassles of investing in infrastructure, technology, and human resources for permanent staffing services. Our strategic approach saves you valuable resources and allows you to focus on your core business objectives, while we ensure the operational efficiency you seek.

Dedicated Teams

Staff Augmentation

Select Tailored Professionals for Your Crucial Client Projects

Our contract staffing services empower software development companies globally to address their technology requirements beyond their core capabilities. Bid farewell to time wastage and complexities- we ensure a seamless integration of the right talent into your projects.

Staff Augmentation

Staffing & Recruiting

Cultivate a High-Impact Workforce with Premier Talent that Propels Your Business Towards Success

  • Talent Scouting
  • Joining Benefits
  • Role Advancement
  • Talent Swapping
  • Candidate Screening
  • HR Interaction Rounds


HR Operations

From Attraction to Retention, Our Services Have Got You Covered

  • Non-Employee-Employee Liaison
  • Retention Strategies and Risk Assessment
  • Regular Reporting
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Individual Meetings
  • Technology Equipment Oversight
  • Performance Appraisals & Periodic Surveys
  • Continuous Client and Expert Support

HR Operations

Your 360-Degree Solution to Hiring Top Global Talent

Acquire talent from India with our holistic approach, from background checks to onboarding. Our all-encompassing solution lets you identify, assess, and secure top-tier professionals. We simplify the process of establishing and managing an Indian team, covering everything from benefits to productivity monitoring and payroll management.

Global Talent

Why go global?

Scale Your Team

Tapping into global talent pools allows for quality hiring at lower costs.


guaranteed cost savings


boost to retention rate


increase in hiring speed

What else do we offer?

Managing a Global Team with Staff Augmentation Services


Sourcing & Recruitment

Identify and secure the right talent for your overseas team.


Comprehensive HR Support

Navigate HR operations seamlessly for a cohesive workforce experience.


Compliance & Payroll

Stay on top of legal requirements and payroll matters with expert guidance.


Tailored Workspaces

Facilitate smooth operations with optimized workspaces tailored to your needs.


Optimized Equipment

Equip your team for success with the right tools and technology.


Localized Benefits

Provide attractive local incentives to foster employee satisfaction.

Tap into India’s
Elite Remote Talent

Accelerate your hiring from India with services that ensure 10x faster and highly efficient results. Gain access to a network of 200,000+ extensively screened professionals, evaluated for technical prowess, language fluency, and soft skills.

India’s Vast Talent Pool

Unlock a world of potential with India’s widest network of skilled professionals, from contract staffing to permanent positions.


Join our exclusive talent network with 100+ skill sets in marketing and technology.

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We've got the best recruitment resources, no matter what!

ATS Software

Simplify recruiting & hiring faster with our feature-rich applicant tracking system.

Interview & Assessment

Elevate interviews & assessments with full feature-packed assessment software.

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