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In the fast-paced business landscape, agility is key to success. Our contract staffing services are tailored to meet your dynamic talent requirements. Whether you’re managing a project with a fixed timeline or need specialized skills for a temporary assignment, our team of experts identifies top-notch professionals, ensuring that your projects move forward seamlessly.

With our services, you have the freedom to scale your workforce up or down as needed without the burden of traditional hiring.
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Prioritizing Seasoned Creatives and Marketers in Recruitment

Experience is the linchpin of success. We believe that seasoned creatives and marketers bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to the table, making them invaluable assets to any team.

  • Step 1: Portfolio evaluation.
  • Step 2: Technical proficiency test.
  • Step 3: Interview process.
  • Step 4: Work history verification.
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Here we discuss your objectives, expectations, and specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure a tailored HR solution that fits seamlessly into your global operations.



It's all about building trust from the start at Pitch N Hire. Our agreements are transparent, comprehensive, and designed to protect your interests.


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From sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and facilitating seamless onboarding, we ensure that your global HR requirements are met smoothly.

Simplify Hiring: We Handle the Details, You Feel the Vibe

Our contract staffing agency experts verify everything else, leaving only the vibe check up to you.

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For talent management, we charge 20% of the employee’s monthly salary, a comparably lower rate than contract recruitment agencies worldwide. Our other services start as low as $150 per employee per month.

  • Zero setup fees, pay upon talent onboarding.
  • Our replacement guarantee, no long-term commitments.
  • Monthly billing for enhanced accountability.
  • Full salary credits with minimal deductions.
Hiring TimeLess than 5Days
Top Talent3.5%Elite
Cost SavingsUp to40% and More
Global Reach5 +Time Zones

Getting Started is

An all-encompassing platform, Pitch N Hire handles everything from sourcing to management of talents.

From crafting desirable job descriptions to seamlessly onboarding the ideal candidate of yours, Pitch N Hire empowers you to simplify your whole talent acquisition process. This all-encompassing platform centralizes important functionalities such as candidate sourcing, comprehensive onboarding tools, efficient interview scheduling, shortlisting, and applicant review.

Manage each stage of the recruitment adventure in a user-friendly interface, enabling you to concentrate on what counts most: creating a high-performing team.
Job DescriptionJob Description Sharing
Job DescriptionReview and Shortlist
Job DescriptionInterviews and Selection
Job DescriptionOnboarding and Management

The India Advantage in Hiring with Contract Employment Agencies

A Hub of Exceptional Talent

Exceptional Skills and Expertise

Competitive Cost Benefits

A Hub of Exceptional Talent
  • India has established itself as a talent powerhouse, boasting a rich pool of professionals with diverse skill sets.
  • With a burgeoning IT sector and a culture of innovation, Indian talent is sought after by companies worldwide.
  • The country’s thriving education system produces graduates who are well-prepared to meet the demands of a global job market.

Pitch N Hire: Your Smart Hiring Choice

Experience the perks of hiring skilled talent through our trusted contract staffing services.


Our talent network is pre-vetted and interview-ready, saving you valuable time and effort in the hiring process.


Our expert team always ensures swift and efficient hiring, helping you build your dream team quickly.

Talent Pool

Join forces with the cream of the crop; our talent pool comprises the top 3.5% of industry professionals.


Gain a competitive edge with cost-effective hiring solutions through our contract staffing services.

Global Time
Zone Coverage

We provide talent across various time zones, ensuring your operations run smoothly around the clock.

Seamless Remote

Our remote onboarding and IT support streamline the transition, making remote work a breeze for everyone.


Experience straightforward and hassle-free contracts tailored to your company’s or project’s specific needs.


If needed, we offer easy and efficient talent replacement, minimizing disruptions to your workflow.

Double Retention

Benefit from double the employee retention rate, ensuring long-term success with your talented team.

Revolutionizing Global Hiring Challenges

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