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Interviews and Assessments with Best Video Interviewing Software

Our cutting-edge platform helps conduct impactful candidate interviews and assessments like never before. Seamlessly connect with candidates through virtual panel interviews, allowing real-time interactions and in-depth discussions.

With our automated assessment grading, you’ll receive instant results. Say goodbye to manual efforts and embrace a more efficient, data-driven approach. Let’s shape a winning workforce together!

Stats Speak for Themselves

98%User Satisfaction

5M+Pre-Assessed Candidates in Pool

4.9Average Reviews


Streamlined Screening- Ask the Right Questions, Effortlessly!

Our user-friendly interface simplifies candidate screening by providing a range of customizable questions to ask candidates about their qualifications, experience, and more. Save time and resources by effortlessly collecting essential candidate information without manual phone calls. Tailor your screening process to match your specific requirements, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your company!

streamlined screening
interview tool

Free Interview Scheduling
Tool - Convenience for All!

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with the best interview scheduling software! Enjoy effortless interview scheduling that caters to both candidate and recruiter availability. Experience the convenience of automated reminders, ensuring everyone stays on track. Embrace hassle-free coordination and focus on what truly matters!

virtual panel

Virtual Panel ! Interviews - Collaborative Assessments Made Easy

Conduct interviews with multiple panelists, all from the comfort of your screens. Engage candidates and panelists in real-time through our interactive chatbox, allowing for seamless clarifications and meaningful discussions. Interviewing an applicant has never been this easy!

Elevate Your Job Recruitment Process With Assessments

uncover talent

Uncover Talent- Assess Aptitude with Custom Questionnaires!

Empower your recruitment process with custom questionnaires designed to gauge candidates' aptitude and knowledge in specific fields. Create open-ended questionnaires and technical tests for recruitment, all in one place, to evaluate candidates in the USA comprehensively. Effortlessly collect and review completed assessments!

video call

Connect and Capture -
Conduct Video Calls with Ease!

Conduct seamless video calls with candidates, adding a convenient and personal touch to the interview process. Capture valuable interactions by recording the calls, ensuring you have a comprehensive view when making your hiring decisions. Say hello to effortless candidate evaluation with our video assessment software at your fingertips!

internal assessment

Instant Assessment - Automate MCQ and Questionnaire Grading!

Save time and effort with our automated assessment feature. Input correct answers for MCQs and questionnaires, and let our platform handle the rest. Say goodbye to manual grading- our system evaluates assessments automatically, providing instant results for efficient candidate evaluation. Streamline your hiring process and focus on the best candidates for your team!

Question bank

Question bank

Access questions with a click of a button and search across categories. Favourite your questions to save time across multiple interview.

live collaboration

Live collaboration

Access questions with a click of a button and search across categories. Favourite your questions to save time across multiple interview.

Build assessment

Build Assessment on the go

Auto-create your test just by choosing a role type or skill type or tailor an assessment suitable to your need.

  • New questions are added to every category weekly.
  • Questions if leaked on the web are removed immediately.
Preview publish

Preview, publish and share

Preview assessment before sending, publish & send across multiple candidates.

  • Add Link to Job Post.
  • Set Link Expiry.
  • Email Candidates.
  • Upload CSV.
  • Share Public Link.
Grading and ranking

Automated grading and ranking

Streamline your evaluation process with our automated grading system. Instantly rank candidates with precision, and provide immediate, detailed feedback. Fast. Fair. Efficient.