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Fri Feb 16 2024

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Best Online Video Interview Platform 2024

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The 2023 US job market is highly competitive, and you cannot hire top talent without using modern AI technology. That is why many US organizations started using an online video interview platform to take candidate interviews and hire them for their open roles. Read the blog below to learn more about modern interviewing platforms.

In the modern technology-driven recruitment world, the online video interview platform is becoming popular. These platforms fulfill the requirements of organizations for talented and skilled candidates.

Thus, modern-day employers need to adopt interviewing tools and use them in their recruitment process.

But before you invest in an online video interview platform, you should have a brief understanding of it. To help you with this, we will discuss what an interviewing platform is and its benefits for recruiters and candidates.

So, without wasting any further time, let us take a deep dive into the blog.

What are video interviews?

Video interviews, also called virtual interviews, are the same as face-to-face interviews. However, the only difference is that recruiters conduct video interviews over the Internet through video calls. In such types of interviews, recruiters ask the candidates to connect face-to-face through a webcam.

Wait, do not forget video interviews are not the same as video conferencing calls.

With the increasing popularity of remote work culture, the demand for online interview platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Teams is also increasing. You can use these tools to connect on video calls with your friends and relatives who live far away. Also, you can use them to conduct video training sessions.

However, you cannot trust these tools to conduct video interviews and hire new employees for your company. The reason for this is that these tools were not designed keeping professional interviewing capabilities in mind. That is why such video conferencing tools do not offer advanced interviewing features that you need to conduct professional video interviews.

In this situation, you can confidently trust and rely on automated online video interview platforms. Let us now understand what online video interview platforms exactly mean.

What is an online video interview platform?

Now that you have learned about the meaning of video interviews, you must have realized that online video interviewing platforms are essential to conducting online video interviews. An online video interview platform is a tool you can conveniently use to conduct remote interviews. These platforms not only offer many high-quality built-in features, but they can also help you streamline hiring.

With the help of these platforms, you do not have to invite all the candidates to the interview location. Instead, you can send them the invite link for a virtual face-to-face video interview and judge their personality, body language, and soft skills. And the best thing about using an automated online platform is that you will learn about the candidate during the early hiring stage.

That is because you can use the interviewing software either during your pre-screening stage or interviewing stage. Whatever the case might be, the software will offer you many features that will make the interviewing process smooth and easy for you. In addition, usually, all the modern interviewing tools integrate with hiring systems like the ATS system.

Thus, you can leverage these software together to get better hiring results. This way, you will also get to identify and hire talented and skilled candidates from the large candidate pool in the US market.

How does the video interview platform benefit recruiters?

Online video interview software is not only a useful tool for recruiters but also a very convenient tool for candidates. The platform benefits recruiters and candidates in different ways. However, if we talk about recruiters in particular, then besides providing access to a diverse talent pool to recruiters, an online video interview platform offers the following benefits:

  • Provides more convenience: Yes, the interview platform eliminates almost all geographical barriers and allows recruiters to schedule and conduct online interviews whenever they want hassle-free.
  • Promotes quality hires: By eliminating small talk from the interviewing process and making the candidate screening process more accurate, the interview software increases the chances of good quality hires.
  • Ensures effective communication: Indeed! The tools offered by the online video interview platforms for smooth communication and collaboration ensure that everything is good throughout the recruitment process.

Few tips to find the best online video interview platform

We cannot deny the fact that selecting the best interview software is quite challenging. The reason for this is the availability of so many options in the market. However, it is necessary to choose the best interviewing software. Therefore, investing in and using the best video interview tool is the only way to enhance the interviewing experience.

So, here are some tips that will surely help you choose the right online video interview platform for your business.

Know your hiring needs and expectations

As the first step, before starting your search for the best video interview software in the marketplace, you should know your organization’s hiring needs and requirements. Once you know exactly what you want and are expecting, you can narrow your search based on your requirements. For example, if you have experienced problems while screening candidates, you should look for software that offers advanced screening features.

Consider the cost and scalability

We do understand that you focus on your business needs and short-term hiring goals when investing in an online video interview platform. Thus, look for software that can adapt to your organization’s changing needs. Also, consider the cost of the software and compare it with others in the market. This way, you choose the best interviewing software for your business that aligns with your budget.

Test the software’s capabilities

Do not forget, in the end, only the software with the most efficient video interviewing capabilities can help you. Thus, video quality and reliability are the key features you should evaluate when choosing the best online video interview platform for your business. Moreover, if you have some specific needs, you should ensure that the software you are investing in satisfies all those needs.

Check user friendliness

Not all candidates have the same digital literacy and experience in using an online video interview platform. In other words, some candidates might miss the know-how to use complicated and advanced interviewing software. Thus, to be on the safe side and offer an enhanced interviewing experience to candidates, you should choose a user-friendly interview software.

Look for online assessment tools

You cannot solely focus on just one aspect while deciding which software to adopt. Candidate screening and assessments are vital hiring aspects you cannot ignore at any cost. Thus, you should check if the software can easily screen or evaluate multiple candidates. To check this, choose an online video interview platform that offers custom job assessment templates, insights, and analytics features.

Why trust Pitch N Hire’s video interview software?

Did you know? The market size of virtual interview software is likely to grow from US$250.06 million to US$ 891.86 million by 2030. This report proves that video interviewing platforms will be relevant even in the coming years.

Thus, now is the best time to consider investing in an online interview platform. And to do this, there is no better software than video interview software by Pitch N Hire. We understand your interviewing and screening needs. Therefore, we aim to offer our clients user-friendly interviewing software to satisfy their unique needs.

One thing we can say for sure is that our software is capable of offering everything you need to make the interview process smooth. Not only this, but you can also increase your chances of hiring the best candidates by investing in our software. This way, you can also fill your present and future job vacancies quickly. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you must have realized the importance of an online video interview platform in streamlining hiring. So, now you have to agree that these platforms go beyond traditional interviewing and screening methods to help you.

Online video interview software by Pitch N Hire will be the best for your business. So, check out our website and book a FREE software demo with our experts today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you do an online video interview?

Conducting an online video interview as a recruiter requires consistency and professionalism. By consistency and maintaining professionalism, we mean that you should not only ask relevant questions but also use a reliable video interview platform to conduct seamless video interviews with multiple candidates. Other points may include having a clear and concise tone, having good body language, having an engaging interview session, taking proper pauses while speaking, etc. 

2. What should I say in an online video interview?

As a recruiter, you should try to ask as many questions from the candidates as possible. These questions may be related to their career, life goals, future career success, etc. Remember! While asking questions, try to use a professional tone, have proper body language, a smile on your face, and use hand gestures. Also, you can ask the questions to the candidates if they have any. Moreover, do not hesitate to tell the candidate more about the job role and your company’s work culture.

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