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HR Lighthouse Community by Pitch N Hire

Join our exclusive Slack Community tailored for HR Leaders and Talent Acquisition professionals. Contribute to shaping the Future of Work by exploring best practices, accessing valuable resources and tools, and enjoying unique and exclusive experiences.

Connect with 1000+ HR and Recruitment Leaders for insightful discussions and exclusive experiences.

Exclusive Invite to HR & Recruitment Webinars, along with Newsletter’s Subscription

Empower Your Journey: Dive into our engaging webinar series where industry experts share actionable insights, proven strategies, and invaluable advice to propel your success.


We follow straightforward community guidelines—no extensive list of rules.

Participate actively

Participate actively.

Active contributors enhance our community. Before seeking assistance, consider contributing – whether by sharing opinions or providing help when possible.

Don’t share confidential details

Don’t share confidential details.

Elevate interviews & assessments with full feature-packed assessment software.

Avoid spamming

Avoid spamming.

Imagine receiving an unsolicited sales pitch without any prior interaction. Unpleasant, right? Let’s not subject others to it :)

Show respect

Show respect.

Members are expected to treat each other with respect in the Pitch N Hire community. Our space is dedicated to sharing, connecting, and supporting one another.

What you’ll find in Pitch N Hire’s Community

Professional Peers

Professional Peers.

Elevate interviews & assessments with full feature-packed assessment software.

Optimal Practices & Resources

Optimal Practices & Resources

Elevate interviews & assessments with full feature-packed assessment software.

Invite-Only Membership

Invite-Only Membership

Elevate interviews & assessments with full feature-packed assessment software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pitch N Hire Community

What is Pitch N Hire Community?

Pitch N Hire Community is an exclusive Slack group for HR, People Ops professionals, and C-Level Executives overseeing People strategy. The goal is to form a vibrant community of professionals sharing best practices for building high-performing teams. Members must adhere to the Community’s Code of Conduct.

Pitch N Hire Community

Who moderates the Pitch N Hire Community?

Pitch N Hire team members moderate the community. Note that this community isn’t for Pitch N Hire’s platform technical support. The community access is invite- only but totally free.

Pitch N Hire Community

What is core belief behind?

At Pitch N Hire, we prioritize investing in people over workplace. Our goal is to assist companies in fostering exceptional cultures where employees align with mission and values. While enjoyable perks like ping pong tables are nice, our focus is on creating an environment where everyone can thrive and find fulfillment at work.

Pitch N Hire Community

What are Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions?

AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions allow you to ask questions to People Operations leaders about HR and Talent Acquisition. After interviewing the guests on the Pitch N Hire’s webinars, you can get to know them better and can also ask your specific questions in our community channels.

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Pitch N Hire Community

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