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Sat Apr 20 2024

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Best Staffing Agency Software - Everything you need to know

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Best Staffing Agency Software

Many studies prove staffing and recruiting agencies will get many clients in the coming years. Therefore, if you are an agency recruiter, now is the time to up your recruitment game. Continue reading the blog further to learn how you can do it with the help of the best staffing agency software.

Recently, many agency recruiters in the USA and worldwide have started using HR software to keep up with hundreds of job applications. These recruiters have a challenging job as they have to manage large volumes of data daily. This process can sometimes become too overwhelming and frustrating. Luckily, innovation and technology have transformed the way staffing agencies work.

Yes, you read that right! Whether you recruit candidates on a small scale or large scale, high-quality recruiting software will be your backbone. From meaning and importance to core features, we will cover everything about staffing agency software in the blog below. So, read on.

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What exactly do we mean by staffing agency software?

The staffing agency software is a new-age software that HR management professionals use to streamline and manage candidates throughout recruitment. Usually, such software offers many hiring features such as resume screening, job postings, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, etc. Therefore, the right recruiting software can help you elevate hiring to a great extent.

In other words, recruiting professionals working in staffing agency examples can use the best staffing agency software to identify and shortlist the most suitable candidates effortlessly. They do not have to do much hard work as the software will reduce their workload by automating all hiring tasks.

As a staffing agency recruiter, you can choose any staffing software based on your needs and requirements. That is because many types of software solutions are available in the market. All of these differ based on their features and abilities. For example, if you are a recruiter in the healthcare sector, you can find specialized hiring software that can satisfy your hiring needs in your specific industry.

Why do agency recruiters need staffing agency software?

Did you know? 86% of HR professionals report that staffing software has helped them hire candidates quickly. Having the best staffing agency software in your hiring tech stack is a flex. It is the key to conveniently managing complicated and tedious tasks associated with recruitment.

Moreover, you cannot survive in today’s mid-sized businesses world without automated hiring software. Therefore, if you have not yet adopted hiring software, here are some reasons that might encourage you to invest in it as soon as possible.

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Automated hiring process

You often have to manage immense job applications during your job openings. However, manual management of these applications increases the risk of errors. The best staffing agency software can automate many hiring tasks. It will eliminate all manual errors once and for all. Moreover, it will save you many hours of effort.

Saved resources

Since the best CRM for staffing companies automates manual hiring tasks and increases hiring productivity, it will reduce the workload of HR professionals. Ultimately, it will save you money as you do not have to appoint many recruiting team members and invest in other hiring resources. In addition, the software will also reduce the scope of rescheduling during candidate interviews.

Efficient hiring workflow

With the best staffing agency software, you do not have to struggle with storing recruitment data and payroll software management. That is because you can rely on the staffing software for this. The software can not only store but can also manage recruitment data systematically in one place. This way, you can easily access recruitment data anytime and anywhere without difficulty.

How many types of staffing agency software are there?

Every staffing agency uses different hiring software based on their unique hiring needs, budget, industry, and recruitment pattern. Here are the three most common and best staffing agency software:

Candidate relationship management software (CRM)

Agency recruiters use staffing agency CRM software to manage their relationships with active and passive candidates. Not only do they use CRM to manage current connections with candidates but also to nurture them for their future hiring needs. This software typically allows hiring managers to create and maintain a candidate database without using recruiting spreadsheets. Usually, many ATS systems offer a built-in CRM feature.

Applicant tracking software (ATS)

Applicant tracking software helps staffing agency recruiters in almost all hiring steps from beginning to end, particularly in addressing challenges such as high employee turnover rates. For example, agency recruiters use the ATS system to manage candidates, screen candidate resumes, track candidates' progress, store employee data, and more. In short, ATS is an all-in-one recruiting software that can meet all your recruitment needs.

Human resources information software (HRIS)

Generally, an HR information system allows recruiters to manage each aspect of HR, such as staffing, payroll processing, employee benefits, employee performance, etc. However, many HRIS systems in the job market also offer specific features for agency recruiters. These features include job postings and candidate tracking.

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Staffing agency software: Five common features to know

While applicant tracking systems for staffing agencies differ in terms of features, some are available on any software. By this, we mean that if you start looking for the best staffing software for your agency, here are the five common features you will surely get access to:

Candidate management and tracking

The backbone of staffing software is candidate tracking, which is its most common feature. This will enable you to monitor the candidates well as they go through recruitment. As a result, it will assist you in saving the time that you would have used in managing the candidates at different hiring stages.

Automated communication with applicants

For an agency recruiter to process the candidates is more than enough to ensure a smooth and systematic hiring process. You should also speak and involve all the contestants. The best staffing agency software in such a situation will also help you automate repetitive messages like sending acceptance or rejection texts, interview reminders, etc.

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Candidate sourcing

With a talent pool, the best staffing agency software may even prove very useful in candidate sourcing. This talent pool can be used for targeting potential candidates and enticing them to apply for your hard-to-fill open roles. This will do more than just help search for passive candidates in the top job arenas.

Interview scheduling

When it comes to inviting job applications for interviews, the best staffing agency software knows that you are always on tethers in relation to their scheduling. That is why the software has an interview scheduling tool, which helps to schedule simple interviews. In addition, the software will assist you in sending interview reminders to candidates so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

Job posting

Job posting is another common characteristic that comes with staffing software. Notably, the option will allow you to auto-post jobs and ads on various online platforms, which may include your website. This is because posting jobs will become a few clicks away from you, given the new software. With this, you can retain the time you spend visiting each site posting jobs.

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How to choose the best staffing agency software?

Finding the best staffing software to fulfill your recruitment needs is daunting. But you have no other option than to choose the best software! You should not confuse the best software with the right software. That is because the best recruitment software does not need to be right for you.

Instead, the right software will be the one that can understand your unique hiring needs and can offer the features to help you meet those needs. As an agency recruiter, below are the three things you should consider when choosing and evaluating staffing software:

Check the software’s features

Does the software offer all the features required to streamline my hiring operations? It is the first question you should ask yourself when choosing the best recruitment agency CRM. But to do this effectively, you should know your needs. For example, if you struggle with scheduling interviews with candidates, you should look for staffing software with high-quality interview scheduling features.

Software’s integration with other tools

Will this staffing software integrate with my current hiring software? It is another vital question to ask yourself. That is because having the best staffing agency software that integrates with online platforms and your existing recruiting tool can make hiring easy and quick. Thus, ensure that the staffing software you choose integrates with job boards, social media platforms, and other online tools like email.

Consider your budget

You cannot invest in the best staffing agency software without considering your recruitment budget. Therefore, you should ask the software vendor for the cost of the staffing software before making the final decision. It is the best way to evaluate if the software is within your budget and if it is worth investing in the software.

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The best part about our software is that you can use it to simplify not just one hiring step but your overall recruitment process. So, if you want to power up your hiring game, check out our website now. And do not hesitate to have a chat with our experts.

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It is safe to say that the best staffing agency software is truly a best friend for agency recruiters. With the right hiring software for their agency, recruiters can say goodbye to time-consuming hiring methods and manual hiring labor. Thus, if you wish to adopt high-quality staffing agency software, you should try ATS software by Pitch N Hire. To do so, book a FREE ATS software demo from our website today.

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