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Mon Dec 04 2023

5 min read

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet | Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet

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recruitment tracker spreadsheet

The time-consuming and complicated recruitment process can sometimes be a hurdle to the company’s growth and success. It mostly happens because hiring managers fail to keep the recruitment data organized in one place. Thus arises the need for a recruitment tracker spreadsheet.

It is important to adopt AI recruitment tools and software if you want to organize and understand the hiring process in depth. A recruitment system will improve your recruitment workflow. This, in turn, will surely boost recruitment productivity and efficiency. Let us learn more about the recruitment tracker in the blog below.

What is a Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet?

A recruitment tracker spreadsheet allows hiring managers to keep track of candidate-related information and data like their application, contact, and interview details. These spreadsheets are user-friendly and easy to understand and are mainly used to organize the recruitment process.

Recruiters can add the information of the new candidates automatically. They can also add notes about the existing candidates’ interviews. It lets hiring managers analyze the capabilities of all the candidates and then choose the perfect ones of the lot.

These tracker spreadsheets provide various features and tools to manage recruitment data systematically according to the company’s needs. Spreadsheets can take hours, and it can sometimes become a never-ending process. Therefore, recruitment tracker software is more effective than just tracker spreadsheets.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is the most common recruitment tracker tool used by different companies to collect, analyze, track, and store recruitment data. Using a high-quality recruiting tracking system can help recruiters in the following ways:

  • Find the ideal candidates who match the job description
  • Save the time and money spent on manually performing recruitment tasks
  • Hire fresh talent without biases

Recruitment tracking not only automates the entire hiring process but also helps companies fill up their job vacancies quickly. Therefore, it is safe to say that recruitment tracking is a powerful tool that can turn talented candidates into new employees.

What is the Need for a Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet?

The recruitment tracking system is continuously gaining relevance and popularity in the market. And a recruitment tracker spreadsheet is a part of these systems. There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of different recruitment tools. Here are some signs that you need recruitment tracker software:

  • Your current recruitment process is time-consuming and unorganized
  • You are unable to hire talented candidates
  • You fail to make informed and precise hiring decisions
  • Your hiring process is not effective, timely, or accurate

If you observe these signs in your recruitment process, you must invest in an applicant tracking system as soon as possible. An ATS can overcome all such challenges at every step of the recruitment process. So don’t keep waiting- start an effective recruitment journey and make successful hires today.

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What are the Benefits of a Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet?

Now let us walk you through the benefits of the recruitment tracker tool. Using a recruitment tracking tool can offer numerous benefits in your hiring journey. Some of them are:

Efficient Talent Pipeline

Hiring managers can attract top talent from a large pool of potential applicants much faster. It is because recruitment software will only filter the best candidates for the job. This capability of the software is what makes it the top choice for many recruiters.

After all, you do not want to miss out on potential talent because of random human errors creeping into the process. Trust automation to take care of hiring, and you’ll see a difference in the quality of hires as well as the time taken to hire. This is the age of technology, and the recruitment industry is no different! Get on the automation hype train and simplify your hiring efforts overnight.

Streamlined Interview Scheduling

Recruiters can rely on the tracking system to schedule interviews with online candidates in real-time. It will leave no room for manual work. The company will be able to fill all the vacancies quickly, and that too with passive candidates. So, it will save the HRs time and money, which they can spend on other priority tasks.

Automated Communication

All the tasks performed by the recruitment tracker spreadsheets are automated. The recruitment system can connect you with the candidates and hiring team members. The feedback options available will also enable you to maintain candidate relationships. This way, you can ensure your hiring process is as smooth as you envisioned.

Organized Candidate Database

The tracking software maintains and stores the record of every candidate in one place. It will help employers in data-driven decision-making. So, the hiring managers can get insights into recruitment information like how many applications were received, the job posted on websites, the number of candidates hired, etc.


If modern technology has provided us with recruitment tools, we should not stay deprived of them. You will be shocked to know that many recruiters have positive reviews and feedback about ATS, and they believe it has enhanced their hiring process.

But while choosing recruitment tracking software for your company, you should always try to look for some key features. These include:

  • Resume parsing
  • Integration capabilities
  • Boolean Search
  • Report tracking and analytics
  • Ease of communication and engagement
  • Automated workflows

Also, you will be able to make use of the recruitment tracker spreadsheet more effectively if you have all these features in it.

So, now that you know everything about recruitment tracking tools, are you willing to invest in one? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We, atPitch N Hire, provide our customers with the best recruitment tracker spreadsheets to help them screen, shortlist, and track candidates. What’s more, our experts can offer a live demo to give you an idea of our recruitment tracker features and functionalities. So, pay attention to recruitment, and it will reward your company in ways you could never imagine.

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