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Mon Dec 04 2023

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Video Assessment Software with Top Rated Reviews

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video assessment software

AI and machine learning tools and software have dominated traditional hiring methods. No work is done manually in the new hiring era, as hiring managers use different tools and software to hire candidates.

Video assessment software has successfully become the new favorite interviewing tool for both startups and big businesses. It is because this tool promotes smart hiring. This is done by allowing hiring managers to connect with candidates effectively. Let’s look at the key features and benefits of the most common virtual interview platforms.

What is Video Assessment Software?

Video assessment software is a great way to create a smooth hiring journey for hiring managers and candidates. It boosts the screening process and eliminates the stress of scheduling and rescheduling video interviews. In other words, virtual interview platforms allow the recruiters to either send the video interview invitation link to the candidates or ask them to submit a video response to candidate screening questions. The software enables the candidates to record answers at any date and time that suits them best.

Recruiters mainly use video assessments during screening calls and the first interview round. By using automated video assessment tools, recruiters ensure that the job seekers keep moving effectively throughout the recruitment pipeline without performing manual time-consuming tasks. Taking video interviews may sound like a time-consuming and stressful task. But if we schedule them with the right platform, they can make recruiting much easier.

What are the Key Features of Video Assessment Software?

The largest consumers of video assessments are hiring managers. They use such tools to find the best candidates to help them achieve the company’s goals. Some key features of video assessment software are:

  • Advanced screening options and multiple written questions
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand features and functionalities
  • Easy video interview scheduling options
  • Multiple flexible language options for improved diversity

Hiring managers can use these features to understand the capabilities of their candidates in seconds as these features can give the HRs a better understanding of who a candidate is. As a result, recruiters can save time and spend it on more important and strategic organizational tasks and activities.

What are the Benefits of Video Assessment Software?

Many companies prefer arranging interviews with candidates online before meeting them in person. So, online interview platforms can be of great help, connecting candidates and employers who live in different locations. This is why recruiters consider video interview platforms as a reliable tool these days. Any company that wants to interview job candidates remotely can rely on video interview software.

Some more benefits of video assessment software are:

Easy Remote Interview Scheduling

Now you will not lose any opportunity to hire talented candidates because the video interview system will help you arrange mutually agreed interview slots with the candidates. The candidates get the choice to choose a date and time slot from the given options. By doing this, they can fix an interview time that best suits their routine.

Simplified Screening Process

It makes the recruitment process easy as candidates do not have to spend time and effort traveling to give face-to-face interviews. And the candidates can introduce hiring managers to their skills, experience, and knowledge in the virtual environment.

The software enables employers to take pre-employment screening exams and assessments to judge the capabilities of the candidates. It will not only remove the biases from the hiring process but also help companies move ahead with the perfect candidates.

Discover the importance of pre-employment background checks in our latest blog post.

Convenient Automation

Recruiters don't have to assign screening tests and assessments separately to multiple candidates. They can easily assign them all at once. They can also schedule interviews without a hitch. It can save the time and effort of the recruiters as well as the candidates.

When you complete the interviews and assessments, you can confidently move further with the hiring process. So, in a way, we can also say that video interview tools allow us to fill job vacancies in our company quickly.

Personalized Candidate Experience

Candidates can present themselves and let their personalities shine through with a video assessment interview. They will always be able to give their best as they have the option to record their answers before submitting them to HR.

Applicant Tracking System providers offer software solutions to streamline the recruitment and hiring process.

Informed and Precise Hiring Decisions

Video assessment tools give HR managers an insight into the candidate's capabilities, personalities, and communication skills. Using this information and observation, they can formulate more relevant interview questions. When hiring managers schedule online interviews effectively with candidates, they make more informed and precise hiring decisions. Therefore, it is important to take the help of recruitment software to ensure a seamless, easy, and fast hiring process.

Written resumes, cover letters, and video assessment interviews are relevant for sorting and hiring candidates. Therefore, companies should not change their written assessment screening techniques. They should only add video assessment tools to make the recruitment process more effective.

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Recent studies show that video assessment software saves thousands of hours per year and enhances recruitment productivity. So, it is safe to say that software is becoming increasingly popular among different industries and businesses.

In this world of digital transformation, all companies should adopt AI recruitment tools if they want their organization to succeed in the market. If you are looking for video assessment software to evaluate candidates and reduce hiring costs, look no further!

Rely on Pitch N Hire’s video interview tools. We want our clients to leverage our AI-powered video assessment software so that they can meet candidates wherever they are. So don’t keep waiting and get your hands on our smart cutting-edge video assessment interview software.

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