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Mon Dec 04 2023

5 min read

Major Relevant Questions Asked In An Interview On Computer Skills

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interview questions on computer skills

A job interview is a conference between an employer and an employee to acknowledge if the employee should be hired or not. Every person is nervous when it comes to an interview but you need to be a confident job seeker. In the middle of the interview, a common question arises that is “what skills do you have with computers, and which computer language are you comfortable with?” The answer to this question depends on the position of the company you have applied for. Here are the most common interview questions on computer skills.

Computer skills are as follows for better reference

  1. MS-Office: This includes Word, Excel sheet, PowerPoint, Access.
  2. Graphics: Graphics means illustrator, Photoshop, acrobat, etc. You can learn spec work for graphic designers for more knowledge.
  3. Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Naukri, YouTube, etc.
  4. Websites: Websites such as Joomla, JavaScript, WordPress, code libraries. There are several tips to ace web interview questions. There are several ways to make money with WordPress.
  5. Emails: skills to have on emails are mail merge, filters, rules, folders
  6. Spreadsheets: Google sheets and excel. Also attach extra skills like macros, sensitivity tables, and vertical lookups.
  7. Google drives: This includes documents, Excel, Forms, slides.
  8. Software skills/computer language: Some examples of computer languages are Java, C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and IOS/swift. Even if you do not know much about coding, go through platforms to learn to code for free. Also, you can improve your coding skills in any language.
  9. Computer hardware skills: Hardware skills on the computer are project management, system administration, network configuration, software installation, security, Cisco, tech support, etc.
  10. Advanced computer skills: Web development, coding, security, machine language, etc.

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You can put up your list of computer skills on your resume. You need to prepare yourself before the interview to get the job. In this blog, we are going to tell you the interview questions on computer skills along with their probable answers so without further adieu, let us get through it. The interviewer will not directly start the interview by asking questions on computer skills. He/she will initiate with questions like the following:

  1. “Tell me about yourself”
  2. “Why did you leave your previous job?”
  3. “What was your position in your previous workplace?”
  4. “What grabbed your attention that applied to our company?”

Probable interview questions on computer skills

Here are the list of some of the most probable questions asked in the interview on computer skills

How comfortable are you with using Microsoft Office? Read about Microsoft Office for preparing a better answer. 

Your probable answer: Yes, I am very proficient in using Microsoft Office. I have been using it since middle school for projects and assignments. I had different topics to write on monthly on the school day and as I grew up I also found MS-Excel to be helpful. Now, I use MS-Excel for pretty comfortable accounting. After college, as an intern, I had tons of presentations to create so I am quite comfortable with M-PowerPoint as well. Also, I did a course on graphic designing so Adobe has become my go-to work platform.

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Do you have the capacity to use a computer all day?

Your probable answer: As a young age graphic designer, I used to sit in front of a glowing screen since college. I find it pretty comfortable to use a computer all day until and unless I can the allotted task. 

Do you possess a quick learning ability at computer software programs and systems?

Your probable answer: Absolutely, I believe myself a quick learner. I am always open and eager to learn about new systems when it comes to computer skills and I manage to finish my tasks and submit them before hitting the deadline. 

Which operating software systems are you familiar with? Apart from the answer, refer to the popular operating systems?

Your probable answer: I am familiar with MAC, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. 

How comfortable are you with Adobe/iMovie software? 

Your probable answer: I find myself comfortable switching from Mac to Pc. I find both of them pretty reliable but while doing graphics, I prefer Mac because it has a better visual experience. But other than that, I am proficient with both, Mac and PC. You can give your thought to adobe vs iMovie. 

Which mobile technologies did you use till now?

Your probable answer: I use time-calculating apps pretty often to lead a scheduled lifestyle. Other than that, I use mobile devices to keep track of business cycles. And for the updates of the stock market, I use certain apps for the upgrades. In my previous job, I used an app to fulfil the demands of 3 clients and eventually I reached my target and this got me huge praises from my superiors.

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In specific, which social media websites do you prefer to use for the growth of a company?

Your probable answer: I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the growth of my business. In my previous job, I used to use these platforms for building ads for the company. I also created a few contents for the website in my last job and the output brought the HR to send interns to me for training. I gained more knowledge through that project in my graphics career.  

How comfortable are you with using HTML?

Your probable answer: In my previous job, I had tons of tasks on blogging so I must say that I have pure knowledge and am proficient in using HTML. I use HTML for basic web page development and so but if you give me an advanced task in HTML, I would be eager to learn about it and work. 

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Other relevant questions regarding asked in an interview on computer skills

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  1. “Which programming language, in particular, do you prefer and what is the reason?”
  2. “What would you do if we ask you to replace a bios battery and mention the steps?”
  3. “What is your weakness and strength in computer technology?”
  4. “What kind of compute integration experience do you possess?”
  5. “What computer program do you know?”
  6. “Among other software, which one do you prefer to use?”
  7. “In computer language, state the relationship between C and C++?”
  8. “Could you give me the names of operating systems?”
  9. “How proficient are you with using excel/spreadsheet?”

Final words

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It is important for a job applicant to not go beyond. So, do not exaggerate your technical skills. It would be better for you to carry your laptop or mobile to the interview so that if the recruiter asks you any trick question then you can answer it by showing your skills. We hope you had a thorough read. Best of luck and we believe that you will do great in the interview.