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Thu Feb 15 2024

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Basic Interview Questions and answers for Freshers with Tips

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Interview questions and answers for freshers

An interview is a crucial step in the job selection process. It enables HR professionals and hiring employers to determine if the applicant's skills, personality, and experience meet the job requirement.

Be it in an IT company or Business organization; each job has a different set of responsibilities. The HR professionals look for candidates who fit in with the company's environment.

As for freshers, an interview is an opportunity to impress their employers. However, the first interview for a job might be difficult if you're a fresher. They can be stressful and overwhelming when you might need clarification on the types of questions you will be asked. While preparing the basic interview questions and answers for freshers and developing sharp interview skills can help you make a good impression.

Top Most Common Job Interview Questions For Freshers

Here are some HR interview questions with answers for freshers:

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Here, the interviewer likes to hear about a subject only you can describe, so you should get ready to face personal interview with HR fisrt. The objective is to reveal to them something that still needs to be mentioned in your resume. It is a perfect opportunity for you to tell them about your academic background, area of interest, and your technical and personalized skills. Therefore, your introduction has to be precise and informative for the employer to see if you are suitable for the job. It is the first question asked by HR, and below we have discussed the basic interview tips for freshers.

Example: I have participated in events and programs from my schooling to graduation. I always took every opportunity to acquire knowledge and confidence. I participated in inter-school

Competitions for sports and cultural fests helped prepare me to face more challenging situations and assignments. I dedicated my spare time to learn technical skills like graphic design, web development, data analysis, and writing. I did internships during my graduation to gain more experience in my expertise. My experience helped me value perseverance and hard work.

  • Refrain from discussing too many personal details
  • Mention qualifications, work experience, and skills learned. 

2. Why Do You Want To Work At This Company?

Fresher interview questions technical are commonly asked in job and placement interviews. You can expect this question in most job interviews or placement interviews. Therefore, you must research the organization's background and objective before an interview to familiarize yourself with the firm and its culture. Here, the interviewer wants to know how passionate you are about joining the organization. These are the most basic interview questions and answers for freshers.

Example: As a fresher, it's a privilege for any job seeker like me to start a career at your reputed company. I have always looked towards being part of this organization's team, which promises hard work and perseverance will be appreciated.

Working in the right atmosphere would thus help me to enhance my skills and knowledge. I will give my best to achieve the company's goals and deliver a remarkable contribution to the company.

  • Research the company's history, objectives, and work culture

Basic interview questions and answers for freshers can sometimes prove challenging, even if the questions seem simple. It can create a sense of competition with other candidates. However, it is also a chance for newcomers to demonstrate their strengths and skills to the HR representative or hiring manager.

3) Why Should We Hire You For Our Company?

No matter how simple the question “Why Should We Hire You” may sound, a fresher may need help. It may leave you with a feeling of being compared to other candidates. However, it's an opportunity to showcase your strength and skills to an HR professional or hiring manager.

Therefore, be confident and emphasize your skills and potential to grab your interviewer's interest. Make your answer more intuitive, professional, and concise. It is the best way to show interview skills for freshers.

Example: As a Fresher, I know of my lack of experience and extensive work history, but I can compose myself to work with great enthusiasm and flexibility. I am dedicated and adaptable to comprehending new skills and am a great team player.

I have gained skills through my past internships and assignments and developed requisite technical skills, aptitude, and reasoning skills. If given a chance, I will always satisfy the company and bring a positive attitude to my position. I will have the zeal to give my whole effort to fulfill the company's goals.

  • Showcase your technical and social skills. 


Basic interview questions and answers for freshers commonly include the question about strengths and weaknesses. For most job interviews, the HR professionals or hiring managers ask, "what is your strength and weakness' to evaluate your potential to complete the work. It is an opportunity to highlight your hard and soft skills.

  • Hard Skills are the technical skills you require for a specific job. For IT companies, HRs look for professionals who know programming and scripting languages or design and visualize software.
  • Soft Skills: These are non-technical skills you require for every job. Soft skills are core social skills that apply to all professionals. They include communication skills, time management, problem-solving, and adaptability.

While answering this question, ensure you speak about your strengths and weaknesses because the interviewer wants to assess your personality and analyze how self-aware you are. Also, when sharing your weakness, you must turn it into your masked strength.


To start with my strength, I have strong leadership and communication skills. During my school and college time, I successfully led my team to complete our project within the stipulated time. Even during my last internship, I did my tasks with perfection. I am a fast learner and have pursued important technical skills relevant to my job.

Coming to my weakness, I can get too caught up in minute details and criticize myself rather than focus on my achievements. I am currently learning to overcome my negative traits by assuring myself with positivity.

  • While sharing weakness, make it positive and workable.


When the interview is about to end, the interviewer may ask if you have any questions for them to know if you need information regarding the company. As a fresher, you can either respond or decline it politely.

If you are asking a question, make sure it is open-ended rather than a close-ended one that is answered with 'yes' or 'no.'


You can ask questions regarding the company:

  • Can you talk about the company's culture?
  • Can you explain the management style of the company?
  • What are the challenges faced by the company?
  • If hired, What are my daily responsibilities?

You can ask questions regarding yourself

  • Are there any qualifications that I may be lacking?
  • Are there any questions you want to ask regarding my candidacy?
  • Ask open-ended questions politely.


Interview preparation for freshers is the key to success in any job interview. Freshers need to keep these tips in mind when they appear for an interview during their campus placement or job interview.

  • Research the company background before an interview: You can get information regarding the company through its website or campus (if it is a campus placement). If there is a friend or relative, you can ask them as well. You can even check their social media pages to understand the company's environment.
  • Be professional while answering interview questions: Being professional help you to keep your interview more focused on your career. Avoid discussing personal matters with your interviewer.
  • Wear a formal dress: While preparing for the interview, fresher must make themselves presentable to impress the interviewer. Make sure you wear a clean formal shirt, pants or skirts, clean shoes, and neatly combed hair. Avoid bright, colorful outfits with prints and designs. Instead, wear light-colored cotton fabric formals that are comfortable.
  • Prepare your answers before the interview: Freshers must prepare answers for frequently asked HR interview questions regarding their technical and social skills and work experience.
  • Ask questions and communicate politely: Try to speak loud and clear to avoid confusion. You can ask relevant questions to clarify your doubts regarding your role or about the company.


In this post, we discussed the basic interview questions and answers for freshers. Preparing for these questions early can make a positive impression on the HR or hiring manager. By optimistically approaching job interviews and providing well-rehearsed responses, candidates can assume greater control of their livelihood.


Q1. How do you answer confidently in an answer?

Ans. It is important to make your employer see you are confident. Therefore you can practice by maintaining positive body language and eye contact with the interviewer. Smile while you are answering and practice breathing exercises. Rehearse your answers to make you feel more confident.

Q2. What is the strong point of answering in an interview?

Ans. While answering the interview questions, it is important to keep the interviewer engaged. Therefore, try to speak loud and precisely, addressing your skills and talents. It helps the interviewer to understand your qualities and determine if you are suitable for the job.

Q3. What are the three good strengths of a job interview?

Ans. In most interviews, freshers will be asked to describe their strengths. Some of the top strengths include problem-solving, communication skills, dedication, determination, analytical thinking, creative thinking, and time management.

Q4. How to introduce myself in an interview?

Ans. You can start by greeting the interviewer and telling your name and personal information, like your hometown and family members. Then you can mention your educational qualifications and work history. Freshers can discuss their skills, college projects, and research.

Q5. What are aptitude questions and answers for placement?

Ans. In some interviews, aptitude test questions are asked. These questions check the candidate's ability to analyze numerical and logical problems and verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills. It is necessary to prepare well for the aptitude questions to do well in the placement interview. Many online resources provide aptitude questions and answers, including practice tests and mock assessments.