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Sat Feb 24 2024

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5 Methods of Recruitment And Selection : Complete Guide

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Recruitment means selecting applicants for particular job openings and having different rounds for the procedure. They can provide job openings in job portals and walking interviews. In this article, we will talk about the steps in the recruitment and selection process.

There can be different methods of recruiting in an organization. This process involves a specific job that attracts, identifies, and hires the most qualified applicants and makes critical success in the organization. There are some key points for recruitment and selection are:

  • Attracting the right talent: The recruitment and selection process helps the company for specific candidates that have the skills, experiences, and willpower to multitask.
  • Reducing costs: It helps the organization to reduce the cost of hiring the wrong candidate, that is, training costs, recruitment costs, and lost productivity. Meanwhile, hiring the right candidate can help the company's productivity.
  • Boosting employee morale and retention: Whenever you are promoting the employee, it helps them to be positive and employer brands. It increases retention rates and helps the candidates who are a good fit for the organization.
  • Enhancing diversity and inclusion: Recruitment and selection help the organization to be more diverse and hire candidates with different backgrounds and experiences.

The methods of recruitment and selection are selection techniques in hrm. It involves applicants who are multitasking, skill-oriented, and have good experience in specific fields that can help the company to find the right candidate. The recruitment process has various methods: social media recruiting, job posting in the job portal, employee referral, and campus recruiting. The selection process includes interviews, skill assessments, screening interviews, and background checks.

What is Selection Interview in HRM that is Beneficial?

The selection methods in HRM(Human Resource Management) are used for applicants' suitable jobs. The most crucial step is selection techniques in hrm that involve face-to-face interviews. The Research methodology of recruitment and selection includes the applicant's problem-solving, communication skills, and ability to work on a team. Different interviews are face-to-face and video conference interviews. It depends on the company.

Interview selection tools are used to assess the candidates who are suitable for applicants. Some devices essential for the interview are resume review, behavioral-based, and competency-based questions.

There are types of selection interview in HRM that can help particular applicants in any company. There are types of structured interviews that ask for specific interviews with all applicants. A situational interview in which the recruiter gives you a situation question checks how confident you are and how you tackle it.

Explain the Steps in the Recruitment And Selection Process.

Different recruitment types can help find suitable applicants for a specific job. That is as follows:

  • Online Job Postings: Any organization can post job vacancies on its websites, job portals, and social media platforms. It allows us to attend to many applicants and find suitable applicants for the right jobs.
  • Employee Referrals: The organization helps the present employee to refer to the applicants how they can be a perfect fit for the company. It allows the employee to get more engaged in the recruitment process.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Organisations can also hire recruitment agencies that help to find applicants with specific skills and prior experience in that field. It can help the company's time and workforce in the recruitment process.
  • Campus Recruitment: Companies can visit colleges and universities to find applicants who can start their careers in specific fields. It can help organizations identify applicants with relevant skills and build awareness among the young generation.
  • Social Media Recruiting: Companies use social media platforms for recruiting, which are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to attract candidates. It can reach large audiences and attract the audience for specific skills.

Before the interview selection techniques, you should go through organizational goals and achievements. And how can it help you in your career and if the workplace appreciates the employee by checking the reviews? Take a look at companies' work cultures and values.

What Recruitment Steps Help Candidates to Get Hired?

Methods of recruitment and selection, you should identify roles and positions that are essential to be filled and how many are hired. Create a job description that includes parts, responsibilities, qualifications, and experiences, attracting applicants searching for particular jobs. Mention the salary range of specific job openings and how many rounds will be in the organizations. Search for job openings in various job portals or social media platforms. Lastly, research the company's rules and regulations that benefit the applicant.

Promoting the organization's work culture and values attracts the right candidate to help the better job and increase employee retention. Promoting the company's culture and discounts during the recruitment process is essential to enabling the company's culture and values of the recruitment process. Recruitment and selection methods include substantial employer brand value and increased and improved employee management.

How to Avoid Discrimination Policies in Companies?

To ensure that methods of recruitment and selection are fair and unbiased. The employer should apply the rules to ensure the recruitment and selection that no individual-protected characteristics can be discriminated against. The legal considerations, such as equal employment opportunity laws, can be race, sex, color, and religion. One such law is the Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO) law. There are some critical related equal employment laws are:

  • Job Requirements: Job requirements are based on responsibilities and never discriminate against other groups.
  • Selection: In this job criteria, they provide job vacancies for disabilities and never discriminate against groups.
  • Background checks: Employers must check if any backgrounds are job-related and exclude employment based on protected characteristics.
  • Record keeping: Employers that maintain the records of the recruiter for the selection process that include religion, caste, and sex and protect the applicants.

If you're curious about the role and responsibilities of a recruitment consultant, check out our comprehensive guide on the recruitment consultant job description.

What are Effective Methods of Recruitment and Selection?

Measure the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process that is essential. These are the reason:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A recruitment and selection process that can save an organization money in the long run. A company identifies areas of improvement, seamless the process, and reduces the cost of recruiting and training new employees.
  • Quality of hires: The recruitment and selection methods that identify the perfect applicants for the job and better quality engagements. It helps the organization recognize the areas missing out on top talent.
  • Employee retention: A robust recruitment and selection can lead to employee retention. While hiring the right candidate and training them leads to positive and good organization.

To measure the interview selection techniques and methods of recruitment and selection, you should identify the area of improvement and ensure the companies are attracting and hiring suitable applicants.


Methods of recruitment and selection are essential for an organization to hire suitable applicants for specific job positions. In an organization, you have talent, improve performance and save money. It is necessary to invest time and resources into designing and selecting. Pitch N Hire can help you identify candidates with your preferred qualifications. Book a demo for a walkthrough of our services, or sign up to experience the magic of our FOREVER FREE plan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques.1: What are some common methods of recruitment?

The common methods of recruitment are:

  • Job postings
  • Employee referrals
  • Campus recruitment
  • Networking

Ques.2: How to select candidates from a pool of applicants?

Selecting candidates from a pool of applicants is a challenging task. To review the resume, conduct a face-to-face interview, use assessment tools, and make a decision.

Ques.3: What are some challenges you have faced in recruitment and selection?

The challenges faced in methods of recruitment and selection that can be attracting qualified candidates, conducting effective interviews, managing a large pool of applicants and ensuring diversity and inclusion.

Ques.4: What software is recommended for recruitment purposes?

The software recruitment purpose is Pitchnhire. To get a jobs in Pitchnhire the steps you need to need to know are:

  • Firstly, go to the pitchnhire website, and here’s the link to the website.
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