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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

5 Tips To Write The Perfect Job Description

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Write The Perfect Job Description

Job description is one of the most basic yet confusing things to get started with. When you’re looking to hire new people or outsource, you need to put up a job description that is unambiguous and gets people filling in forms and sending out resumes. Finding the right talent for your job is harder than getting a job nowadays. This is because, with a sea of talent, many recruits get sceptical about jobs if they don’t have the right role for them or if the description is written in a shoddy manner. 

How to write a job description?

Therefore, it is expected of you to be able to convey your expectations and requirements when you write a job description. This might be one of the most crucial tasks that you subject yourself to in the entire hiring procedure. This is because differentiating between talent based on what you want might be easier, but being able to fetch that talent with a description takes hard work.

Following are the key points to remember while writing a job description:

Use the right job title

Sometimes people try to be too contemporary while setting up a job title that vaguely matches the actual role. This is a straight no for all qualified candidates that have real talent. You don’t have to be extra about the job title. Ensure that it is something that is understood by the candidate easily and has the exact work of the candidate mentioned. You wouldn’t call a call Centre worker a ‘sales and customer review respondent’.

As fancy as it might sound, it will take all the genuine crows away from you and shove you with a group of people who are neither qualified nor interested in the job. There is nothing wrong with writing a simple ‘call Centre candidate’ that is actually what the candidates do. Don’t try to put them in illusions rather be direct with them. This way the people that are interested in such a job will show up and respond. Therefore, you’ll end up getting the right candidates for the job.

Explain the role carefully

Another very important thing is to explain the role carefully. Do mention all the things that the recruits are supposed to do. This might also mean their day to day roles and the roles that they play in a larger picture. In this way, they’ll be able to analyze if they’re ready or not for this job. Therefore, you will attract the right crowd. In addition to this, you should also mention the perks or benefits of choosing your job. 

It might be something as simple as flexible working hours, or even 5 working days a week. Choose what benefits you’re going to give an employee and mention it to him while you’re trying to hire. Many people get confused about how to write a job description and what to mention and end up forgetting this. But the benefits will make the employees more likely to sign up for the job,

Don’t be too wordy

Another very important point is to not be overly wordy. Don’t add any jargon or technical words. Additionally, try to keep your description as precise and crisp as possible. This is because as shorter the description is, the better the recruit will be able to interpret and understand it. Adding more words will only end up complicating it. Therefore, stick to a certain word limit based on the role that you’re hiring for and only mention the information that is of utmost necessity. Don’t try to overcomplicate sentences or use complex words. Make it easy, clear, crisp and precise. 

Talk about the impact they’ll make

Everybody wants to know how they’ll help the firm and be a part of the bigger picture. And that is why it is important to mention a line or two about this when you write a job description. If a person knows how they are a part of the big picture, they will automatically be more inclined towards being a part of it. Everyone amongst us wants to make a change and have an impact on the working of any company we serve. 

So when we’re told that, it makes us more prone to stay and apply for that post. If you make people feel wanted based on their talent and will respect their job, they will value your ethics and give their best when they do it. Therefore, if you’re trying to skip this part in the job description, it might be a mistake and you might end up losing some potentially amazing employees. 

Mention the skills and requirements required

Another thing to mention very clearly is the prerequisite skills that are required and the other qualifications that are essential for the job. This will be a prime factor on the basis of which you’ll judge your candidates. Therefore, it will be a wise option to filter your candidates based on this already. If you don’t mention this, you might have to do a lot of work later when you fish the right candidates from the sea of those who have applied.

So save both parties some times and add the qualifications and skills that you’re expecting the candidate to have already. Even if you require the candidate to be proficient in English or some other language for communication purposes mention that. However, get your priorities straight and don’t be over demanding with the skills.

Final words

When you come to write a job description, it isn’t as hard as you thought it to be. It is in fact a great way to describe your requirements and make yourself clear with the potential employee. But trying to ensure that the clarity is maintained and no ambiguity is there, you have to be a little organized with the whole process. However, once you try it all out, you’ll find out that writing a job description wasn’t so hard after all. It is all about being clear with your objective and being able to express those objectives in the written format. Miscommunication is the only thing that can kill a job description.