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Thu Feb 22 2024

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What are the Most Common Sales Job Interview Questions

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A sales interview can be exceptionally challenging for the candidate. This is especially because you’re interviewing for sales. And if you claim you can sell a product, you should be able to sell yourself to the firm as well. However, it can be very difficult for an interviewer to ask the right sales job interview questions. You have thousands of candidates, and all the common interview questions and answers must be prepared by them. So now, how are you going to tell which candidate deserves the position in your company? There are a bunch of questions to ask in a sales interview that will help you analyze the capability of a candidate and therefore be able to judge him wisely. To ensure that you don’t have to go over the chaos of having to choose the sales job interview questions and answers.

What is the Importance of the Sales Executive Interview Question?

Sales interview questions and answers are very important for several reasons, some of which are as follows.

  1. Easy Assessment of sales candidate:- Sales job interview question helps the recruiters to evaluate the candidate on their skills, knowledge, and past experience related to sales.
  2. Understanding their sales technique:- Every person has different skills in selling and understanding their lead. By understanding their sales techniques, we can evaluate that they have equivalent expertise for the role.
  3. Sales interview questions and answers allow us to assess whether the candidate is fit for the team and culture or not. Questions can give you insights about whether they can handle pressure and challenges towards their teammates or not.
  4. Sale is a high-pressure job, and it is important that sales person should be highly motivated and self-driven in their work. Sales interview questions can help you understand what motivates a candidate, their level of ambition, and their approach to setting and achieving sales goals.

Basic Questions Asked in a Sales Interview

There are many questions that are asked in a sales job interview, Here in the next context, we have elaborated on some of the most basic sales job interview questions for the appearing candidates.

1. What can you say about our company?

One of the great sales job interview questions to ask a sales representative would be about the company that he is interviewing for. Why do you ask? There are so many reasons that give this question more depth than it appears to have. First of all, it is expected for a candidate to have researched the company before. Therefore, one of the most expected behaviors would be to have strong homework about the company and how it functions. Relating to it, the interviewer also asks a question like how can contribute to this company.

In the best case, you would expect the candidate to know the answer, and if he is well prepared for the interview, he will easily be able to answer it. On the contrary, if he is not, it depicts a lot about his character and his approach toward work. If a candidate is not preparing for an interview, how likely do you think he is to prepare for a sales call or a sales pitch? If getting a job in the company is not as important for him, then he will not necessarily have the work ethic to work in the company accordingly.

2. How have you handled negative customer feedback in the past?

There might be many times in the life of a sales representative that he is provided with negative customer feedback or, worse off, a customer complaint. While on some note, this can be a serious issue. You have to consider that the cause of the event is what makes the difference here. So, while you hear this response, you have to notice two major things. One, is the candidate throwing away blame on some other person or some other department?

And two, as he tried to change himself owing to the incident, or is he still stubborn about his personality? These things will inform you about the approach that he has in situations that deal with improvement. Customers are very important to any sales employee. And if a salesperson does not take his customers seriously, he is not the person to go for. Additionally, throwing away blame just depicts him as an irresponsible person, which again is not something you would expect or want in your employee.

3. Why did you choose to go to a sales job?

Being in for the right reasons is very important for any job, especially sales, which revolves a lot around a person’s effort and is largely an independent role. One of the best sales job interview questions would be about why the person opted for sales. The answers you might expect here include being relatively independent while doing the job, being a people person, and other personality traits that might have inspired them to go for this sector. However, through the answer, you’ll be able to judge the genuineness of the response and whether the candidate is truly into this field of work or not. If he is confused about choosing this as a career, you’ll easily be able to spot it on his face. And if a person does not want to commit to the company truly, he’s not one to go for.

4. Have you ever started a territory from scratch? How did it go?

Amongst the various sales job interview questions and answers, it is important to ask something that revolves around the on-field work of the person. Considering that the person has been in the field of work before, it is adequate to have numbers about the traits that they’re claiming to possess. For this, you can ask them whether or not they have started any territory from the very beginning. Also, you should ask about how the venture went and what it fared. In addition to their on-field skills, you’ll also be able to judge that if their previous company trusted them enough to get started on new territory, it is likely that the candidate must have displayed such traits. Through this, you can confirm their skills and get to know their performance.

5. Do you try to build trust with the customer? How?

Trust is one of the best things that could come with the use of a sales representative. This is because there are not many people or businesses who trust salespeople. However, if they honestly try to build trust with them, this can be a great pathway to long-term business with the person. Another very important thing to know is how they get across this situation and how they get started with building trust with a new customer. Knowing this about a candidate can help you aptly judge his calibre.

So in the above context, we have highlighted some of the most common sales job interview questions and answer that will help you to crack any interview easily


There are infinite sales job interview questions if you come to think of that. But it is most important to look for those that not only help understand the employee’s work potential but also his approach regarding work and his approach to the past events in his life. This can affect a person truly and shape him a lot. With such information, you will be able to make the right decisions and get your company the best employee available.