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Tue Oct 31 2023

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Interview Management Software for Employers

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Earlier hiring managers used to rely on time-consuming phone calls and long emails to schedule interviews with job candidates. But interview management software made it possible for human recruiters to easily schedule video interviews, on-site interviews, and telephonic interviews with the candidates.

Hence, starting from checking availability to maintaining effective communication, you can do everything with an interview management system. Therefore, in this guide, we will discover what exactly is interview management software, its features, & much more. Keep scrolling.

What is an Interview Management Software?

Also referred to as interview scheduling software, interview management software is software that assists the HRs and other hiring professionals in managing the entire interview process with the shortlisted candidates. It additionally streamlines the interview process and makes the job of hiring managers less hectic. The software also plays an important role in improving the candidate's experience.

Usually, the interview management system is integrated with application tracking software. It uses technological tools like chatbots and conversational AI to arrange interviews effectively. Moreover, this automated software reduces the workload of hiring managers and helps them build meaningful relationships with candidates. Companies that depend on interview management systems are satisfied with the results as their interview scheduling process has become fast and effective.

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What are some common features of Interview Management Software?

Because of the electronic job boards, recruiters get dumped with thousands of job applications. In this situation, scheduling interviews with potential candidates can be difficult. But the features provided by Pitch N Hire’s interview management software will help you do this efficiently. Definitely, you will get a clear idea of its working once you are familiar with its features. Here are some:

  • Annotations
  • Feedback Points
  • Panel Interviews
  • Coding Assessments
  • Live Video Interview
  • Questions & Answers
  • Recording And Screen Share
  • Chat With Candidates

It is more likely that you will find the best candidates if you conduct candidate interviews in real time. And finding the best candidates will automatically help you boost your organizational productivity. Hence, leveraging the features of this exceptional software is essential to ensure an organization’s growth and productivity at work. Moreover, analyzing your company’s goals and hiring needs can better help you customize the interview management system.

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What are the benefits of interview management software?

The interview scheduling tool does not require any manual tasks to be performed by the recruiter, as all the work done is automated. Recruiters can effectively reduce the stress of manual interview scheduling and enjoy the benefit of automated interview scheduling and screening in bulk. Hence, some benefits of interview management software are:

Arrange interviews

You do not have to spend time and effort manually scheduling interviews with different candidates. The web-accessible calendars in the interview scheduling system will allow you to send interview invitations to all the candidates so they can choose their slots for the interview. In this way, you can give them the available appointment slots, and they can select the option that suits them best.

Enhance candidate experience

With the help of customizable interview invitation emails, you can give all candidates a chance to crack the interview effectively. You can do this by sharing and attaching any helpful document or file with the interview invitations to solve all interview-related queries of the candidates.

Keep track of the appointments

You can keep your interview scheduling data organized in one place. It will help you to prepare for your upcoming interview appointment with the candidates. The interview platform provides tools like Calendar and reminders, with the help of which you can easily keep track of all your interview appointments.

Get effective outcomes

Not communicating the interview result with the candidates can leave a bad impression on your company in the eyes of the candidates. AI interview software tracks the candidate's progress during the interview and can provide you with the details and outcomes of all the interviews. You can then view and reply to all the interviewed candidates about their interview outcomes.

Manage the locations of the interviews

Many hiring management software in the market provides access to google maps to the candidates so that they can get a clear picture of their interview location. If the company has scheduled interviews in multiple locations, the candidates also have the choice to manage the interview location that best suits them.

Many big organizations have confessed that their recruitment process enhanced after using various AI tools. Interview management software is one of these tools that can help you standardize your interview scheduling process. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the potential and talented candidates, you should adopt an interview management system to arrange quick interviews. It will save you time and effort to put into more useful work.

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The recruitment process has faced many challenges in the past few years. But we have the option to leverage the technologies and overcome all the challenges associated with recruitment. It is safe to say that technological recruitment tools help the recruiters and the candidates both. Now that you have some basic knowledge about interview scheduling tools, stop struggling with interview scheduling and create interview windows in real time.

Are you planning to get interview scheduling software for your company? If yes, then your search is finally over! Pitch N Hire will efficiently handle your interview scheduling system needs. Our interview management software can help you with every inch of your interview procedure. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our professionals and get your hands on our best interview scheduling software for free.

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