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Mon Jan 08 2024

5 min read

Best HR Applicant Tracking System for Top Hiring in 2024

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Does the hiring process overwhelm you? What if you knew of a seamless way to manage job applicants? We bring you the HR applicant tracking system. It’s a platform with features designed to simplify your recruitment journey. 

The applicant tracking software streamlines the hiring process. It helps in finding the perfect candidate while also saving your time and effort. Moreover, its intuitive interface helps you organize recruitment easily.

With ATS, you can perform various hiring tasks, such as receiving applications, posting job vacancies, storing candidate information, and more. The HR ATS software keeps everything accessible too. Thus, you can find the ideal fit for your organization without a hitch! 

Say goodbye to your hiring worries, and welcome stress-free recruitment. Continue reading to earn how you can unlock the fullest potential of your hiring process.

What is HR Applicant Tracking?

In brief, applicant tracking is a process of organizing job applications and candidate info during the hiring process. There are tools for tracking all information related to job seekers. This includes resumes, cover letters, interview schedules, and others.

Further, the ATS works just like a virtual filing system for employers. So, the hiring teams can improve their hiring process and find candidates easily. The HR recruiting software can sort and filter applications and track the progress of each candidate. What’s more, there are features for hiring teams to collaborate with each other and the candidates. 

Some benefits of HR applicant tracking systems are: 

  • The recruitment process is more organized.
  • The ATS automates various hiring tasks and, thus, saves time
  • These systems have filters to find out the best candidates.
  • The software also gives valuable data and insights about the hiring process.
  • Digitizing the hiring process reduces the paperwork too.
  • It allows hiring teams to stay compliant with recruitment regulations.

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What are the Features of an ATS for HR? 

HR applicant tracking systems come with a range of different features, all of which are designed for streamlining recruitment. The main aim of the HR tracking system is to simplify the hiring process. Here are some of the ATS features:

  • ATS allows HR teams to post and distribute job postings 
  • It automatically parses resumes, thus extracting relevant candidate information.
  • The software sources candidates and helps in building a talent pool.
  • HR managers can create customized application forms and schedule interviews.
  • The recruiting system helps team members collaborate and review the hiring process.
  • The software generates valuable reports and analytical insights.

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How to Choose the Right HR Applicant Tracking System?

Choosing the right applicant tracking system for your organization is crucial. Recruiters must choose an ATS which can improve their recruitment process. But, with so many options, it can become confusing. Therefore, let's look at some important factors to consider while choosing an ATS: 

Identify your Requirements

You must start by listing the key features you are looking for in an ATS. It's important to consider various important factors, such as candidate sourcing, resume parsing, reporting, and interview scheduling. If recruiters understand their specific recruitment, it helps them narrow down their options. As a result, the selection process becomes more manageable.

Compatibility and Integration 

Look for an HR applicant tracking system that can integrate with other existing software. To avoid data duplication, it's vital to have a compatible system. It’s best to select software that reduces the need for manual efforts.

User Friendly Interface

Go for an ATS which has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. If the interface is simple, hiring teams won't require extensive training to use them. It's also important to choose user-friendly software for ease of adoption and increased productivity. 

Data Security and Compliance 

The ATS stores a lot of sensitive information, so it’s a good practice to choose software that follows industry security standards. Always remember that data security is paramount. The software must also follow all data regulations to protect the candidate's data. 

Mobile Friendly 

Today's world errs towards all things portable, so the software should be mobile-friendly and handy too. Mobile accessibility helps recruiters review applications and conduct interviews on the go. As a result, the hiring process is faster and more effective.

Candidate Experience 

A positive candidate experience is necessary for the employer. With ATS, recruiters can enjoy easy communication with candidates. The system sends updates to both parties on a timely basis and provides all necessary information about their hiring tasks.


The hiring needs of every organization are unique. Every organization has its system of HR workflow. Thus, it's important to look for an HR applicant tracking system that is customizable. This way, you can tailor the system to match specific requirements. 

Customer Support

Excellent customer support facilities are crucial. The applicant software must offer training for users in a hiring team, especially during the implementation phase. To assist your team, choose an ATS that comes with robust customer support and resources.


You must consider your organization's growth prospects before choosing an ATS. A good applicant tracking system should be able to handle a large number of applicants. It should also enable recruiters to post job openings without facing any performance issues.

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HR applicant tracking system is an indispensable tool for recruitment. It is because of this software that recruiters can build an efficient workforce overnight. Its various features, such as collaborative hiring, resume parsing, filtering candidates, and more, help in successful onboarding. 

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