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Fri Feb 09 2024

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Different Types of Applicant Tracking Systems for 2024

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There are many different types of applicant tracking systems in the market. But it needs to be clarified to choose one. Worry not! This blog will help you select the best ATS system for your business. In addition, we will familiarize you with the five best ATS options in the USA and some common misconceptions about ATS.

Because of the blooming need, different types of applicant tracking systems have evolved in the last few years. Every company wants to hire the best candidates for the job vacancy—the need for companies to hire top talent increased demand for applicant tracking software in the USA.

An application tracking system is software designed to help recruiters and HR professionals hire candidates quickly. Thus, the software carries out most of the clerical work related to hiring candidates and simplifies the hiring process for recruiters. This hiring work includes posting vacancies, sorting candidates, scheduling interviews, and more.

These are the real reasons behind the rise of different types of applicant tracking systems. Hence, today, we will cover various aspects of ATS and discuss the five best ATS in the US market. But before that, let us understand some basics of selecting an ATS.

What features should you look for in the ATS software?

Selecting an ATS can be very confusing when different types of applicant tracking systems exist. The best way to choose an ATS is to look for the following features in it:

Cloud-based technology

You should ensure that the ATS you choose is a Cloud-based online applicant tracking system. By this, we mean that the ATS software should store the data online in the cloud. This way, you can access the recruitment and candidate data whenever and wherever you need it.


Mobiles have become an inseparable part of our lives nowadays. Hence, many prefer to carry out their work on the phone itself. So, look for an ATS software that has a mobile version. With a mobile version, you can work everywhere you go. You need not carry bulky work devices.


Different types of ATS software have different integration abilities. So, consider looking at all the applications you use and then look for an applicant management software that can easily integrate with these applications. An ATS will become futile if the recruiter stops using all the other applications only because it cannot integrate with the applications.

Collaboration tools

Hiring candidates is more like teamwork than an individual. Thus, the software must contain various tools to promote better collaboration with the team members. It can not only help in better communication but also in making better hiring decisions while choosing candidates. Moreover, it allows all the team members to remain on the same page while hiring candidates.

Administrative features

The different types of applicant tracking systems have different mechanisms and ways to cope with clerical work related to hiring candidates. Thus, check what clerical abilities the software has. It must be able to post vacancies and arrange interviews. Also, one of the most essential parts is resume parsing. Check whether it can carry out resume parsing.

Thus, this is how you should pick out an ATS. Further, let us discuss the best ATS in the market. 

What are the five best different types of applicant tracking systems?

Here in this section, you can go through the list of five different types of applicant tracking systems and choose the one that suits your needs:

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is undoubtedly the best ATS provider in the market. From posting jobs and advertisements on different job boards to helping you manage and track candidates throughout recruitment, Pitch N Hire can handle it all for you. Thus, we can say that this ATS software will help you manage, track, and strategize your talent acquisition process effectively. Here are some more features of ATS software by Pitch N Hire:

  • Easy-to-use and understandable features.
  • Seamless integration with online job boards and other CRM software.
  • Streamlined candidate tracking, interview scheduling, and communication.
  • Affordable software price with a FREE software demo.

IBM Kenexa BrassRing

IBM Kenexa BrassRing ATS uses cloud-based technology to fulfill your unique hiring needs. The software is best known for its ability to allow recruiters to attract and engage with candidates effectively. IBM Kenexa is on our list of the best five different types of applicant tracking systems because the software offers many top-notch hiring features. Below are some of the best features the software provides:

  • Ability to find the best talent quickly from a large talent pool.
  • Access to a vast candidate pool.
  • Engaging candidate assessments.
  • Integration with social media platforms.


iCIMS has been offering ATS software solutions to different organizations for many years. The ATS won the trust of over 4000 clients in the USA and worldwide. And you will be surprised to know that 20% of the Fortune 100 companies rely on iCIMS to hire candidates. So, here are some top features of the software that you should know:

  • Easy management of job postings and advertisements.
  • Personalized hiring dashboard and real-time insights into the hiring workflow.
  • Smooth collaboration with Google and social media platforms.
  • Fast screening and assessment of multiple candidates and real-time results.


Another name on our list of the best different types of applicant tracking systems is Jobvite. This cloud-based ATS software primarily focuses on candidates. The best thing about Jobvite is that you can access this system on your mobile phone, as the tool has its own mobile app. Usually, Jobvite is considered the best ATS for medium and large businesses. Thus, here are some popular features of Jobvite ATS software:

  • Automated candidate screening and interview scheduling.
  • Easy mobile access for candidates.
  • Smart and automatic candidate ranking based on interview results.
  • High-end search and filtering tools to look for candidates.


SmartRecruiters, as the name suggests, have smart system communication tools and pre-integrated assessment tools. The software is best for enterprise-level businesses that hire candidates on a large scale. The best thing about this talent acquisition suite is that it also offers multiple search filters and allows one to personalize the talent pool strategies. Here are some top features of this ATS software:

  • Advanced candidate search filters.
  • Easy tracking and storing of candidate messages.
  • Smooth flow of communication and easy collaboration.
  • Personalized tags for managing the talent pool effectively. 

What are some common myths recruiters have about ATS?

When it comes to an ATS system, there are many common myths and misconceptions. Worry not! Let’s bust them all one by one:

Only large companies use ATS

Nope! Besides large companies, small and medium-sized companies can also use ATS to automate their hiring process. And why not? Which companies do not want to use the latest technology and hire the best candidates? Hence, ATS is a must-have hiring software for business organizations irrespective of size, nature, and industry.

ATS eliminates total human involvement:

Not at all! Even though different types of applicant tracking systems automate most of the process, the recruiter needs to intervene in the middle. For example, while selecting candidates, taking interviews, and other tasks. Moreover, human involvement is necessary because every candidate and client wants to feel important. As a result, making candidates feel that they are conversing with just a robot doesn’t work in favor of the company.

ATS is too expensive:

No! Many different types of applicant tracking systems are budget-friendly and well-performing. The budget-friendly options work as well as the expensive ones and will provide you with good results. Moreover, not all costly software is excellent. Many times, affordable software works just fine for your company. So, take free demos for every ATS and choose the software based on its abilities rather than costs.

ATS is made only for bulk hiring:

Nope! Recruiters who want to hire occasionally or companies that do not offer many job vacancies can also use applicant tracking software. That is because the ATS not only helps in hiring quantity but also the quality of candidates. Thus, ATS software is a powerful tool for every kind of business. Moreover, using different types of applicant tracking systems for small hires can be specific positions where recruiters hire candidates carefully.

Final Thoughts

Hiring suitable candidates has become challenging in today’s technology-driven business world. But now that you know how to choose the right ATS and the best different types of applicant tracking systems, you do not have to worry about finding the best employees.

If you still have doubts about the best ATS, do not go anywhere else and trust Pitch N Hire! Our high-end software can not only assist you in recruiting the best candidates, but it will also enable you to offer a smooth recruitment experience to candidates.

So, start hiring the best talent by booking a FREE software demo with our experts today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I find the best ATS for my business?

Ans. The best applicant tracking software would be the one that:

  • Uses cloud-based technology.
  • Has a mobile app version.
  • Is user-friendly.
  • Offers collaboration, integration, and other advanced hiring features.

If you find all these features in an ATS software, you should not think twice before investing in that software.

Q2. What do recruiters do with ATS?

Ans. Recruiters use different types of applicant tracking systems for multiple hiring purposes. But mainly, they use it to identify, attract, screen, and hire candidates. Besides this, they also use the ATS to source candidates, parse resumes, post job advertisements and vacancies, and schedule candidate interviews.

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