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Wed May 01 2024

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Applicant Tracking System Cost Guide (Updated 2024)

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The process of conducting interviews is quite lengthy and time-consuming for the company. Therefore, numerous recruiters have adopted the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to hire the best talents much faster. The ATS providers price varies according to the needs and the size of the company. However, the basic range goes from free software to over $100,000. The ATS system involves a pay-per-job, pay-per-recruiter, pay-per-employee, and flat fee. 

The system has a number of features that increase the prices accordingly. Therefore, let us see the different models of the applicant tracker system to help you select a variation that is within your budget. 

Price Models of ATS Providers

These prices given are just the assumption of the best ATSTherefore, the price variation makes it much more convenient for businesses of varying sizes to choose from. Below are some standard payment models that the ATS providers offer. 


Many ATS systems offer a pay-per-cost model that needs the company to pay per job opening. With this model, you have the option to pay per application, where the company gets charged for each person who answers the posted advertisement. Or else there is another option to pay per job opening, which the firms have to pay the ATS providers based on the per position. After filling the position, the ATS system will archive the job ad, and there is no need to pay any price. However, the system stores the inactive applicants and resumes. 

If your company hires employees consistently, then this model is the right way to save money. Additionally, the cost ranges between $100 to $500 per active position. There are additional recruiter fees that may apply on the top of the price. 


Companies adopt this model as one of the most common ATS system pricing options. The number of users defines the cost according to the people who use the software. The pay-per-recruiter model provides the company with a login and user ID. The price varies according to the recruiting manager requirements and functionality. 

This option is the best for a company with a hiring team. With this model of the ATS providers, a cost that can remain predictable as the number of logins will be the same with a fixed unit. The price usually ranges between $60 and $100 monthly per user. Additionally, the providers charge a cost for setup and activation, which depends on the providers. 


The pay-per-employee model works according to the size of the organization. The Applicant tracking system providers charge by the number of employees that work in the firm, which is not dependent on the hiring frequency. This model is ideal for small and large hiring teams which do not want to waste additional costs. Moreover, those with an enterprise or a growing business should go for something other than this model. 

The price decreases as the number of employees increases, which works similarly to the bulk discount pricing. The price is between $4 and $7, which can go down as much as $.20 for a large organization. 


This model is simplest as it offers a flat fee according to the monthly subscription or one-time license purchase. This system is perfect for a small or medium-sized business that need software with numerous features that meet the hiring needs. Moreover, if the company prefers a consistent cost or even a single investment to save money from the budget, then this is the easiest option to go for with the ATS providers. 

The cost of this model differs from $350 a month. The price varies according to the licensing option; additionally, along with an installation fee that is counted. 

Which ATS Providers Model Should You Choose? 

With so many models, it can be challenging to select a model from the ATS providers that is the best for your company. There are a lot of factors to consider that influence the pricing model. You can select the right method by considering the size of your company along with the bandwidth of the Human Resources department and the plans for the company's future. 

Always compare the price options to get the most valuable model. Understand the features of the different software that the ATS providers present. Moreover, take the input from the team to know which best ATS software can help them to hire more efficiently.

Ways to Decide the Budget for ATS Providers

We have given a few tips to understand the costs to determine the ATS pricing model that suits the requirements best for the budget from the ATS providers. You can understand which model you should opt for by asking the questions given below. 


Ask your team the question of how many jobs they predict for each month. Moreover, on average, how many applicants will apply for each position your company posts? 


Go for this model by understanding how many users need access to the ATS software. Also, will you add more or fewer members to the team frequently? Does your team need continuous access, or is it convenient to have access when there is a job opening? 


By comprehending the company's current size and knowing how often the size will shift, you can determine whether or not to take this model. 


The question for this model is whether all the packages listed above will be much more affordable than a monthly, annual, or one-time cost. 

About the Additional Cost 

As mentioned above, the providers add numerous additional costs along with the original cost. The charge consists of a fee for implementation, training services, support, and features that the ATS providers offerHowever, the additional prices can keep on increasing, which can make the pricing model less lucrative than before. 

Before you incorporate the ATS software into the system, look out for the extra cost and add-ons that come along with the software. 

Why is the ATS System Worth it

Growth and moving ahead with the technology is a must for the company to compete with the others. As we evolve with helpful software, adapting to the new changes and scaling the business for more efficiency is essential. There is massive competition for hiring the best talents out in the market to increase the profits and reputation of the firm. Therefore, getting the ATS software from the ATS providers is worth it. Here are a few of the reasons why the system helps the companies.

  • With the software, your company can save a lot of cost and time while hiring candidates. Employees can focus on important tasks while the ATS system handles hiring. 
  • Your company can find highly skilled candidates that fit the job description perfectly. The ATS software searches for the favored keyword in the resume which matches the job description. 
  • Keep the candidates engaged by sending them automated messages through the system. The candidates and the recruiters will always take advantage of essential interviews as the software sends alerts, which saves a lot of time. 
  • Build an unbeatable company reputation by ensuring the applicants will get a great experience while applying for the job vacancy. The candidates get notified at every step of the job process, which helps them to relax and be more stress-free. 
  • Make required changes in your hiring process by looking at the valuable statistics given by the ATS providers. Understanding the robust data makes the employees capable of making informed decisions in the future. 
  • There is no need to assign an employee to store the candidate's data when the software does it conveniently. It is helpful for the recruiters to check the information of a particular candidate as the system presents the data within seconds. 

Get The Best ATS Service With Pitch N Hire 

If you are searching for a trusted source to hire employees without paying much money, Pitch N Hire is the ideal site to visit. We are the first choice of companies from across the industry who want to get the most talented candidates on board. Below are a few reasons why taking our services is going to be beneficial for your company. 

  • We have easy-to-use software that makes assessing, finding, and selecting employees much more efficient. 
  • With the help of our fast-track process, your company can save time to get the employees. 
  • There is no need to stress about maintaining a load of paperwork when our software handles the tedious job for you. 
  • We give 96% user satisfaction; additionally, you can choose from more than 1M pre-assessed candidates. 
  • With our unparalleled hiring path, we give you the most efficient solution that starts from posting jobs and stops at making selections. 
  • You can conveniently keep track of all the candidates by making notes about the details and the impression with the help of the software. 


Having a strong team is essential to grow and prosper in these competitive times. Therefore, if you wish to make the hiring process much easier and more convenient, getting help from ATS providers can be useful. The ATS system comes in different packages and options for the company. Select a software package that saves your company time and money to become more productive. 

If you want to simplify hiring and book a demo session, then do visit Pitch N Hire!

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