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Sat Jan 13 2024

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Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

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cloud based applicant tracking system

Most US companies today use the cloud based applicant tracking system to simplify their hiring process. This new-age software is designed to help recruiters structure recruitment effectively. It allows recruiters to identify, attract, screen, and hire candidates better and quickly. Sounds fascinating, right? So, read the blog below to learn more about this powerful tool.

Today, the recruitment process has changed drastically due to the growing prevalence of hybrid work modes, work-from-home, and flexible working environments. A growing group of HRs and recruiters are now working remotely, leading to the emergence of a cloud based applicant tracking system.

If you clicked on this blog, it probably means you want to know more about a cloud based applicant tracking system. Luckily, you have clicked on the right blog. From ATS evolution to choosing the best ATS software, we will discuss everything you need to know in this guide.

So, let us start by learning about the evolution of these modern hiring software systems over the years.

How has ATS software evolved over the years?

Earlier, ATS was merely a simple software that recruiters used to scan paper resumes and store them in a database to screen them. Before ATS, recruiters manually collected and screened paper resumes. However, the times have changed as modern digital solutions are in existence.

By this, we mean the cloud based applicant tracking system. These systems now help HRs and recruiters digitally collect resumes and organize candidate data more effectively with the use of candidate management systems. Not only this, but the software also ensures compliance with local labor regulations.

We can say that the newly evolved ATS systems are advanced versions of candidate relationship management systems (CRMs). That is because ATS offers slightly more advanced features than the CRM recruiting software. These features include advanced resume screening capabilities, hiring workflow automation, talent tracking, etc.

This evolution has helped recruiters to a great extent. According to reports, 75% of recruiters use AI applicant tracking systems to perform daily recruitment activities. But the question is, how did this evolution take place? All thanks to the advancement in big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing technologies.

How does the ATS software differ from other hiring tools?

Many people in the recruitment industry are often confused about their options in the recruitment software market. If you are also one of those people, worry not, as you are not the only one.

The biggest confusion among people in the recruitment industry is the difference between a cloud based applicant tracking system and general recruitment tools.

As of today, many HR and recruitment tools are available in the US market. All these tools are designed for different hiring purposes. As a result, recruiters use them in different hiring phases. In other words, all organizations have specific requirements and use distinct hiring tools to meet those requirements.

For example, a company facing problems with candidate management uses CRM software in recruitment. In the same way, a company facing issues in the candidate interviewing stage uses the interviewing platform and so on.

It means the difference lies in the purpose, target recruitment areas, and functionalities. Not to mention, a cloud based applicant tracking system is an all-in-one recruitment software that can streamline the overall recruitment process. This quality of the software makes it different from general hiring tools.

The next step is to learn which cloud based applicant tracking system is best for you. So, read on.

Which cloud based applicant tracking system is best for you?

According to a survey, over 1400 recruitment software exist in the market. If we talk about the best ATS software market, in particular, it's worth more than $12 billion. As a result, selecting the right cloud based applicant tracking system based on your needs can be challenging.

The reason is simple, there are too many options. Usually, here are the two factors that will determine what ATS provider you will choose:

  • The size of your company (startup, medium-scale, enterprise, agency)
  • The type of ATS you want

If you do not know what we mean by ATS type, below are the main ATS software categories:

Software as a service (SaaS) tools

These systems use a cloud-based server to host your platform and recruitment data. SaaS cloud recruitment software offers easy 24/7 access and high-end customer support and setup so recruiters can leverage the software effectively. That is why many companies in the USA use the SaaS ATS platforms.


These smaller software solutions integrate to create a complete and best applicant tracking system. This type of software is best for small-scale companies and startups because it's not too expensive.

On-site support

Companies host these types of ATS systems on their IT infrastructure. As a result, on-site ATS software offers more customizable security features. However, setting up this software will require more resources.

Did you know that 70% of large-scale and 20% of small and medium-scale companies use the ATS software to strengthen their recruitment process?

These were the three different types of applicant tracking software. You can search for and invest in any product that best matches your needs. But the question is, do you know how to buy an ATS software that best suits your needs? If not, the next section will help you.

Questions to ask the vendor to choose the best ATS software

When choosing a cloud based applicant tracking system, you must have a list of questions ready. You cannot invest without ensuring the software offers everything you need to streamline recruitment.

Therefore, you should ask your vendor different questions about the ATS pricing, features, and more. It is the best way to know more about the software and eliminate all doubts.

Here are the three vital recruitment areas and sample questions to ask the vendor:

Candidate sourcing

The first step the cloud based applicant tracking system performs is candidate sourcing. It is a vital recruitment step you cannot take lightly. To ensure the ATS helps you in candidate sourcing effectively, ask these questions from your vendor:

  • Will this software help me source new candidates effectively?
  • Can this platform post job advertisements on multiple platforms?
  • Which are the job boards the software integrates with?
  • Can the software collect, store, and manage hundreds of job applications from different channels?
  • Does the software offer automated communication features?

Third-party integrations

Third-party integration is one of the most vital features cloud recruiting platform offers. To ensure the software you are investing in offers advanced integrations, do not forget to ask the following questions from your vendor:

  • What are the platforms and hiring tools your software integrates with?
  • Can this cloud based applicant tracking system integrate with my existing hiring software?
  • Will you offer any add-on integrations after the software's implementation?

Interview scheduling

The ATS's interview scheduling feature can reduce the time and effort you spend scheduling candidate interviews. Below are the questions you should ask the ATS provider related to the interview scheduling software in recruitment:

  • Can your software schedule interviews with multiple candidates automatically?
  • Can the software generate automated scorecards?
  • Does the platform integrate with online calendars and other tools?
  • Will the platform help me track interviewing results?
  • Can I use the software to provide feedback?

Now that you know the questions to ask your ATS vendor, what about ATS implementation? Let us jump to the next section and discuss the tips to help you implement ATS successfully.

How can you implement ATS in your company effectively?

Most recruiters ignore the pre-ATS implementation step and face different issues post-ATS implementation. To ensure you implement the cloud based applicant tracking system effectively, you need to remember the below three tips:

Discuss with your team

Getting each hiring team member on board is necessary whenever you adopt or plan to adopt a new hiring software to your tech stack. That is because all the team members will use the cloud based applicant tracking system.

They can only make the most of it when they know the software's features and functionalities. Therefore, discuss the software's benefits and work with your hiring team before investing in an ATS.

Ask for the vendor's help

Usually, cloud talent management software providers know all about their software and can help you implement it easily. You might not know that many ATS vendors also assign software consultants to help their clients.

Thus, you must not hesitate to ask for their help and support. For instance, you can ask them for software support articles, videos, and guides. Or, you can chat with the customer support agencies directly.

Know your short and long-term goals

You can only elevate hiring when you know your short and long-term recruitment and business goals. For this, you first need to know your success metrics. You can do this by identifying areas of improvement in your ongoing recruitment process.

This way, you can invest in an ATS that can offer you the exact features you need to achieve your short and long-term goals.

In short, clear communication with your recruiting team, knowledge of your weak recruiting areas, and help from your cloud hiring system vendor, including effective ATS scanning software, are all you need to implement the ATS successfully.

What sets Pitch N Hire apart from other ATSs in the market?

Pitch N Hire, the best applicant tracking system, offers many high-quality features that set it apart from other ATS software. These features include:

  • A user-friendly interface and centralized platform
  • Customizable screening and assessments
  • Hiring Automation
  • Advanced CRM
  • Easy interview scheduling

So, now that you know all this about our cloud based applicant tracking system, why wait? Visit our website- Pitch N Hire, and book a FREE ATS software demo with our experts today.


Today, a cloud based applicant tracking system is vital in recruitment. You can use the software to perform day-to-day recruiting tasks quickly and efficiently. The cherry on the cake is the software can also help you in other aspects.

These aspects include offering a seamless candidate experience, reducing your workload, and building a positive image in the job market.

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