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Mon Jan 15 2024

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ATS Scanning Software: Best ATS Scanning for Recruitment

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ATS scanning software

Many employers report a positive experience after using the ATS scanning software. This modern software facilitates a quick and efficient hiring process. Moreover, modern ATS not only focus on resume screening but also on other hiring processes. However, here, we will discuss all you need to know about the ATS resume parsing system.

ATS scanning software has become increasingly popular in today's recruitment world. The reason? Recruitment has changed, and businesses use modern hiring tools to perform resume screening and other hiring tasks. In this case, ATS is a new-age hiring tool that helps organizations of all sizes and natures simplify recruitment.

If you are a recruiter, this modern software can help you screen hundreds of resumes. Besides, it also offers many more hiring features. Once you implement this software in recruitment, you can ensure the organization's growth and success.

Let us dive into the article and learn about ATS scanning software in detail.

What is resume parsing, and how does ATS help in it?

Resume parsing is a vital recruitment process where HR professionals extract, manage, and rank candidate resumes. To automate this process, recruiters use the ATS scanning software. That is because the software eliminates the need for data entry tasks associated with the candidate screening process in recruitment.

Did you know? Top resume parsing technologies work faster than manual resume processing. As a result, it can convert hours of human manual labor into seconds and replicate human accuracy by 95%. Not only this, but the software also helps recruiters review multiple resumes, making it easy for them to identify the best candidates.

Now that you know how the ATS system helps in the resume parsing process, let us move ahead and discuss the types of resume parsing systems available in the US software market.

What are the different types of ATS scanning software?

Many types of ATS resume scanner software are available in the market. Each software has its own unique features and functionalities. The most common types of ATS parsing software are:


You can access cloud-based ATS parsing systems online from any location, as a good internet connection is all you need. Scalability and easy access are the key benefits these parsing systems offer.

Besides this, you can conveniently integrate cloud parsers with your existing systems.


You can predefine some rules and patterns to extract data from rule-based ATS scanning software. Remember, you can set rules based on resume structuring and formatting, such as the placement of skills, experience, and qualifications sections.

Usually, these software offer customization features that you can use to tailor to specific resume formats.


Most ATS scanning software cannot satisfy the recruitment needs of companies in all industries. That is because some ATS providers create resume scanners for specific industries or sectors like finance and healthcare.

These scanners can only evaluate applicants' suitability for positions peculiar to their industry.

Machine learning-based

These types of ATS scanning software use algorithms that adapt themselves to identify patterns and retrieve information from candidate resumes.

In other words, these scanners use training data to enhance their efficiency and accuracy with time. You can use machine learning-based ATS scanners to manage many different CV formats.

Let us discuss who utilizes the largest applicant tracking system.

Who uses the ATS scanning software?

Earlier, companies and people in the recruitment industry used applicant tracking systems. However, companies from different sectors started relying on this modern software because of its numerous benefits.

Here are some common users of ATS scanner software:

Recruiters and HRs

All HR managers working in the HR departments use automated hiring software for recruitment screening in almost all hiring stages.

Staffing agencies

Employment/staffing agencies use applicant tracking software to help clients find qualified candidates for their open roles.

Business organizations

Many small, medium, and large-scale businesses started using an ATS resume parser to handle job applications, screen candidates, and hire the most suitable ones.

Non-profit organizations

NPOs use the ATS scanning software to automate their recruiting efforts and handle volunteer applications effectively.

Government agencies

Federal, state, and local governing agencies use the resume parsing software to manage their recruitment process, track candidates, and maintain their records.

Educational institutions

Universities and schools use the ATS system to manage faculty members, track students' applications, and simplify academic selection.

If you also want to invest in ATS scanning software, you should know how the software works. So, let us address this in the next section.

How does the ATS scanning software work?

Almost all modern ATS scanning software uses AI and ML technologies and sophisticated algorithms to scan, screen, and extract vital data from candidate resumes. This data includes educational qualifications, work experience, skills, accomplishments, etc.

Once the software retrieves all relevant information, it converts it into an organized and readable format. And ultimately, the recruiters use this data to identify qualified candidates for the open role. You will better understand the software's working in steps.

So, here are they:

Step 1: Data input

First, the ATS scanning software collects and stores all candidate resumes received in its database. These resumes can be in any format, like PDFs, plain text, word documents, and more.

Step 2: Data extraction

The automated resume parser will use the candidates' resumes stored in its database to extract relevant information. The best applicant tracking system can retrieve all textual content from resumes irrespective of their format.

Step 3: Data segregation

In the third step, the software will divide resume information into different sections. For example, it will separate contact information, educational qualifications, and other relevant categories.

After this, the software will perform data field identification. During this step, the ATS scanning software will extract specific data fields from the contact information section from each section, like name, phone number, email, and address.

Step 4: Keyword research

Many ATS scanners offer keyword research features. Recruiters use this feature to match keywords in the candidates' resumes with those in the job description or phrases related to the job requirements. The software will match, identify, and highlight all the matching keywords.

Some parsers also allow recruiters to define specific keywords based on their needs.

Step 5: Resume ranking

Lastly, the ATS software will rank all candidate resumes based on the keyword-matching results and display the results to the recruiters. The resumes with more matching keywords will be on the top and vice versa. This way, the recruiters easily identify suitable candidates with whom they have to move forward in the recruitment funnel.

Now that you know how the best ATS software tool works, you must be curious to learn how the tool will benefit you. So, let us cover some of the benefits of this modern tool in the next step.

What are the advantages of the ATS resume parsing system?

Did you know? 68% of recruiters report that artificial intelligence can eliminate unintentional bias from the hiring process. It is one of the most significant benefits of using ATS software in recruitment. With a high-quality ATS in your hiring tech stack, you can effortlessly find the perfect candidates for your open roles.

Some other benefits the software offers include:

Saved time and costs

ATS scanning software automates manual screening tasks, allowing recruiters to save time. Since it removes the labor-intensive work from the resume screening process, it leads to improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Organized resumes

As discussed in the blog above, the automated resume parsing software stores, manages, screens, and ranks resumes. By doing so, the software ensures all candidate resumes are in one place in a structured and organized way.

This way, the software makes it easy for HRs to access recruitment and candidate data anytime and anywhere.

Improved screening accuracy

The resume scanner system reduces the risk of hiring unqualified candidates by eliminating the need for manual entry. No manual work will lead to no human errors. It will ultimately result in accurate results and best quality hires.

In short, hire ATS scanning software offers many benefits to HR professionals, including time-saving, more accuracy, enhanced productivity, and improved candidate screening. This way, the software allows recruiters to focus on other important work like interacting with candidates and building new professional relationships.

Trust Pitch N Hire for your recruitment automation needs

Pitch N Hire stands out as one of the best ATS scanning software. Our software is easy to use and offers many advanced features that you can use to simplify hiring to a great extent.

With our AI-based automated hiring software, you can effortlessly identify top candidates from the large candidate pool. Moreover, Pitch N Hire offers seamless integration with the best job boards, social media platforms, and other online tools.

Guess what you can do with it? You can use this integration to post jobs on many online channels. The more you advertise your open roles on the best platforms, the better the candidates you will find; the best will be the quality of hires.

So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a common applicant tracking system scanner software discussed in this blog, do not forget to try our ATS.

The bottom line

You can only make the most of your ATS scanning software once you adopt the right software. The best software will be the one that offers customization, scalability, flexibility, accuracy, and data security features.

And since Pitch N Hire ATS provides all these things, you can rely on our high-quality software. So, start your journey of hiring top talent today by booking a FREE software demo from our website and implementing our ATS software in your recruitment process.

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