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Wed Nov 22 2023

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What is the Best Resume Format for Applicant Tracking System

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best resume format applicant tracking system

No matter how hard we might have worked on our job hunt, it's always disheartening not to receive a reply. We may assume that the recruiter didn't like our resume, but they didn't even get to look at it. It is likely because the outline needs to be ATS-compatible. This article discusses in detail the best resume format for Applicant Tracking System, best ats resume template, and ats resume builder to help you create your ats-friendly resume.

What Is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, a type of software that assists businesses with managing the recruitment process. Instead of a person going through multiple stacks of resumes to find the right fit for a specific role, ATS can get this done more quickly by sorting and screening numerous resumes in a short time.

The Society for Human Management records that, in the1990s, the introduction of the first ATS resume scanner had a significant impact on the industry. Before this, major businesses were utilizing ATS technology to restrict the number of job seekers. Nowadays, it is essential to use the best resume format for applicant tracking system, the best cv template for ats, and the best ats resume template for writing your resume.

If you're looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to streamline your hiring process, consider exploring the benefits of an open source applicant tracking system.

How Does ATS Work?

Employers and recruiters use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)as a digital gatekeeper. It categorizes the information on a resume and looks for specific keywords to help determine whether the candidate should be forwarded to the recruiter.

Its main objective is to exclude those unfit for the post so that the recruiter may spend more time examining the more qualified candidates. As a result, many applicants risk being missed if a resume is not written with the ATS in mind.

Steps to Write A Best Resume Format For Applicant Tracking System

It is a relatively easy task to write an ats resume. Here are six steps to ensure your resume stands out by creating the best format for ats resume.

1. Choose the right resume file type

While PDF does a great job of safeguarding file data without affecting the document's integrity, it occasionally may not operate with ATS. Various types of tracking software exist, but not all of them accept PDFs.

Review the provided list of acceptable file formats before uploading your resume. Upload your ATS resume in a.doc or.docx format if you need help with PDF.

2. Look for keywords in the job posting

Read the job description before submitting your application. Analyze it attentively and note the specific responsibilities, skill sets, and traits they are looking for in a candidate. If necessary, reread the description several times and scan it for recurring themes.

3. Use Keyword Optimization

Next, prepare a list of keywords. Consider the job description's keywords as a starting point, then note which words or phrases were used most frequently. As you use them throughout your resume, arrange them in order of priority. Use the best resume format for applicant tracking system to make your resume look more professional and optimized.

4. Use ATS friendly resume template

ATS-friendly resume templates are made to simplify the application process by completing the resume easy to analyze and importing valuable data into a profile. Some templates are pre-formatted with ATS in mind, organizing the data into groups using popular keywords.

5. Use Standard Headings

Applicant tracking systems often import data from resumes into an online profile. They scan for specific headings and formatting structures when translating information. Keeping your resume simple ensures that data is adequately translated. For example, "Work History," "Work Experience," and "Experience" are the most common headings, and they are easily identified.

6. Avoid photos, graphics, and charts

ATS does not read images, charts, and other graphics. Some candidates display their skill levels in specific areas in graphs or tables. An ATS will only record that information if it is written in another section. Avoid these as much as possible and use the best cv template for ats to create your perfect ats-friendly resume.

5 Best ATS Resume Builder

Whether applying for an entry-level job to an executive-level job using these free ATS resume Builders, you can easily design the ideal CV for your next job using the simple interfaces, customization options, and best format for ats resume provided by each resume generator.

1. is the best ats resume builder for customizing your resume for each job application. You can use the site to track the employers and jobs you apply for, and the user experience is straightforward, uncomplicated, and simple to use.

You can create your best resume format for applicant tracking system in three easy steps, starting with material, choosing your colors and template design, and finally downloading.

2. Resumonk

Resumonk helps you make the most of your resume with its tools, especially the library of ats-friendly resume templates. They also have a list of more than 500 resume keywords. The tools are easy to use and guide you through each data entry step. You can also import your details from LinkedIn.

3. Jobscan

Firms use various ATS systems to screen resumes, and JobScan helps you optimize your resume for each plan. Thisats resume builder is simple to use, and the steps are explained.

You can import your current resume and add the position you wish to apply for. ATS tips will be provided based on the resume you upload. You can keep track of the posts you've applied for and interviews you've landed using the JobScan platform.

4. Zety

Zety is a resume creation tool that allows you to switch back and forth between sections, as all editing is done in the same window. The agency provides 18+best format for applicant tracking system and customization options, such as font size, colour, line spacing, and date formatting. Links can be added to your social media accounts.

5. Indeed resume builder

Indeed Resume Builder provides a lot of content for a free tool. Users can select from a straightforward best ats resume template that effectively communicates their employee profile, and they have access to professional advice and recommendations, a cover letter generator.

They can download their resume in PDF format. The tool makes it simple for applicant tracking systems to process resumes. Users can modify their resume based on experience level or professional stage.

Best Resume Format For Applicant Tracking System

Here is an example of best format for ats resume:


Your full name

Phone number

Email address

LinkedIn profile (optional)


In 2-3 words, provide a quick overview of your work experience and relevant skills.


A detailed outline of your relevant skills uses keywords from the job description where applicable.

Group your skills into categories (e.g., technical skills, leadership skills, etc.) to make it easier for recruiters to scan your CV.

Work Experience:

  • Begin with your most recent job and work backwards.
  • For each job, include the following information:
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Status dates (month and year)
  • Key responsibilities and achievements, using bullet points.
  • Education:
  • List your highest level of education first.
  • Include the following information for each degree:
  • Degree type (e.g., Bachelor of Science)
  • Major
  • Institution name
  • Graduation date (month and year)
  • Certifications (optional):
  • List any relevant certifications you hold.
  • Include the certification name, issuing organization, and date received (month and year).
  • Professional Memberships (optional):

List any professional organizations you belong to and any relevant positions you hold within those organizations.

Example of Best CV Template For ATS


John Doe

(555) 555-5555


An Experienced software engineer with a solid background in developing and maintaining complex systems. Proficient in Java, Python, and C++, and skilled in project management and team collaboration.


  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • Agile methodologies
  • Project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Database design
  • Software testing and debugging
  • Git

Work Experience:

Software Engineer, The Johnson Firm Inc. - June 2019 to Present

  • Worked on a team of software engineers to design, develop, and maintain a large-scale e-commerce platform
  • Led the implementation of a new payment processing system, resulting in a 30% increase in transaction success rate
  • Collaborated with the QA team to design and implement automated testing and continuous integration processes
  • Improved the platform's performance by 25% through the optimization of database queries and algorithms

Software Engineer, ABC Inc. - November 2016 to May 2019

  • Designed and developed several applications, including a file-sharing tool and a scheduling system
  • Participated in code reviews and collaborated with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and improve the codebase
  • Contributed to the company's open-source projects, resulting in increased community engagement and recognition


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, University of Technology - September 2012 to June 2016

Relevant courses:

Algorithms, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Networks


Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer (2020)

Certified Scrum Master (2018)


A strong resume can make you stand out from other applicants and catch the eye of a hiring manager or recruiter. Nowadays, most organizations use ats to manage the recruitment process. Make your resume ats-adaptable to improve your chances of passing an ats scan.

The steps mentioned above in this article on steps to write the best resume format for the applicant tracking system, ats resume builder, best cv template for ats,andats-friendly resume templates will help you create your perfect ats-friendly resume.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How to make a resume ATS friendly?

Ans. Follow these steps to create an ats friendly resume:

  • Utilize relevant job posting keywords in the skills and experience section of the resume.
  • Design a straightforward layout with clear headings and bullet points.
  • Stick to standard fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Avoid tables and graphics and focus on the text.
  • Make sure to include your work history, education, abilities, and any certifications pertinent to the job.
  • Lastly, save the resume as a PDF to guarantee it's compatible with ATS systems.

Q2. How do I make an ATS-compatible CV?

Ans. An ATS-compliant CV should include relevant keywords, a straightforward and clear format, standard fonts, and essential information like work history, education, and endorsements. It should be saved as a PDF to avoid issues with specific ATS systems.

Q3. Which resume format is best for freshers?

Ans. For freshers, the reverse-chronological resume format is the most beneficial as it shows off a recent work experience, academic success, and skills. The structure begins with the most recent expertise and works back.

Q4. What are the three resume format types?

Ans. When creating a resume, there are three main formats to choose from.

  • The most popular reverse-chronological format focuses on your recent work experience, educational background, and abilities.
  • The functional format concentrates on your accomplishments and competencies and is most suitable for those with gaps in their work history or transitioning professions.

The combination format blends elements of the previous two and is tailored to those with a solid work history who want to highlight special abilities and successes.


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