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Wed Jun 12 2024

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Job Application Email With Examples And Writing Tips

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job application email

Job applications are sent through different media, including email. When you apply for a job by email, the application letter is necessary to make sure that prospective employers are aware of it. In this article, we address when you can apply by email, what you need to include in your email application, and how to send a job application email.

Need for job application email

You can submit an email for a job application in a few instances. Includes when:

  • In particular, the job opening allows candidates to submit their resume and other documents.
  • You apply for a position without a structured job listing.
  • You cannot use the online system to apply the curriculum vitae for a specific role.
  • The recruiter has requested you to submit your curriculum vitae via email instead of other means.
  • You apply for a job for a smaller organization that does not use automated applications.

You should first ensure that this will be the preferred method of submission for the organization to which you apply before submitting your application via email.

Things to include in the job application email

You should include the following listed things in your job application email:

  • Reason for writing the email.
  • The position name and the contact details you are applying for.
  • The credentials that make you well suited for your resume role.
  • Your letter of cover.
  • More records are explicitly requested by the work listing.

Like a cover letter, you can opt to write your email. If so, you need not fill up your email application with an extra cover letter.

6 tips for writing a job application email?

Here are the steps for the composition and transmission of an email for a job application:

  • Prepare the paperwork.
  • Compose an email for your submission.
  • Choose a subject line, succinct and simple.
  • End with a signature
  • Include all the necessary documents.
  • Check, edit and submit email requests.

Prepare the documents

The first step in writing a job application email is to receive your documents ready for submission in the email. This would possibly include your curriculum vitae and cover letter, along with more documentation requested for your role, such as your employment details. To ensure the recipient can open and access documents, you must submit them either as a Microsoft Word Document or as a PDF. Include the full name in each document’s title so that the viewer can read quickly who the documents are.

Compose the job application email

The next move is to write your application documents to receive an email. You may use the email as a letter of cover or add a copy with the email of your cover letter. Including a greeting addressing the recipient, one or two paragraphs explaining why and qualifications are written, and a closing paragraph that offers your contact information and thanks for the time of the recipient. The documents attached to the email should also be listed. More details about how you learned about the work opening and when to monitor are included in the email.

Give a concise and clear subject line

This is a vital topic for your application as it helps hiring managers to see what the email involves quickly. When recruiting managers receive so many emails for jobs, it is easier for them to get the attention of the reader by making their subject line as straightforward and succinct as possible. Consider a topic such as “Your name—the place you seek” or something similar to make sure the receiver knows precisely about your email.

End the email with the signature

Included at the end of the email is a signature containing the full name and contact details you need for the recruiter, such as your phone number, email addresses, and social media accounts.

Include all the necessary attachments

Before sending, attach your curriculum vitae, cover letter, and other papers to the job application email. Send them to your inbox as file attachments.

Analyze, proofread, and send the job application email

To ensure authenticity, professionalism, and correct grammar and spelling, it is vital to review and revisit your job application email before you receive it. You may also give yourself a test email to ensure that you have all the correct attachments and are ready to send them to the hiring manager. If you are confident the email request is fine, send your email for the job application to the recruiter.

Handy tips for writing emails for job application

Here are some tips to consider while emailing a submission for a job:

  • Include the recipient’s name as much as possible in the greeting.
  • Indicate how you find the list of jobs, including the date and location.
  • In your email submission, do not repeat exact sentences in your resume.
  • Make sure that you mention the name of the person who referred you for the job.
  • Please consider transmitting your documents as PDF files to make sure the receiver can open them.

Template for job application email 

For properly structuring your job application email, you can follow up on the template.

[Subject line: Your name – Job title, the reference number for job listing if applicable]

[Salutation: Dear [Name of the Hiring Manager]

[First paragraph: Present yourself and the job you applied for and where you have found the job listing. Include whether or not you are referred to by others and why you are involved.]

[Second paragraph: Include unique skills that make your job well suited. Refer to your training and experience and one or two appropriate qualifications.]

[Third paragraph: Mention the documents attached and let the addressee know if necessary that you would like to supply more details. Thanks for your time and attention to the receiver. Include when to follow up in this paragraph if you plan to follow up.]

[Closing: Thanks again to the receiver with a friendly closing greeting like “Sincerely.” Include your contact details and send the email with your signature.]

Final words

By now, you must be clear about how to write a job application email. You must remember that when you write an email for a job application, be very clear and point-specific about the reason for writing the email. Do not fill up the email with unnecessary information. You can also follow the tips mentioned above for writing a proper job application email.

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