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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

Resume Writing: A Guide To Compose Contact Info On Resume

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Getting a job involves multiple stages and each stage has its importance. But every beginning has a crucial building stone. In job-hunting, a resume is a building stone that plays a significant role. Your resume depicts your character so it must be organized in such a way that it catches the eye of the recruiters. In a resume, your contact information should be the first thing. Here is how to put your contact info on resume. Properly mentioned contact info on resumes grabs the attention of the recruiters. A nicely composed resume contact information can increase your chances of selection. For instance, while compiling your resume, you mention your name, phone number but you forget to mention your email address and residential address on your resume. In that case, your resume will not fall under the category of a perfect, well-assembled resume. Contact info on resumes should be written with focus because this is the only way through which the employer can get in touch with you.

Tips to assemble the contact info on the resume section

A perfect resume is the first step towards your success. If your resume is well-balanced, it creates an impression on the employer. Therefore, your resume contact information should be well-formulated to increase your chances of selection.

Write your name

The first thing that you should list in the “contact info on resume” section is your name. Mention your first and last name clearly on the top. The name on your resume should align with the name listed on all your legal documents like Aadhaar Card, certificates, bank passbooks etc. However, you can also use your nickname and other names if you prefer to be called by those names. Mentioned the name, you are comfortable with and you want to be known since the name on your resume will stick with you throughout the job.

Residential Address

The next thing to be included in the list after the name is, your residential address. Although it is not compulsory to include the address on a resume since most of the selection process is conducted online. But some recruiters shortlist candidates based on the place they belong to. While mentioning the address in the “contact info on resume” section, you can choose two options. First, you can include the name of your city and state and second, you can provide detailed information about your address. For instance, include your house number, street number, block number, city name, state name, country name and pin code of your state.

Phone Number

The third step or the content to be included in the list is your phone number. Add your phone number that is valid and currently active. Also, active the voicemail option and formulate a voicemail that sounds professional. So, in case you missed any calls, you can go through the voicemails and respond to them. Don’t add too many numbers, it will create a bad impression. Some recruiters prefer phone-in interviews, so they will need your phone number. Even, some companies prefer contacting candidates through phone calls for background checking and clarifying information etc. Hence, the phone number on the resume will be handy to them.

Email Address

Adding an email address on a resume has to turn out to be a compulsion. Everything has become digital in this new era. It is recommended to include your email address in the resume contact information section. Also, make sure the email address you are including in your resume represents professionalism. A professional-looking email can create a good impression on the recruiter. It is advisable to use your name in the email. It will be helpful to the recruiters. They will be able to find your messages easily in their inboxes. Make sure your email address is simple and not complicated.

Social Media IDs

You can also entail links to your social media handles. You can add your LinkedIn id, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account names. But make sure to provide information regarding your social media handles only if it depicts your skills and knowledge. Adding social media handles is advisable only when your profile portrays your skills, knowledge and experience of the field, you are looking in for the job. Many cases have been witnessed where people have lost their jobs due to the content they posted on their social media handles. If the content on your social media handle is irrelevant to the job profile then skip including it in the “contact information on resume” section.

Steps of assembling “contact info on resume” section

Presentation plays an important role in every aspect of life. In the job too, presentation skills are top on the list. If you present your resume in the correct order, it will add value to your character and you will come one step closer to selection for the job title. Compile your contact information in the following order –

  • On the top of the sure, write your name in a bold and larger font.
  • After writing your full name, add your email address and make sure it is clean, simple and professional.
  • Next up, add your phone number.
  • Add your residential address in a clear and clean font.
  • At last, if you want then include your social media handle links.

If you compile your contact details on the resume in this order, it will look good and presentable. Don’t forget to cross-check every piece of information after jotting down the details.

Concluding note

Making a resume is not a complicated task. If you are aware of the right format then you can do wonders. Your resume reflects your personality, so make sure that is organized and presentable. The top section i.e., “Contact info on resume” must be arranged in the correct order because it is the only path through which the recruiter can connect with you. So, make sure the contact details on the resume are mentioned properly.

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