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Thu Sep 21 2023

5 min read

The Best ATS Resume Scanner USA: Everything to Know!

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best resume format for ats systems

Reviewing resumes with the best ATS resume scanner USA is one of the most crucial tasks in the hiring process. It is because the whole selection process revolves around one thing: "resume." It is like a mirror for the candidate that portrays the skills, qualifications, and other abilities of the candidate. Hence, it is that one document that lets the recruiters decide the candidate’s compatibility with the specified job role.

The best ATS resume scanner USA scans and finds the most compatible resumes of all by applying the same criteria to every resume. This way, it becomes easier for the recruiter to determine the best candidates among them all. Thus, in this blog, we will go through various aspects of the best ATS scanner with the help of the following subheadings: 

  • What is an ATS resume scanner?
  • How does a resume scanner work?
  • How to make your resumes ATS-friendly?
  • Best ATS resume scanner USA: Editors pick!

So, let's dig in to know what an ATS resume scanner is.

What is an ATS resume scanner?

An ATS resume scanner, also known as an ATS resume checker, is a software program used to scan the resumes of candidates. After scanning, every best ATS resume scanner USA finds the best-qualified resume from the pile of numerous. Did you know that resume parsing is also the part performed during resume scanning? But what is it? Let’s see!

The ATS resume parser is a tool used by the software to simplify and shorten the text in the resume. It structures the information in the resume in an easy-to-read manner. Additionally, it extracts the relevant information from the resume. This can include contact information, educational qualifications, skill sets, and other relevant information. 

So, going forward to the following section, let us uncover how the best ATS resume scanner USA functions. 

How does an ATS resume scanner work?

Different resume scanners work in different ways, but every best ATS resume scanner USA on the market follows these steps: 

  • As the candidate submits his resume, the document is put in the ATS scanner. The scanner then extracts the data from the resume. Only relevant and important data is extracted from the resume, like the name, contact information, qualifications, and skills of the candidate.
  • The software then arranges and structures the extracted data in an easy-to-read manner. Not only this! The software, in the next step, stores the arranged data in the ATS resume tracking system database.
  • As the third step, the ATS uses an algorithm to compare the data scanned with the data from the job posting. Note that this step is important, and nearly every best ATS resume scanner USA follows this step. The software does this to find similarities between the resume and job posting based on the keywords.  
  • Moving forward, after matching the keywords, the ATS ranks the resumes based on their compatibility with the job posting. As a result, ranking the resumes helps the recruiters to easily find out the potential candidates and proceed with their candidature. 

What’s more? Most of the ATS resume scanners allow the recruiter to apply filters to narrow down the choices even more. Pretty convenient. Isn’t it?

So, having gone through these points, scroll down further to learn the best ways to make resumes ATS-friendly and land your dream job opportunity!

How to make your resume ATS-friendly?

An ATS resume format is the one used by the applicant tracking software to parse and scan the resumes. As the software is completely automated, the resume must be neat and clean and not messy. It should not comprise any images, designs, or cluttered information. 

Did you know that a single posted job attracts nearly 250+ resumes, out of which there are approximately 4 to 6 candidates who are called for the interview, but one potential candidate tops that position? 

As a result, a resume must be made in such a way that it passes even through the best ATS resume scanner USA without being rejected right away. But what all needs to be done? How can you make it ATS-friendly? All of your questions are answered below: 

  • Use a standard font. Do not go for fancy fonts, as the ATS cannot scan and understand them. You can also go for formal fonts like Times New Roman, Roboto, and similar.
  • Avoid using graphics and tables in your resume. Even the best ATS resume scanner USA fails to scan the tables in your resume. It is better not to include them.
  • Use simple headings and subheadings. Avoid the use of complex phrases as headings. Like, use ‘educational qualifications’ instead of ‘what I have studied.’
  • Include keywords. This is one of the most important parts of creating the best resume format. The ATS will surely compare your resume to the job posting. As a result, it will immediately reject your resume if it does not find related keywords.

With the help of the above points, we have seen how to make your resume ATS-friendly by putting it in the best resume format for ATS. Read further to learn about the best ATS scanners in the USA.

Best ATS resume scanner USA: Editors pick!

So, here comes the most important section of our blog. Here, we have made a list of top resume scanning softwares, each one of which is the best ATS resume scanner USA. So, let’s take a look. Shall we? 

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is one of the best ATS resume scanners in the USA. Both employers and candidates can use this applicant tracking system. With Pitch N Hire, you can easily scan and sort the resumes as needed. You can even acquire the best talent in the market through its efficient candidate sourcing and large talent pool.

Are you a candidate? Worry not! Pitch N Hire, as mentioned above, will assist you, too. As a result, you can search for your desired jobs on the software, apply numerous filters at your convenience, and submit your resume to the software. Moreover, you can apply for both remote and full-time job opportunities with Pitch N Hire ATS software without giving a second thought. 


Closing here with the best ATS resume scanner USA, we can, without a doubt, say that it is the new trend for sourcing top talent in the coming future. Not only an automated scanner can save you time & resources, but it can also lessen the chances of possible errors that could lead to the hiring of inefficient resources. 

So, in order to make your hiring more hassle-free & convenient, engage the best ATS resume scanner USA today!