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Tue Jun 25 2024

5 min read

Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Remote Companies 2024

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Applicant Tracking Systems For Remote Companies

Applicant tracking systems for remote companies are more than just recruitment tools. They drive efficiency, collaboration and success in the hiring process. ATS systems provide a complete solution for modern companies. They simplify candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and pre-onboarding processes. Users can use essential features and functions to streamline their hiring process. They can make educated decisions and have very high-quality employees. Join the ATS revolution and take your hiring strategies to new heights.

Do you wonder why locating the right applicant in today's fast-paced job market is tough, especially for remote companies? The reason is the existence of more than 13 million job seekers actively seeking employment. As a result, it's normal for even the most seasoned hiring teams to become overwhelmed by the volume of resumes received.

If you are actively seeking a solution to this problem, then worry not.

Explore the applicant tracking systems for remote companies, a revolutionary tool for remote recruiters and hiring managers alike.

Let's read the blog to learn more about the applicant tracking systems for remote companies and how PNH can be a game-changer in 2024.

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What are the Functions of Applicant Tracking Systems?

There is a very easy method that ATS uses to revolutionize hiring. Let's go through the essential functions to understand it better:

1. Gathering Requisitions

This function helps you to effectively inform the talent acquisition team about available positions and draft requisitions.

2. Finding the Best Talent

You can easily draw in top talent, write job descriptions, and distribute them on several platforms.

3. Scan Candidates

ATS can effectively filter and store data from candidate profiles for easy access after they have been automatically processed and examined.

4. Arranging Interviews

It can help the hiring team employ scorecards to impartially assess applicants, simplify hiring choices, and gather feedback from the panel.

5. Pre-Onboarding

ATS uses eSignatures to complete pre-onboarding tasks quickly and paperlessly. It ensures a seamless transition from candidate to employee.

This can prove especially useful for remote-first companies looking to hire talent beyond geographic boundaries. Imagine how difficult it would be for an employee in India to travel to the USA for an interview.

How effective is the Applicant Tracking System for the Hiring Process?

ATS recruitment systems benefit a wide range of users in a company, such as recruiters, talent acquisition managers, team leaders, and even employees. Let us understand this in a detailed manner:

1. Recruiters

Recruiters can simplify their everyday tasks and operations with the applicant tracking system for remote companies, which increases the efficiency of information retrieval. They can quickly sort through enormous amounts of candidate data using sophisticated technologies.

It involves resume parsing and keyword search functionality, which can save a significant amount of time and money. Recruiters with ATS now focus more on finding and engaging with top talent. ATS increases efficiency instead of getting stuck in administrative tasks.

Consequently, recruiters have more time to develop candidate relationship and boost engagement. It ultimately helps to make more successful recruiting decisions.

2. Talent Acquisition Managers

ATS technology helps talent acquisition managers make informed decisions by accessing more data and analytics. In-depth reports and data are analyzed, including applicant volumes, fill times, and candidate acquisition methods. It supports the recruitment process and gives valuable insights.

Managers use this information to identify trends, report growth areas, and create better hiring strategies. It helps to attract and retain top talent within the company. ATS systems also facilitate communication between hiring teams, making planning easier for talent managers.

3. Team Leaders

Team leaders and people in charge are the primary beneficiaries of ATS programs. Team leaders track open positions by centralizing and monitoring application data during the hiring process. Candidate interactions are tracked, and information remains available on key performance indicators related to recruitment.

Team leaders make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and react promptly to recruits. It also provides real-time visibility to hiring managers. Additionally, ATS facilitates effective teamwork by promoting a responsible and transparent culture essential to achieving recruitment goals.

4. Employees

ATS systems offer a platform for staff members to suggest qualified applicants. It helps to take part in the hiring process in companies that have an effective employee referral program. Through specific referral portals integrated into the applicant tracking system for remote companies, staff members expeditiously submit candidate referrals.

It also helps to monitor the progress of their referrals and obtain updates on recruitment activity. This approach fosters employee involvement in recruitment and encourages a sense of ownership among staff members.

What are the Benefits of Applicant Tracking System for Remote Company?

An applicant tracking system for remote companies gathers, arranges, and assesses resumes to facilitate the hiring process. ATS automatically selects applicants based on pre-established criteria. These criteria include experience, education, and keywords, relieving the burden of human resume screening.

Additionally, knockout questions are one of the features that ATS systems offer to reduce the number of applicants further. It guarantees that only the best-fit candidates move on to the next round.

There are many benefits for using an applicant tracking systems for a remote company, including:

1. Time Savings

You can save a lot of time with ATS. Manual resume review can take a long time, as the average job ad receives over 250 applications. By swiftly going through resumes, applicant tracking systems for remote companies significantly reduce this task. It frees the hiring teams to concentrate on speaking with the best applicants.

2. Enhanced Candidate Analysis

The applicant tracking system for remote companies furnishes recruiters with vital insights into applicants' suitability. Only the most qualified candidates are considered for further screening. Utilizing a data-driven approach, the ATS facilitates more informed decision-making concerning data-driven recruitment strategies.

3. Resource Guidelines

Recruitment teams can use ATS platforms that provide robust analytics to identify the most effective hiring strategies. By analyzing and testing the performance of accessible sources, remote companies can improve the quality of their candidate sourcing strategy. It helps allocate resources to the platforms that deliver the best results.

4. Talent Pool Optimization

In addition to addressing immediate hiring needs, the candidate applicant tracking system facilitates talent pooling. Through pre-written applications, companies quickly identify qualified applicants for upcoming positions. It helps in reducing the time it takes to hire and recruit costs.

5. Simplified Onboarding

A few applicant tracking systems for remote companies have features that make it easier for remote hires to complete the onboarding procedure. These systems facilitate a seamless onboarding process for new hires. You can handle everything from interview scheduling to material provision, fostering engagement and productivity.

What are the Key Features to look for in an Applicant Tracking Systems?

Let's understand the essential features that premium applicant tracking systems for remote companies offer. They are always custom-made to meet the various needs of businesses:

  • Firstly, ATS helps to monitor candidate interactions by examining resumes, professional experience, and interviewer feedback to enhance decision-making and engagement.
  • You can manage interviews by easily planning and carrying out interviews to expedite the hiring workflow.
  • ATS broadens your acquisition pool and draws in top candidates by posting job openings on several channels in less time.
  • Next, with ATS, you can find relevant resumes quickly to find qualified candidates for open positions.
  • ATS resorts to resume parsing to facilitate candidate evaluation and automatically extracts and arranges important information from resumes.
  • You can facilitate seamless collaboration among hiring team members to promote efficiency and teamwork.
  • Make career pages to emphasize the company culture and opportunities to engage and attract potential recruits.
  • You can gather and arrange applicant information in one location for easy management and access.

Every element offers unique advantages and functionalities, enabling businesses to accelerate their hiring processes.

How can you choose the Best ATS For Remote Hiring Managers?

Selecting the best applicant tracking systems for remote companies requires thoroughly evaluating several factors.

  • Firstly, you should examine the features and capabilities available on different applicant tracking systems. It will ensure that they match your hiring needs and process.
  • Then, pick applicant tracking systems for a remote company that grows with your business to accommodate evolving hiring requirements.
  • You should also think about ATS systems that simplify operations and data administration. It helps seamlessly integrate with your present HR and recruitment technologies.
  • Always prioritize intuitive user interfaces and simple navigation to boost productivity and adoption.
  • Then, lastly, try to pick an ATS supplier you can trust to deliver first-rate customer support. Also, ensure data security and adherence to industry standards.

Why is PNH the top-rated Applicant Tracking System?

When you set out to optimize remote hiring, consider PNH's incredible advantages and why we consider it the top-rated applicant tracking system.

PNH offers a complete set of tools to help make your hiring process easier. You can do everything right from selecting candidates to conducting screenings to onboarding and beyond. You can also customize PNH's criteria, reporting tools, and processes to fit your unique recruiting needs. Recruitment teams of all sizes can use our platform easily because of its user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

We will help you grow your business, no matter how big or small it is. We do it in a way to ensure future improvements for the growth of your company. You can count on PNH's dedicated support staff to provide prompt assistance and guidance at every turn. Our team also places great emphasis on data security and compliance, ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times.


Thus, managers and recruiters face competition, and an applicant tracking system is essential for a remote company. ATS solutions simplify recruitment, screening, and deployment by enhancing team collaboration. It helps by cutting steps and providing insightful information.

ATS solutions cater to various customers, including recruiters seeking increased productivity and team leaders seeking simplified operations. It also helps employees to actively participate in the recruitment process. They enable you to hire winners and make data-driven decisions.

So contact PNH to get the best applicant tracking systems for remote companies now.

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