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Mon Mar 04 2024

5 min read

Recruiter Candidate Relationship: What You Need To Know?

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Have you ever wondered how candidates' experience can affect your recruitment? If not, it's high time to focus on building a good recruiter candidate relationship. Every time a candidate interacts with you, regardless of a positive or negative experience, they leave an impact on your company's reputation.

Research says companies considered reputable brands get 30% more qualified applicants than others.

As the market turns out to be entirely candidate-centric today, you must consider building a good reputation. It is because employers may have a lot of choices, but top talents have even more options. When you focus on creating an exceptional candidate relationship with recruiters, it helps you build a successful recruitment strategy.

Overview of recruiter candidate relationship management

Recruiter candidate relationship management refers to an organization's steps to improve relationships with existing and potential candidates. It encourages candidates' engagement and improves their overall experience.

Furthermore, it creates a good company reputation leading to attracting top talents. Moreover, nurturing and reinforcing relationships with potential candidates benefits you in long-term company success. You can also hire a candidate manager to implement a stable relationship between the two entities.

Presently, companies are using a CRM tool to automatically attract and engage candidates and nurture their relationships over time. It has saved the time and effort of the recruiters and allowed them to focus on the core recruitment process.

What is the importance of managing recruiter candidate relationships?

Recruiter candidate relationship management isn't just a healthy practice but a necessity. Why? Listed below are a few points that reflect the importance of CRM in your company.

  • Build a pipeline of high-value candidates and hire them whenever needed.
  • Promote employer brand to attract the right talent.
  • Gives insight into the company's culture to candidates.
  • Discover the stage of the recruitment cycle where candidates are majorly dropping out.
  • Nurtures relationship and keep top talents engaged for a long.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusive recruitment.
  • Increases hiring speed and maintains the quality of hire.
  • Simplifying the overall recruitment workflow for recruiters and candidates.
  • Boosting productivity and hiring efficiency.
  • Candidate database management gets easy for the recruiter.

Five key steps of recruiter candidate relationship management

Now that you know the importance of a healthy recruiter candidate relationship, focus on the key steps to manage them. Generally, the process comprises five key functions, as listed below.

Discover potential candidates

The initial step of effective candidate management in recruitment is to discover potential talents. You can source them through multiple channels like email, social media platforms, and job boards. These details must be stored on CRM for present or future use. Thus it helps you create a talent pool and allows you to contact them quickly.

Attract top talents

Recruiters face the maximum difficulty at this phase, especially in attracting passive talents. LinkedIn data says 70% of the global workforce is passive talent, and the remaining others are actively seeking jobs. You need to implement various efforts to attract these talents, from recruitment marketing to social media posts announcing job vacancies and more.

Engage qualified leads

All interested candidates are filtered at this stage, and you must create an effective engagement strategy. At this point, regular communication and sending out company updates are essential to engage top talents longer. Additionally, you can use some tools like on-demand text and automated scheduling to provide candidates with timely responses.

Nurture your leads

Some candidates may not be needed for your present vacancies but for future openings. Therefore, your candidate manager must nurture these relationships and keep them engaged with the company. For example, you can send regular emails about company work or wish them on special days.

Hire the best candidate

You can hire these nurtured leads whenever there's a job opening in your company. While developing a healthy recruiter candidate relationship, you create a mutual understanding between you and the potential talents. Thus, the candidate understands what's happening in the organization and what they can expect from you. In return, you recognize what talents you are bringing on the board.

Therefore, the CRM process helps you make the best hiring decisions and simplifies recruitment.

What are the other essentials of recruiter candidate relationships?

Presently the changes in the labor market have made candidates evolve from being seekers to the desired. It urges recruiters to implement a healthy recruiter candidate relationship to attract these candidates. Listed below are a few essential things to do.

A good career site

You must have an updated career page representing your company's essence. In addition to sharing job vacancies, you must add important company information like goals, vision, and core values. You can add numerous other things to this page, e.g., images and videos, or employee testimonials, to create a good company image and attract top talents.

Additionally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has a simple user interface. It allows millennials to connect with you via their smartphone or mobile devices.

Build strong communication across platforms

Communication is an essential key to building and nurturing a candidate relationship. If a rejected candidate doesn't receive feedback, they are twice less likely to re-apply for the company. Therefore, you must build strong and consistent communication across multiple platforms like social media channels, job boards, and email.

Additionally, you can implement chatbots at every point of connection. It ensures all your candidate queries are immediately resolved. You can also screen candidates using a bot by asking them for relevant information.

Data analysis tool

You must measure the performance and value of the candidate database management from time to time. It ensures your strategies work in the right direction and talents move from pool to hiring process. Recruiters can use data analysis tools, e.g., an ATS, to generate valuable insights into your recruiter candidate relationship strategies.

Similarly, there are numerous other ways to ensure candidate management in recruitment cycle, e.g., the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Final thoughts

Maintaining a healthy recruiter candidate relationship is essential for every organization for the volume of benefits it offers to recruiters. It allows you to make the right hiring decisions even in a hurry while cutting down your time-to-hire and increasing candidate experience.

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