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Mon Jun 24 2024

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CRM Recruiting Software | Best CRM for Recruiters (2024)

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The recruitment marketing is full of different CRM recruiting software. However, you can only manage candidates effectively when you pick the right software for your organization. This blog will give you a detailed understanding of CRM software, tips to choose the right software, and tips to leverage the software effectively. So, read on!

CRM recruiting software is one of the most popular strategic recruitment systems recruiters use. The job market today is highly competitive not only for the job seekers but for the recruiters as well. That is because all job seekers search for recruiters who can provide them with exceptional recruiting experience. Moreover, they expect employers to prioritize employee well-being.

As a result, most job seekers only apply for jobs in organizations that focus on candidate experience. Thus, if you want access to top talent, best manage candidates in your hiring funnel, track candidate progress, and offer candidates a seamless recruiting experience, there is no better software than CRM recruiting software.

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What is candidate relationship management (CRM)?

Before we dive deep into the blog and learn about the best recruitment software, you should first understand the meaning of CRM. In the recruitment world, hiring managers and recruiters use the term CRM for candidate relationship management. Usually, the process where recruiters identify suitable candidates, engage with them, and build meaningful connections is called candidate relationship management.

Many recruiters are now focusing on the CRM approach. Do you know why? That is because 47% of job seekers in the job market expect smooth communication and timely feedback and follow-ups from organizations where they have applied for jobs. And one-third of these job seekers want a quick recruitment process. The only way to live up to candidates’ expectations is to focus on them and use the right CRM system.

Power of CRM Recruiting Software in Modern Talent Acquisition

The CRM recruiting software is a new-age talent management database that empowers hiring managers and talent acquisition teams to identify, screen, and connect with suitable candidates. In other words, this new-age computer software allows recruiters like yourself to reach out to candidates and turn them into potential candidates to meet your company’s hiring needs.

Not only this, the software offers many other benefits to the recruiters. Before discussing these benefits, let us understand the difference between CRM and ATS software.

Do CRM software and ATS differ from each other?

Although ATS and CRM are valuable hiring tools, they focus on different hiring aspects. By this, we mean that both of these software are designed with recruitment in mind, but they cater to different recruiting needs of recruiters. If we talk about ATS software, it helps recruiters to organize and manage the overall hiring process.

On the other hand, CRM for recruitment allows recruiters to build and maintain a talent pool of active and passive candidates. Both these tools simplify hiring in their way. But if you want to create an all-in-one hiring tech stack to automate each hiring step, you can integrate your CRM software with ATS.

Doing so will make your hiring process easy and quick. That is because you can conveniently propose candidates from your talent pool, and at the same time, you can attract outside candidates.

What is the importance of using a Recruitment Management System?

You might already know that CRM recruiting software reduces the workload of hiring professionals to a great extent. This way, the software helps them save time and energy that recruiters would otherwise spend on performing candidate-related hiring tasks manually. Here are some more benefits CRM software offers to recruiters:

  1. Enable recruiters to create an easy-to-store and use online recruiting system.
  2. Allows hiring professionals to offer a smooth recruiting experience to all job applicants.
  3. Automates communications with candidates that help recruiters better engage and interact with candidates.
  4. Allows recruiters to eliminate manual hiring work related to candidates and save hiring costs.
  5. Enables recruiters to make more informed recruitment strategies and hiring decisions.
  6. Helps recruiters build brand awareness and a positive image in the job market.
  7. Helps to hire professionals in top talent acquisition.
  8. Automates complicated hiring tasks such as candidate sourcing, tracking, and management.

These benefits are the reason why many top talent management teams in the USA rely on the best quality recruitment CRM systems.

What core features do you need in CRM recruiting software?

CRM recruiting software offers many features. But here, we will discuss the four core features you genuinely need in the CRM software. These features are:

Advanced reporting and analytics

The best way to judge the quality of hiring and hiring progress is to evaluate recruitment data at the end of the hiring process. You can only do this if your CRM recruiting software offers advanced reporting and analytics features. That is because these features can help you generate real-time hiring reports. This way, you can better evaluate your hiring progress and other factors such as cost per hire, time to hire, etc.

Smooth software integration

Agency recruitment software offers smooth integration features that you can use to make your hiring process quick and simplified. CRM software’s integration with other tools gives recruiters access to a more powerful hiring dashboard. Therefore, if you already use an ATS, integrating CRM software with your present ATS is a wise decision as it can make hiring efficient from the beginning till the end.

Automated features

All LinkedIn recruiters experience the stress of managing the high volume of job applicants. That is why recruiters are the only people who will understand the importance of automation in recruitment. Automation is one of the core features of the recruitment automation software. It will help you to check detailed candidate summaries using the recruitment automation software.

Candidate management and tracking

Indeed, ATS management software is great for managing active candidates. But you cannot use it to manage passive ones. And since a study by Lever proves that 30% of hires are passive candidates, you need to adopt hiring software that can help you attract and manage passive candidates. Luckily, CRM recruiting software can help you do so effectively as it offers advanced candidate pipeline management and tracking features.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing CRM Recruiting Software

Choosing the right recruitment firms is crucial in today’s competitive business world. However, selecting the right software can be challenging at times. That is because of the availability of so much software in the market. So, you must be wondering how I can find the best software for my business. The following four factors will help you help you make the right decision:

Know your genuine business needs

You can only choose the right recruit CRM software once you know what you need. Figure out your core business requirements and then start identifying which CRM features you need to fill the gaps in your hiring process. To do this effectively, evaluate your hiring workflow and pattern and identify the areas of improvement.

Choose mobile-friendly software

CRM recruiting software with mobility power can be a good option for your organization. That is because such software will enable you to access recruitment data everywhere. No matter if you are at the workplace or home, you can conveniently get real-time insights into the recruiting workflow, and you can also track candidates anytime.

Look for seamless integration

Looking for a CRM recruiting software that can seamlessly integrate with different social media platforms and other software is crucial. Thus, you must ensure that the CRM software you are about to invest in offers cloud computing, effective communication, and professional social networking.

Ask for customizable features

You should not invest in any CRM that only offers some random features. Look for software that can provide the exact features you require to streamline your candidate management process. In other words, do not forget to think from the future perspective and invest in a customizable CRM system that can reap your long-term benefits.

Top Seven CRM Recruiting Software Options for Smarter Hiring

Knowing how to choose the best CRM recruiting software is not enough to streamline the candidate management process. You should also know the options on the market. So, let us look at the top seven CRM recruiting software that can help make hiring smarter for your business:

  1. Pitch N Hire (Powerful Applicant Tracking System)
  2. Jobvite
  3. Zoho
  4. Jibe
  5. Taleo
  6. Avature
  7. Lever

If you are still unclear about which CRM recruitment agency will offer you the best CRM software, do not overthink and trust Pitch N Hire.

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Not only this, but you can also use our software to filter candidate profiles based on specified criteria, schedule interviews with multiple candidates, and conduct online job assessments. So, do not waste any more time. Book a FREE CRM software demo with our experts today.

Final Thoughts on CRM

If you fail to manage your candidates during your openings and get the desired hiring results at the end of the hiring process, you should consider adopting CRM recruiting software. The adoption of this modern software will not only save you time but will also help you easily manage candidates. Thus, we can say that you can overcome all your candidate-related hiring challenges by using this advanced software.

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