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Tue Jan 02 2024

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Candidate Relationship Management System (CRM Evolution)

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Filling a vacant position takes a lot of time for the company. Moreover, the employees waste money and effort immensely, which they can use to focus on many important aspects of the business. Therefore, with the help of a candidate relationship management system, the hiring process becomes quite easy. With candidate relationship management, the companies can attract and engage the candidates before the requisition. In today's time, the candidates expect to get a great experience whenever they interact with the companies. CRM helps your firm to improve candidate and recruiter relationships.

Most Fortune companies have a candidate relationship management software. But before we dive in to see the importance of a candidate relationship management system and what it does, let us look at what CRM is.

What is a Candidate Relationship Management System?

It will be better to explain candidate relationship software with a scenario. Imagine if your company participates in a campus recruitment drive and the recruiters meet some highly-skilled candidates. However, the company cannot hire everyone, but with the help of the CRM, your company can keep the candidates engaged. Whenever hiring employees arises, the company can reach out to the candidates before posting job vacancy ads.

Candidate management in recruitment also allows the company to segment potential candidates into different categories. The companies can also tailor the recruitment marketing needs, directly targeting the leads.

Working with Candidate management in recruitment

In this section, let us see the functioning of Candidate management in recruitment. These 5 steps are the key functions of the CRM.


Discovering is the first step where the finding of the potential top talents starts through the means of various channels. The means of searching for candidates can be through anything, i.e., from applicants who have personally emailed you to job postings from various sites. The candidates' data collected is stored in the candidate relationship management software. When a new job vacancy is announced, the CRM brings up the old candidates who were not selected. Moreover, the software is smart enough to record the previous interactions, which helps the new team members pick up where the old members left off.


After discovering the talents, attracting them to integrate the data with the candidate relationship management system is important. The companies can use different ways to attract talent, like posting hackathons on social media and others. This process is perfect for boasting about your company organization's participation in various CSR initiatives. Moreover, you can showcase major events in the organizations that attract candidates to work with your company. In this stage, you must reach out to passive talent that can aid your company with their skills.


The third step is when the interested candidates are filtered out, and the engagement strategy begins. This process is achieved through constant communication company updates with the selected candidates to help them remember your company. After the process, it is always better to send the candidates a message if they are selected or not to keep them informed. However, if you do not select some candidates, then telling them about the missing skill can help the candidates to work on it and get employed in the future. The candidate relationship management system uses a readymade template that addresses each step of the journey to the candidates.


Those candidates who do not make it further to the round are still seen as potential candidates to fill positions whenever a need arises. Keeping constant contact with them by sending regular emails about the company's events and also wishing them their birthday keeps the candidates engaged with the company. Therefore, the candidate relationship management system can easily bring on board the potential employee with the help of keeping them nurtured and connected.

Learn the art of fostering strong connections within your team by exploring our guide on building relationships with employees for a collaborative and positive workplace.


All the efforts put through the candidate relationship management system come to use here, as now is when you hire the nurtured candidates. The applicants connected with you through the CRM know exactly what you want from them. Therefore making it easier for the company to hire them as employees whenever the time comes. By building a great employer brand using the software well, the candidates will get excited to join your company when the time arises. CRM helps you to cut down time and hire the top talents without putting in any extra effort.

Importance of Candidate Relationship Management System

After we looked at the way the candidate relationship management system functions, it is the right time to discuss the importance of CRM. It is essential to treat the candidates well. Let us look at the software’s benefits to the company.

Headstart from the Competitors

It is observed that the top talents only stay up to 10 days in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to get an upper hand while searching for the employees. With the help of a candidate relationship management system, you can contact the candidates and get them onboard much faster than your competition. Winning the talent war is essential to ensure your company grows and thrives with the best people working for your company.

Unbeatable Brand Image

In this era, most candidates apply for a certain role only after checking the company's reputation. If you wish to attract highly talented employees to work, paying attention to the brand image is a must. Companies that maintain a healthy relationship with their former employees and the candidates have a great reputation in the market. Applicants start trusting your company if you display great values with worth, ethics, and diversity. Your company can create an unbeatable brand image with a candidate relationship management system.

Insightful Data

There are numerous times that the company does not realize what they are doing wrong. Therefore, insightful knowledge is required to understand ways to improve the process. With a candidate relationship management system, the company can understand why the candidates are dropping out of the recruitment process. With the smart CRM solution, you can get the knowledge, at which point the candidates are losing interest and are leaving the system. The CRM shows the communication touchpoint with the candidate that helps to capture the analytics data.

Explore the essential skills required for effective talent acquisition in our comprehensive guide, empowering you to build a high-performing team.

Informs Candidates

Informing candidates throughout the process is quite important to help them stress less. Numerous applicants accept a job after understanding the culture of the workplace. Therefore,you can inform them about your company's culture with a candidate relationship management system. The additional knowledge about the workplace will aid them in becoming more invested and passionate about the firm's goal, which will help them get dedicated employees. Moreover, the CRM also conveys that your company cares about the top talents even if they don't get selected.

Includes Diversity

The world has become a global village with the usage of the internet. Therefore, including diversity in the company is a must to have a brighter future. By using the CRM system, your company can ensure that the talent pipeline consists of various skills and people from different ethnicities. Moreover, the companies can make changes in the pool and include more candidates from specific categories. Utilizing the CRM reduces much work as the company gets a one-stop overview of the talent pipeline.

Why Pitch N Hire is the Best Candidate Relationship Management Software

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  • With our ATS software, you can fast-track the entire hiring process of assessing, finding, and selecting the top talents.
  • The software is easy to use, and it will help you save a lot of costs.
  • Our service speaks for itself, as 96% of our users who take our help are admittedly satisfied. Also not to mention, we have 1M+ pre-assessed candidates.
  • There is no need to feel any burden of doing loads of paperwork when our intelligent software easily stores every piece of information.
  • Notice in which sections the company needs improvement by looking at the real-time ATS analytics.
  • We have created an efficient hiring pipeline that starts with job postings and ends with making selections.


A company has to maintain a great reputation to get more skilled employees who can help them climb the ladder of success. Using a candidate relationship management system, you can change your firm's future by keeping in touch with the top talents in the market. Moreover, moving ahead with new technology is important if the company wants to be a strong competitor. CRM allows you to maintain a great relationship with the candidates that you can quickly hire in the future whenever there is a need.

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