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Fri May 24 2024

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How Automated Hiring System Enables Smarter Recruitment

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The quality of employees is all that matters during the end of the hiring process. But do you know the best way to hire quality candidates in this technology-driven business world? If not, do not worry! We will discuss how an automated hiring system can help you streamline hiring. So, read on!

If you are a recruiter or a staffing agency owner, you might already know the importance of an automated hiring system. This software is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to make talent acquisition easy and quick. Many recruiters who were earlier facing trouble with managing a high volume of job applications have now eliminated this stress.

Yes, automated software not only saves you time and resources but also helps you schedule interviews, parse resumes, provide scoring for the candidates, and a lot more. To know what else it does, let us continue reading the blog to learn all about this new-age software.

What does an Automated hiring system exactly mean?

An automated hiring system is computer software recruitment professionals use to handle the candidates’ lifecycle from the candidate sourcing process (first hiring process) to employee onboarding (last hiring process). In other words, from identifying potential candidates to onboarding new employees, a recruiting system helps HR every step of the way.

This modern software assists organizations in hiring quality candidates quickly and effectively. Earlier, only ATS software was called the hiring software system. However, the evolution of technology gave rise to many new recruiting software. It means the ATS system is no longer the only recruiting system recruiters use, and other recruiting software also exists in the US software market.

All these software offer different features and complexities. Moreover, they target different recruiting areas. Now that you know the meaning of automated hiring software, let us move further and discuss who uses this software and why!

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Who uses automated hiring systems and why?

Usually, people who work in the talent acquisition and recruitment business rely on an automated hiring system. Here are some people and companies who use this software to streamline their recruiting operations:

Recruiters/hiring managers

Recruiters and other hiring professionals use the recruiting automation software to identify and hire the best talent from the large talent pool. Not only this, but many recruiters use the hiring software to its full potential. To do this, they use the software to post jobs, screen candidates, and, at the same time, rank them.

Business organizations

Enterprise-level business organizations hire candidates on a large scale. It means these organizations use an automated hiring system to fill their open positions. But recently, even small and medium-sized organizations are leveraging modern hiring systems to make their recruitment process efficient and save hiring costs.

Staffing/employment agencies

Staffing or employment agencies use the automated hiring system to find perfect candidates for their clients’ open roles. These agencies know that the hiring system can help them build and manage a candidate database that they can use to match top candidates with the right job vacancies.

Did you know? 94% of hiring managers and recruiters report that using hiring software has positively impacted their overall recruitment process. Moving further, let us discuss the difference between ATS and hiring software.

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How is the automated hiring system different from ATS?

An automated hiring system and ATS software both help recruiters by simplifying recruitment. Many people in the recruiting business indeed use these two words interchangeably. But it does not mean these two terms denote the same software. This is because why:

An ATS refers to a single recruitment platform designed to automate hiring tasks and streamline hiring. On the other hand, an automated hiring system is a broader term to denote many different recruitment tools and technologies. ATS is just a software that comes under the umbrella of recruiting software.

Let us jump to the next section to understand this better!

What are the three main types of automated hiring systems?

When we use the word automated hiring system, it is like an umbrella term that covers many recruitment software. Some of these software are:

AI video interviewing platform

Although recruiters were using interviewing systems before COVID-19, the majority realized its importance during the pandemic. That is because the software made it easy for them to interview candidates online.

Not only this, but many recruiters also used the software to screen candidates. Convenience in candidate interviewing and screening are two key reasons the software has become popular today.

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software

As soon as recruiters realized the importance of candidate relationship building and engagement, they started adopting CRM software. The software motivates recruiters to improve candidate experience by boosting candidate engagement.

Moreover, the candidate relationship management software helped recruiters overcome one of the biggest recruiting challenges- attracting qualified candidates.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

AI applicant tracking systems help recruiters manage and track candidates from the beginning of the hiring process till the end. The software is like an all-in-one hiring software that does not focus on automating any specific recruitment task.

Instead, it automates many tasks in different hiring stages. Usually, when recruiters aim to streamline overall recruitment and not one recruitment process, they invest in the best ATS software. Did you know that 86.1% of hiring professionals say using an ATS system has helped them make recruitment quick?

Now that you know the three main types of automated hiring systems, the next step is to learn how this software can benefit you.

How can you benefit by using an automated hiring system?

Did you know? 98% of Fortune 500 companies use an automated hiring system to hire candidates. And there are many reasons why! Here are some reasons why many companies are adding the recruiting software to their tech stack:

It increases hiring productivity

As discussed, the automated recruitment system automates several tasks in almost all hiring stages. By doing so, the software saves recruiters time and the company’s resources. Do you know how this will help?

It will result in more productivity as recruiters will no longer perform hiring tasks manually as the software will do it on their behalf. This way, recruiters can prioritize other hiring aspects, such as making new connections in the job market.

It makes screening candidates easy

The automated recruitment software uses artificial intelligence technology to screen candidates. Besides this, the software provides AI chatbot assistants and virtual interviewing features to help recruiters conduct successful video interviews. Recruiters can take advantage of this to screen and rank candidates.

Doing this will allow them to compare and evaluate candidates better. And the cherry on the cake is the software screens multiple candidates based on the criteria determined by the recruiter. All this makes the candidate screening process easy and efficient.

It enhances candidates’ experience

Everyone knows the importance of offering a positive recruitment experience to candidates. It not only helps to attract top talent but also helps in brand image building. Therefore, to do so, many recruiters trust the automated hiring system.

That is because the software ensures all candidates in the recruitment funnel enjoy a seamless recruitment experience from the start till the end of the hiring cycle. In other words, the software keeps candidates updated and engaged so they feel we are informed.

How to choose the right hiring software for your business?

Many recruiting software are available in the USA software market. But before you begin your search, you must know the difference between the best and the right software. The right recruitment automation platform will be the software that offers only those features that can impact your recruitment process for good. You can easily find and adopt the right software if you remember these three key factors:

Identify your problems and needs

The first thing you should do when investing in an automated hiring system is to know what challenges and problems you face during recruitment. In other words, you need to identify your problem areas.

Only then can you decide which hiring software and what features can help you overcome those recruiting challenges. Remember, always choose software that can meet your needs.

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Prepare a software list

Once you have identified your problem areas and overall hiring needs, prepare a software list as the next step. It means you must prepare a list of the recruiting software that can fulfill your unique needs.

For this, you can use the internet to research all the best recruiting software in the USA and review their customers’ feedback. But remember, you should not solely trust reviews as they can be fake.

Analyze the software’s ROI

The final step will end with you analyzing the ROI of the automated hiring software you are about to invest in. For example, you should ask yourself questions such as, will this software help me save time? Will it reap long-term benefits? Will it help me reduce hiring expenses?

Asking yourself these questions will help you judge whether the investment in the software you are considering is good.

Why should you choose recruitment tools by Pitch N Hire?

Pitch N Hire is one prominent automated hiring system renowned among brands like Medi Assist, MagicBricks, SBL, Max Life Insurance, and a lot more. It only offers high-quality recruiting tools, as we do not want our clients to struggle to find the best candidates. Some of our easy-to-use hiring tools are:

You can choose any of our tools as smooth recruitment and more efficiency are guaranteed. If you have unique hiring needs, you can also customize our tools. This way, you will only get access to features that will genuinely help you.

But the question is, do you know which of our high-end software will be right for you? Contact us today so that we can assist you in choosing the right hiring software for your business.

Final thoughts

An automated hiring system is a powerful software that effortlessly improves recruitment efficiency and productivity. No matter your recruiting pattern and business size, the software will significantly impact your business. Now that you understand so much about recruiting software, do you wish to invest in one? Luckily, you do not have to look anywhere else as we at Pitch N Hire offer many hiring software.

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