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Tue Mar 05 2024

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Recruiting ATS Power - Unlocking Efficiency and Success

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Recruiting ATS

Recruiting ATS deals with managing and organizing the hiring process of companies. The software also reduces manual effort while optimizing hires for the best results. Today’s blog will focus on various aspects of ATS. This includes its features, benefits, and points to remember. It will also delve into finding out the best software in the market. 

In a world full of competition, finding the best can be tricky but not hard. This rule is applicable to every sector and aspect of the business world. Be it applying for jobs or posting them, hiring can be pretty challenging. But, companies have an advantage here- recruiting ATS software. 

As a recruiting software, ATS has gained popularity over time. It helps firms optimize and manage the hiring process. Moreover, it aids the candidate selection process for vacant positions. ATS, as a tool, operates as a major part of the hiring process. But how does it work?

In this blog, we will study more about the wunderkind, which is an applicant tracking software. The topics we will discuss include:

- Features of ATS

- Best ATS software

- Points to remember

- Merits of ATS

Without further delay, let's begin!

Recruiting ATS: Overview

The word ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a software that helps streamline and automate the hiring process for companies. Features like job posting, tracking, and more help in the process. So, in short, ATS makes it easier to optimize the recruiting process and manage it simultaneously. 

The software also works on enhancing efficiency and the candidate experience. Moreover, it automates repetitive tasks and handles the bulk of applicant data. This helps the HR department focus on other strategic aspects of the hiring process. So, in a way, it eases human efforts during recruitment.

Functionalities of Recruiting Applicant Tracking Software

ATS generally has a range of functionalities to assist with the hiring process. Moreover, various ATS providers have different specialized features for diverse businesses. So, the set of features is decided by the provider, prices, and demand. But what are some of the things you can expect help with? Below, we have listed some of the functionalities of ATS: 

Job Posting and Distribution

Firstly, the software helps firms post jobs on different platforms. It also creates and manages these platforms and the postings. Moreover, it automates job postings on company websites and media platforms.

Resume Analysis

The recruiting ATS can extract information from the resumes of the applicants. What’s more, this feature fills the candidate profiles with the appropriate details. Here, we are talking contact information, experience, and more. 

Candidate Database Management

ATS works on storing applicant information in a controlled database. So this makes it easy to search, sort, and filter candidates. But remember, the process of classifying the data may be based on the pre-set criteria. 

Application Tracking

The system tracks the status and progress of candidates in the hiring pipeline. The process moves from initial application submission to final onboarding. Further, managers can view the status of each applicant. Did you know ATS also tracks communication history and makes helpful comments on it?

Candidate Screening 

Recruiting ATS software offers tools to screen and check applicants. This may include several pre-set evaluation metrics. So this means keyword-based searching, questionnaires, and such. Moreover, the software automatically ranks candidates based on predetermined criteria.

Collaborative Communication

ATS eases collaboration among hiring members through features like emails, messaging, and more. Managers can also schedule interviews with these tools. What’s more, it also provides the ability to share candidate profiles and feedback.

Interview Management

Recruiting ATS also manages and schedules interviews for hiring. It features tools like interview reminders, emails, and more. Eventually, it helps the candidates and interviewers connect on the day of the interview. Not to mention, it also supports collecting feedback from interviewers.

Reporting and Analytics

ATS generates reports and provides analytics on the hiring process. These reports are based on metrics like source of hire, applicant flow, and more. These insights help managers assess the effectiveness of their hiring processes. So, all in all, it promotes data-driven decisions.

Compliance and EEOC Support

Recruiting ATS offers features to ensure compliance with hiring regulations. It is compliant with all Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules. This includes capturing and reporting data related to applicant demographics. So, if maintaining data privacy is your concern, you can be safe with ATS.

Integration Capabilities

The software also integrates with other HR systems during hiring. HRIS, onboarding platforms, and background check services are some of the features provided. Moreover, integration also allows for seamless data flow and reduces manual data entry.

What are the Best Recruitment Agencies in the USA?

The "best" recruitment agency in the USA depends on the company's needs, preferences, and budget. However, an ATS works just as effectively. Below are some popular ATS platforms available at present:

Best Recruitment Agencies in the USA.png

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is one of the most widely acclaimed options in the market. The software is very effective and affordable. It provides features like job distribution, tracking, and more. It also works on reducing the workload of managers. 


JazzHR is an ATS created to work for small and medium-sized businesses. The software offers features such as resume parsing, interview scheduling, and so on. Moreover, it helps in optimizing the hiring process. 


This software provides a user-friendly user interface. This recruiting ATS in the USA provides features like candidate management system tracking and reporting, among others. Though it is a human resource information system, it does include ATS functionalities as well. 


SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based ATS that focuses on end-to-end recruitment processes. It offers features like interview management, collaborative hiring, and more. So, to put it briefly, the software helps in lessening the manual labor needed in the process.

Workday Recruiting

Workday offers a complete set of HR solutions, including a robust recruiting ATS. It combines applicant tracking, management, and reporting capabilities in an integrated platform. The software has something great for every step of the hiring process.


Greenhouse is an ATS that focuses on optimizing the hiring process. So, its customizable workflows and other hiring tools are meant to boost HR productivity. Its aim is to help reduce the added burden on managers. 


Lever is an intuitive recruiting ATS that emphasizes collaboration, automation, and more. Furthermore, it offers features like resume parsing and interview scheduling, among others. So this allows teams to focus on other strategic aspects other than hiring.

iCIMS Talent Cloud

iCIMS offers a suite of talent acquisition solutions, including ATS functionalities. What’s more, it manages the end-to-end recruitment process. The software also provides tools for sourcing, screening, and engaging candidates.

Points to Remember While Using Recruiting ATS

We know an ATS can streamline and automate aspects of the recruitment process. So naturally, it is a tool that requires proper maintenance and configuration. When using an ATS, there are some key points to keep in mind. Take a look:

Point to remember.png

Gauge the Recruitment Process

Before implementing an ATS, it's essential to grasp the recruitment workflow. This includes understanding the responsibilities related to the different stages of the hiring process. It's crucial to gauge the existing flow and customize your ATS to align with it. 

Customize the ATS Settings

Tailor the ATS settings to go hand in hand with the specific needs of the hiring process. Also, adjust the system settings to make sure that these changes are visible in the application process. An ATS also works on identifying screening questions, desired qualifications, and more. So, make the best out of it.

Optimize Job Postings

Build clear, concise, and engaging job descriptions that highlight the role and requirements. Use relatable keywords to enhance visibility in search results. 

Focus on Candidate Experience

Ensure that the application process is candidate-friendly and seamless. Keep testing and reviewing the application procedure from the applicants' perspective. This practice helps in identifying underlying issues. So, you will be enhancing applicant experience while also getting better hires.

Trust the Resume Analysis

Keep an eye out for the resume analysis feature of recruiting ATS software and its reports. This is necessary to ensure that it's extracting and filling the accurate information. Then, review resumes for any errors or missing details and make necessary corrections.

Update and Maintain the Candidate Database

Keep the recruiting ATS database up to date. Feed accurate candidate information and update their profiles throughout the hiring process. Also, delete irrelevant and outdated data to maintain accuracy and efficiency.

Use Tags and Filters

Make good use of tags and filters within the ATS to categorize and organize candidate profiles. Eventually, it allows easy searching, sorting, and filtering of the candidate data. It helps you select the best candidates based on your specific criteria.

Effective Communication

Use the communication features to maintain a timely and transparent connection with candidates. Make sure to keep them informed about their application status. Also, always update the interview schedules and be mindful of the next steps. 

Train and Support the Team

Provide training and guidance to the team on how to use the ATS. This will ensure an understanding of the system's features and workflows. Also, make sure there is ongoing support to address further questions or issues. This, in turn, increases productivity.

Track and Analyze Recruitment Metrics

Regularly review and analyze recruitment metrics provided by the ATS. Check factors like the source of hire or conversion rates to understand the metrics better. Moreover, use the data to identify bottlenecks and, eventually, improve the hiring process. Overall, it helps make informed decisions and enhance recruitment strategies.

Merits of Using Applicant Tracking System Software in the USA

Using applicant tracking software offers several benefits for organizations. Here are some key advantages:

Using Applicant Tracking System Software.png

Improved Efficiency

An ATS helps in automating and streamlining hiring and its ancillary aspects. Eventually, this reduces a company’s time, manual efforts, and overall investment. It helps with posting, screening, tracking, interview, and more. 

Centralized Applicant Data

An ATS provides a controlled database to store and manage the bulk of applicant data. This allows the managers to search, sort, and select profiles based on their pre-set criteria. What’s more, it smoothes candidate sourcing and ensures a detailed view of applicants. 

Improved Cooperation

Recruiting ATS assists collaboration among hiring team members. Managers can share candidate profiles and feedback and communicate within the system. Eventually, it helps in promoting better teamwork and transparency among them. So, in short, it can be effective in decision-making throughout the hiring process.

Improved Applicant Experience

An ATS improves the candidate experience by providing a user-friendly application process. Its features include timely updates on applications and efficient communication sources. This makes hirings easy for the talent acquisition team. Besides, a positive candidate experience helps in attracting top talent to the brand. 

Better Candidate Screening

ATS offers tools to test candidates based on predefined criteria. Moreover, it helps in charting out their skills and competency. This is usually done by automated screening features and customized questionnaires. So, an ATS can be great in identifying qualified individuals for companies.

Expansive Talent Pool 

With a candidate database in the ATS, organizations can build and maintain a talent pool. They can stay in touch with talented applicants for future job openings. Eventually, this helps in proactive talent sourcing and screening. Moreover, it reduces time, cost, and the need to avail of external hiring services.

Vast Integration Capabilities

Several recruiting ATS offer integration capabilities with other HR systems. Also, it ensures smooth data flow and deletes all duplicate entries. So, all in all, it helps create an interconnected, optimized HR ecosystem!


That’s all about how the applicant tracking software works. From posting jobs to finalizing the candidates, it helps with all hiring requirements. A recruiting ATS provides features that help pick the best applicants from the lot. It also empowers teams with an overall enhanced hiring process. But, to enjoy the best ATS implementation, remember our checklist. 

Want an expert best ATS software to hire better but are not sure which one to go for? Pitch N Hire is a good place to start. This software is not only an affordable option but also provides various helpful features. It aids in automating and smoothing out the recruitment process. So, if your goal is to lessen manual effort, this software can be your go-to ATS. This will leave your team to focus on other important aspects of the job. So, don't stay behind! Hire the best with Pitch N Hire. Sign up now to simply hirings. 

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