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Job Quitting: 4 Tips For Writing A Letter Of Resignation Due To Health Problems

resignation-due-to-health-problemsPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
resignation-due-to-health-problemsPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

Uncertainty is part of life. It comes at every stage of life. Job too is full of ups and downs. There are various reasons because of which you will be compelled to quit your job. One of the reasons that can make you resign from your post is health issues. Health has prime importance in life. If you are fit and healthy, you can achieve anything in life. There may come an unforeseen circumstance where you will have to give a resignation letter due to health issues. It is an unavoidable situation that is not in your control. While giving resignation due to health or any other reason, you are required to submit a resignation letter along with 2 weeks notice letter to maintain the professional decorum of the organization. However, providing the employer with 2 weeks letter is not necessary while giving resignation due to health issues because it is unexpected and it demands immediate effect. 

Before knowing how to write a resignation letter due to health issues, you must be aware of what is a resignation letter? It is an official and formal document submitted to the employer while quitting the job voluntarily. You should submit the resignation letter to inform your employer about your decision of leaving the job. It is a legal notice given to the company to inform them about your departure. It can be seen as evidence for future enquiries. Hence, it is retained in the employee’s file even after they quit the job. While giving resignation due to health issues, it may not be possible for you to provide the employer with advance notice.  The resignation letter due to health issues helps you in conveying the reasons for your inability to perform the day-to-day duties in the organization. In this way, you will be able to leave your job without any dispute, maintain a healthy relationship with the employer and other people at the organization.

Tips for writing a letter of resignation due to health problems

You can give your letter of resignation due to health issues in ways, one by email and the other by writing the traditional business letter. You must know the right format of writing a letter of resignation due to health problems to make it look truthful. The content you include in your letter should reflect your situation. 

Leave benefits 

Before giving resignation from the company because of health reasons, you should first check the benefits and rights you are entitled to get during the period of your illness. Resigning from the company should be the last option that you should choose. First, you should check whether you are eligible to get sick leave or leave of absence depending on your situation. You should get information about the benefits you may receive because of the disability that prevents you from fulfilling your responsibilities. You should confirm your eligibility for the benefits from the HR departments.

Contact the Manager

Talking and expressing your points is the key component of life. Before quitting the job, you should get in touch with your manager and speak with him face-to-face for clarifying your points. You must talk with your manager to know about the benefits and consequences of resigning from the job.  You will be required to provide a 2 weeks notice letter to the employer to inform them about your departure from the company. However, health problems need you to resign immediately without any further process.

Content of the letter

Health problems are inevitable hence they should be addressed with great concern. The content of your resignation letter is in your hand. It depends on you whether you want to include every detail of your illness in the letter or not. It is not compulsory to disclose your problems openly. If you feel you want to disclose your health issues then it is fine but if you are not comfortable then you can share a simple note declaring that you are not leaving. Along with providing the employer with the information about your job quitting, you should let them know about your last working day at the organization.

Format the letter

Once you decide to give resignation due to health problems, next you will need to write a resignation letter. Your resignation letter should be formatted correctly in a well-structured manner. You should start your letter by greeting the employer. Use salutations such as “Dear Ms./ Dear Mr.”, “Dear First Name/ Last Name. Then comes the opening paragraph of the letter that includes the statement of your departure from the job and the last working day. In the next paragraph, you should explain and emphasize your reason for leaving. In the final paragraph of the letter, you should show your gratitude and thankfulness towards the organization for providing you with exceptional opportunities to learn and grow. The last part of the letter includes your official signature to highlight that you agree with the details provided in the letter.

Concluding note

When you are resigning from a company because of health reasons, you must consider your eligibility for various benefits that an employee gets. Health reason is uncertain and unavoidable hence, you may not be able to inform your employer in advance. So, you should consider this thing in mind and get in direct contact with the employer. This will provide you with a chance to explain your point clearly. If you don’t know how to format the letter of resignation due to health reasons, you can go through the sample write-ups and templates. 

This will help you in formatting the letter properly without any mistake. Your letter should not only reflect your health issues but also show why you were not able to be productive for the organization. While writing a letter, keep in mind that it will gain the employer’s attention only if it is concise and clear. Because of health issues, you will not be able to inform the employer in advance but a resignation letter gives you a chance to express your point and end the relationship with the company on a happy note.

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