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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

9 Easy Tips To Write Maternity Leave Application

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maternity leave application

A maternity leave letter is essentially an application wherein you inform your firm about your pregnancy and your intention to be on leave for a while. With this application, they will get a heads up about the same and therefore will be able to handle work easily and make the transition smoothly. Without a proper leave letter, it is not possible for you to apply for maternity leave and therefore it is better to formulate a letter while there’s still time. 

Since there are some proposals and other things that you have to put your mind to, it is always wiser to have prepared your maternity leave application well before time. It avoids the hassle of making last-minute tours to HR trying to figure out how your maternity leave will affect the workspace.

Why Write a Maternity Leave Letter?

The maternity leave letter is an important document that needs to be submitted when you’re due and intends to take maternity leave. It informs your HR about your intention and the duration of your leave. Also, you have to suggest an alternate method that can be used in your absence to regulate the normal workflow. You have to pose some suggestions about the distribution of your work. Additionally, it is important to specify whether or not will you work during the maternity leave and how will you transition back into the job. These details are very important for the company to have figured out before you leave for your maternity leave. An absence of a maternity leave application can result in dire consequences for a person on maternity leave and therefore the most professional take on this would be to write an application out.

Tips to Write Maternity Leave Application 

There is a general format that is used to write a maternity leave application. It highlights all the points of concern and serves the purpose truly.

Select the Font Properly

It is important to format your document properly. For that, use the regular page formatting which includes about a 1-inch border from both ends. Then, you might use any readable font size and font style. The most widely accepted professional fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Times New Roman, and the font size would be 11 or 12 based on the general formatting of your other company application letters.

Include the Date and Address

You should begin the maternity leave application format with the date and the address of the sender. This is the general format that must be used. Don’t use abbreviations to write the date and only write in proper formats like “9th September 2001”, or “September 9, 2001”. Skip a line after the address and then write the date. Also, ensure that all of this is left-aligned.

Don’t Forget the Recipient’s Address

After the date, you have to add the recipient’s address. Here you’ll address the person you’re writing to, which would be your supervisor, your HR, or any other designatory that you’re reporting to.

Include Proper Salutation

After the recipient address, you can either add a line for the subject or can avoid it and directly start with the salutation part. Many people use Dear Sir/Ma’am as the general form of salutation. Alternatively, you can also just write Dear Ms/Mr (last name) in the maternity letter format.

Explain Your Reason

Begin the letter by explaining why you’re writing it. Inform the person about your pregnancy and how you’re intending to take maternity leave. Mention the period of the leave, its beginning and end date. Also mention if you’re going to be working from home before the maternity leave. You might also have to mention your due date in the first paragraph.

Propose a Possible Solution

In the second paragraph, you have to write a proposal through which your absence will be covered without any issue. You can suggest the name of one or more than one employee who can handle your work and are in close touch with you and the clients that you handle. It is also nice to ask those employees previously so that there is no miscommunication and that they are on good terms with your decision.

Explain Your Expectations of Communication

Also, inform the person about how you intend to communicate during your maternity leave and if you want to communicate at all. You might just want time off to focus on yourself and your baby, so state that. If you want them to communicate with you through calls or emails to keep you intact, state accordingly. If you would prefer any forms of communication, it would be better to also add your phone number and email address through which you’ll stay in contact with the company.

Explain Your Transition Back

Usually transitioning back into work after so long can be quite difficult. Therefore, in the last paragraph, it is also important to explain to the officials how you intend to transition back to work. Would you want some time to get back on the details you missed during your leave or should they expect you to jump back into your post right in? 

Conclude with Gratitude

In the end, you should conclude with a tone of gratitude for their acceptance of your maternity leave letter and for cooperating with you through your pregnancy. Good support from the worksite can improve your pregnancy a lot and you should express some of it.


Maternity leave is your time trying to figure out what being a mom is like. It can be very stressful largely because it’s a new experience and it changes you a lot. But with the right support and ease, flowing through it is easy. With the workplace supporting you and you submitting the maternity leave letter, getting a maternity leave must be simpler for you and would ensure that you can spend some time just with yourself and your baby trying to figure out the newness of the entire situation.

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