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Fri Mar 01 2024

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The Best Excuses To Leave Work Early On Your Tiring Days

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It's 3:00 p.m. on a Friday, and you're stuck at work with a mound of paperwork on your desk and a headache brewing. All you can think about is the happy hour starting in an hour, and you're trying to come up with an excuse to leave work early. While it's not ideal to find an excuse to leave work early regularly, sometimes you just need to get out of there. 

It happens to everyone at some point: you must leave work early but don't want your boss to know. You can't just say you have a dentist appointment or your kid is sick; your boss has heard all the excuses before. You need to be creative. Here are some of the best excuses to leave work early without arousing suspicion. 

The Best Excuses to Leave Work Early

1. Medical Consultation

It is usually acceptable to give an excuse to leave work early to visit the doctor or another medical specialist. Regular business hours are typically the only times that appointments can be made. 

To accommodate medical appointments, some employers permit their staff to arrive at work later or leave earlier. Furthermore, if you are already ill and have to skip work to see a doctor for treatment, you should politely request an early dismissal.

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2. Emergency - Family/Home

If you have a family emergency, this is usually one of the good excuses to leave early. If your spouse or child is sick, you may need to skip work to care for them. If there is sudden death in the family, you will probably need to take some time off work to grieve. If your home is being foreclosed on or your pet is sick, these are also considered valid reasons to take time off from work.

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3. Religious Rituals

Religion plays a significant role in people's lives; many take time off work to participate in religious rituals. This can include attending church, prayer meetings, or reading the Bible. 

There are many religious rituals, and each person's religion is unique. However, some religious traditions are generally considered acceptable for taking time off work. If your employer is okay with it, you should politely request an early departure. 

This way, you will not be late for your religious obligation, and your employer will not have to incur the costs associated with a delinquent employee.

 Best Excuses to Leave Work Early
 Best Excuses to Leave Work Early

4. Workplace Obligations

If you have a professional event, meeting, or appointment outside the office related to your job, you can also give this excuse to leave work early. If you travel, your employer might let you get there early, so you have time to get ready or avoid traffic.

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5. House Invasion

If you've exhausted a few of the other justifications but still want to go home, this is one of the good excuses to leave early. Simply inform your boss that you may have received a call about a possible home invasion. You should be prepared with a complete story when you get back to work. 

6. A Special Event

A wedding is a special occasion that deserves its particular excuse to leave work early. If you are booked with a wedding and cannot miss it, politely let your boss know and ask to leave work a few hours before to make it to the wedding. You should also ensure you contact your co-workers and let them know you'll be out for the day. If you miss the wedding, you can always make it up by working extra hours the following week. 

You should also ensure that you have all the paperwork completed, including a leave request and enough time off to cover your work time. You don't want to be caught off guard by your excuse to leave work early and miss your chance to attend your friend's wedding because you didn't have enough time off. 

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There are many reasons why you might be searching for the best justifications for leaving work early. Not every day of the week can we all perform at our best. You occasionally just need some alone time. When you need a good excuse to leave work early, use the ones from the list above and ensure they are compelling enough to get you out the door! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. Can I request an early departure from work? 

Be careful when you request an early departure. Your request will likely be approved if it's a slow week. Avoid asking to leave early when your boss or team is under pressure, overburdened, or preoccupied with a crucial project. If needed, provide supporting evidence. 

Q2. Can you lose your job if you leave early?

You won't likely lose your job for leaving early if you only do it occasionally, always communicate clearly, and give notice whenever possible. However, if you frequently leave the office early, that could present a problem and, if it continues, could result in termination. 

Q3. What would be a decent justification for an emergency call-in to work?

Personal illness makes an excellent excuse to leave work early. Call in sick if you're too ill to work from home or if your condition is remarkably contagious. The health and safety of your co-workers are equally crucial as your own on days off from the office.

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